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Objections of Christmas Justifiers Answered!

Objections of Christmas Justifiers Answered!

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Published by mikejeshurun9210
Scriptural answers to Seven objections of compromising 'Pastors' who seek to justify the sin of Christ-MASS celebration!
Scriptural answers to Seven objections of compromising 'Pastors' who seek to justify the sin of Christ-MASS celebration!

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Published by: mikejeshurun9210 on Dec 20, 2010
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Objections of Christmas justifiers answered!
Mike Jeshurun
These objections are from a letter written to me in objection to mytract- “The Christian and Christmas’!OBJECTION NO.1
Are you saying saved people will end up in hell because they practiceChristmas? This is not possible. But, if you are using the word 'Christian'to mean the nominal unsaved person who thinks they are Christian, thenhe will end up in hell anway, regardless of Christmas.We expose the darkness of Christmas dear friend not to suggest that asaved Christian will wind up in Hell if he celebrates Christmas, but to provoke and challenge everyone who claims to be Christian to examinehimself whether he is truly a Christian. A Christian is not at liberty totake anything and everything and ‘sanctify’ it to the Lord in worship.This is what the ‘Regulative Principle of Worship’ is all about. AChristian cannot take that which is obviously Pagan and ‘sanctify’ it for the Lord! But even if after receiving clear light on the matter theChristian insists to do so, he must examine himself whether he be in theFaith!the nominal unsaved person who thinks he is Christian, then he will endup in hell anway, regardless of Christmas”. This is the most sickeningstatement one can make with regards to preaching. The nominalChristian will wind up in Hell anyway, so why make a fuss aboutanything?!Dearly beloved, with all the spirit of discernment we have, we have noway of knowing who the nominal’s are as opposed to true Christians.And the preacher who goes about his preaching with this attitude andmindset can never be genuine or zealous in his preaching. The greatest
Evangelist of them all said, “we preach, warning every man, andteaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus”! [Col 1:28]Who the elect or the nonelect are, is none of our business. Thecommission He has given His servants is to preach the Gospel to and towarn every creature, and they certainly have not fully obeyed until they bid their hearers "Repent ye, and believe the Gospel" (Mark 1:15).Whom God quickens, is His own affair; ours is to faithfully warn all theunsaved, to show wherein their sins consists, to bid them to throw downthe weapons of their warfare against Him, to call upon them to repent(Acts 17:30), to proclaim the One who receives all who come to Him infaith.
“This is a very harsh thing to say. Most have no idea what Christmas is.They cannot just be condemned out of hand”.This may have been true say even ten years ago, but anymore. With thecoming of the ‘Information technology’ at least 90% of all so calledChristians know or at least have heard that this festival is spoken against by many Christians the world over. Last year our own secular ‘Daily News paper’ had a full page article questioning the origins of Christmas.And this is one of the reasons that I did not take any pains to reiteratewhat many Christians have already exposed, i.e. the roots of all that goeswith this Pagan practice….the tree, Santa Claus, the Star etc.And the Holy Spirit is faithful to lead all His elect into ALL truth. Andshould a newly born again Christian hear for the first time thatChristmas is Pagan then it is his bounden duty to examine whether it beso! Ignorance is not bliss in the Christian walk!
“And what of those Christians who hold Christmas just as a holiday?They do not use it as a disguise... it is just a holiday time”.How lukewarm can you get! ChristMASS is an abomination done in thename of my Lord who shed His blood for me! I could care less aboutRamadan or Halloween, for it does not blaspheme my Lord’s name. Butas one said – “The Christian has a moral imperative to examine what is proclaimed and done in Jesus’ Name, and to expose and condemn falseteaching and unbiblical behaviour."The true Christian is not content with having no fellowship with theunfruitful works of darkness, but rather reproves (EXPOSES) them![Eph 5:11]. To stick your head in the sand and pretend everything’s okayand have a ‘holiday’ is no mark of a Christian. What is writtenconcerning the Head is also true concerning all those who belong to the body ….i.e. “The zeal of Thine house hath eaten me up”!!!
“Many do not enter into 'merrymaking'... our friend is making generalstatements about people he does not know”.Many do not, but sadly many do! And it is for these many for whom thistract against Christmas is written. And incidentally this is a direct quotefrom Pink’s tract on Xmas! Brethren, you have to remember that when amessage is preached warning people of evil, that same message is boundto be heard also by those who are not guilty of the said evil. So was Pink wrong in saying that many are merrymaking because a few don’t?! All preaching against any given sin is done with the admonition –“If theshoe fits, wear it”!Every time a preacher stands up and exhorts a multitude to forsake acertain sin, there will always be those in that same multitude who are notin the least guilty of that sin. So should the preacher be silenced lest heoffend the sinless few! Absurd!J. C. Ryle was right when he wrote in his warning to the Churches-

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