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Published by Knights Templar

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Published by: Knights Templar on Dec 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Beyond Resistance 1
2 Beyond Resistance
A Revolutionary Manifesto for the Future
Fifth Edition, Spring 2006
Beyond Resistance is the Anarchist Federation’s analysis of the capitalist world incrisis, suggestions about what an alternative, anarchist communist, society couldbe like, and evaluation of those social and organisational forces that play a partin any revolutionary process.The aim of this Manifesto is to:1. Make a convincing case for the creation of a libertarian society throughrevolutionary social change.2. Persuade those who share our aspirations for a fair and free society that itcan best be brought about by the creation of a global and united anarchist com-munist movement.3. Explain the role of anarchists within the Anarchist Federation in creatingsuch a movement
Preface and Introduction 3Part A: The Capitalist World 5Part B: The Anarchist Communist World 15Part C: The Revolutionary Programme 20Aims and Principles 34
The Anarchist Federation, Spring 2006 AF, BM ANARFED, London WC1N3XX. E-mail : info@afed.org.uk Web: www.afed.org.uk
Beyond Resistance 3
Preface to the fifth edition
The fourth edition of Beyond Resistance was published in Spring 2003 at a time ofmomentous events, chiefly the invasion of Iraq and the war on terror scaling up.Though full of energy, the response of the Left was not particularly effective. Con-ventional protest politics are incoherent and have mostly been ignored by the state.Large events like anti-war marches suffered from the heavy influence of religiousideologies and patriotism. The anti-capitalist ‘movement’ continues to be a confus-ing mix of ideas, some of which look more like protectionism -supporting nationstates and domestic business against globalisation - than a force that is interested indestroying capitalism worldwide. Reformist organisations like Make Poverty Historyor Live8 will not get rid of the poverty that is killing people everyday because thecapitalist system depends on it.In Britain today, the government is played out, nine years of ‘modernization’ haveleft us unhappier, more in debt, angry with someone, more ready to bite back.Western democracies – so-called – are increasingly fragile and maintained only byrepression and state control. Encouragingly, anarchism and libertarian ideas aregaining ground as viable means of life and resistance. The vision of the future soci-ety being free, fair, without authority, hierarchy or power is spreading. The Anar-chist Federation has continued to grow, with strong links to the global movementthrough the International of Anarchist Federations and with libertarian groupsaround the world. Organise! remains an internationally-known and respected maga-zine of anarchist communist ideas while Resistance! remains one of the most sought-after monthly bulletins. AF groups are springing up throughout these islands, theInternational of Anarchist Federations is expanding, particularly in Eastern Europe,where small but determined groups are posing a real challenge to the state.
The world as we enter the 21st Century is experiencing a crisis of capitalism whichcould not have been foreseen at the beginning of the workers movement in the 19thCentury or during the great class struggles subsequently. At this point in that strug-gle the movements of which we are a part need the greatest clarity and unity aboutends and means. This pamphlet offers our understanding of the current chaos and anoptimistic and ultimately attainable programme for real change. For while the op-pressed working class the world over is struggling daily against capitalism and the

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