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The Stronger Women Get the More Men Love Football_ Sexism and the ..

The Stronger Women Get the More Men Love Football_ Sexism and the ..

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Published by Aipod Green

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Published by: Aipod Green on Dec 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Stronger Women Get the More Men Love Football: Sexism and the AmericanCulture of Sports
Mariah Burton NelsonWhen I was growing up sports was never really a big thing. I mean I playedsports, much against my mothers protest as she believed that little girls were suppose tostay home and play tea and dolls not be out in the dirt sliding into home or as little kidsdid play in the dirt. Baseball when I was little involved just as many girls as boys andthey were all treated equal for the most part. There were those coaches that let the girls siton the bench and the boys played most games. But as I grew up and away from sports Icontinued to watch them. One time upon watching my brother’s baseball game, thatconsisted of a group of about twenty boys and about three girls. They were all betweenages fourteen and sixteen. I noticed that the coach was constantly telling the girls to playthe game. So I watched them and to be completely honest they were only there for theattention from the boys. At one point I saw one of the girls pull out her mirror and check her hair and make-up. This example is the main thing that guys keep saying over andover again why women shouldn’t play in sports. This behavior is what keeps us on adifferent level from the men. So I say that if you are a girl and you are gonna play sportsthen for Pete sake play the game, don’t be there solely to get a date.One thing I have to say, that is maybe not the most positive thing, is that I don’tthink that, with the respect of sports, women can be equal with men. I mean we are builtdifferent and have different strengths. Does that mean that I don’t think that all womencan’t be equal with men?? No I just think that the majority of women can’t be equal withmen in the sense that if we were to compete at the same level as men we would be equal
in both strength and skill. I do think that if we are measured on what would be theequivalent to men in the women’s sense then yes I do believe that we can be equal. Ithink that we as women would go further if we just concentrate on being the best that wecan be instead of focusing on beating or meeting the men in everything they do. I think that eventually men will take notice of what we are doing and realize that maybe we can be just as good as them. But the more we push the more they rebel. I think that the key togetting what we want is to let men think it is their idea to let us join their group and thenthey will feel better about it.What I don’t agree with is how the men who got all defensive about womentrying their hardest to be what they wanted to be. There are several examples in this book.The first one I found was the fact that these men thought that with women doing sportsthat they would have to do more work around the house and help to raise the children. Itmakes it all sound like, that men see us as slaves for them. They get to help make thedishes, the children, and the messes but they don’t want to take responsibility for whatthey have done and do something about it. Men are afraid that if we as women all getinvolved with sports that they might just have to lift a finger and help out around thehouse. It is kind of a parallel to the fact of ‘allowing’ women to work outside of thehome. When women started to work outside the home the men started to freak out because they might have to do some housework or fatherly things.Looking further into the book in the chapter titled “Boys will be Boys and GirlsWill Not” and the subject of the sex test. I find this test to be cruel. How could peoplehumiliate others like that?? Nude Parades in front of 
gynecologists all becausemen who were jealous that women might have talent that they didn’t had to either 
disguise themselves as women to prove a point or ridicule the women by calling themnames. First of all why did the doctors and other people who determined these women’ssex have to be men?? To me it seems like these men were taking advantage of thesewomen’s dedication to their sport for a quick strip show. It disgusts me that these womenhad to go through that, yet none of the men had to go through tests to see if they weremen. To me it would be easier for women to imposter men then it would be for men toimposter women.When they advanced the test to get rid of the ‘Nude Parades’ and turned to thechromosome test this to me is more of a violation of women’s rights than the nude parade. This takes away your being. I really feel for those athletes that worked their heartand soul out to become what they were to make it so far and then being told that they hadto take these tests and be told that because they were neither male nor female theycouldn’t compete. Some of these people have grown up their whole lives believing thatthey were one sex or the other and then their whole world falls apart at that one momentand it a very public announcement too. That is just too much. I can’t begin to understandhow those people felt. To make matters worse then they allow men who have had sexchanges to play in the women’s league. This after they had grown up all along as mengetting the best coaching etc and being legally told they are female. That is morallywrong, I mean I give credit to the league leaders for protesting against it but I don’tunderstand where the judge of this case got his morning Wheaties from but they musthave been laced with something because he certainly wasn’t thinking straight that day.They are so concerned with being fair and kicking those out of competition who they arenot sure if their strengths would be equal to the other women but then they allow a man

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