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199912 American Renaissance

199912 American Renaissance

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American Renaissance, December 1999. Republican or Third Party?; The Buchanan Reformation; Jörg Haider’s Steady Climb; Crime in Pennsylvania; Galton Report; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters from Readers
American Renaissance, December 1999. Republican or Third Party?; The Buchanan Reformation; Jörg Haider’s Steady Climb; Crime in Pennsylvania; Galton Report; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters from Readers

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Published by: American Renaissance on Dec 20, 2010
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American Renaissance - 1 - December 1999
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There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.
Thomas Jefferson
Vol 10 No. 12December 1999
Republican or Third Party?
American Renaissance
What are the prospects forour people?
by Michael W. Masters
arl von Clauswitz, the great Ger-man military strategist, oncewrote that “war is nothing morethan the continuation of politics by othermeans.” Perhaps the reverse statementis also true. Politics is war by othermeans–especially in today’s multi-cultural America. Americans of Euro-pean descent–whether they wish to fightor even realize war has been declared–are the enemy in a low-intensity conflictthat many have called the Culture War.It is a multi-front war waged throughpolitics, economics, culture, demograph-ics, and even religion. Each aspect of thewar is important, but of these the realkilling weapon is politics.Stripped of noble sentiment, politicsis about getting and exercising power.In past ages, predators, disease, famine,natural disasters and armed conflict gov-erned the evolution of human societies.In the modern era, these factors are un-der control as never before. Today it ispower, exercised through politics, thatdictates the fates of peoples and of na-tions. Thanks to the wisdom of our an-cestors, we determine who holds powerthrough elections. But when, as is in-creasingly the case today, political par-ties do not represent our interests, it istime to make sure they do–or to estab-lish new parties that will.Our failure to treat politics as seriousbusiness has made us the losers in theCulture War. Laws passed by democrati-cally elected politicians have created animmigration policy promising to makewhite Americans a minority in the coun-try their ancestors created. It is fear of the liberal media and political reprisalsby bloc-voting minorities that leads Con-gress and state legislatures–all over-whelmingly white–to pass affirmativeaction laws, and also leads overwhelm-ingly white judicial bodies to declarethese laws constitutional. It is politicsthat produces “hate crime” laws thatcriminalize thought and are enforcedmainly against whites.However, there may be reason forhope. In retrospect, the fragmented andinconclusive 1998 election may haveprovided the first, faint sign that whiteAmericans are waking up. The electiondid continue the trend of white politi-cians dodging the real issues and non-whites voting as blocs for their own in-terests. But this time, many whites sim-ply sat out the election, and the partyout of the White House at mid-term lostseats in Congress for the first time sincethe 1930s.Democrats often won in the Southwith 90 percent or more of the black vote, and Mexicans helped them oust aRepublican from the California gover-nor’s mansion. That much is consistentwith past trends. But whites, who do notvote as a bloc and are often taken forgranted by both parties, were less will-ing to settle for the lesser of two evils.This message has become the dominanttheme of the 1999 political season, fromNew Hampshire Senator Bob Smith’sdefection from the GOP to Pat Buchan-an’s switch to the Reform Party. It is noaccident that it is whites–and almost nonon-whites–who are going over to thirdparties. Perhaps the most intriguing im-plication of the 1998 election as well asMr. Buchanan’s presidential campaignis that they may be warning signs that aRepublican Party that ignores the raceissue cannot survive in the 21st century.Peter Brimelow and Ed Rubinsteinmade this prediction in
 National Review
a few years ago, in an article analyzingthe political impact of the immigra-tion-fed demographic revolution thatcould reduce whites to a minority by themiddle of the next century. The authorscorrectly pointed out that Republicanelectoral strength is largely based on theloyalty of middle-class whites. Notingthat almost all non-white ethnic groupsvote Democrat–sometimes overwhelm-ingly–they projected that by 2008 a Re-publican Party consisting primarily of middle class whites would no longerhave the numbers to win a presidentialelection.
Dictating the Destiny
If this happens, it will be one of themost profound changes in Americanpolitical history. It raises the prospect of Third World ethnic groups dictating thedestiny of the nation. Already, becausewhites do not vote their own interests,Third World groups use moral intimi-dation and the implied threat of riots tomake white politicians meet their de-
Patrick Buchanan
Politics is war by othermeans–especially intoday’s multiculturalAmerica.
American Renaissance - 2 - December 1999
 Letters from Readers
Sir – Professor Ellis has it exactlyright in the Nov. issue when he drawsthe parallel between multiculturalismand Marxism. The discouraging part isthat this parallel must be explained atall. Any high school student with evena cursory familiarity with de Tocquevilleshould understand how multiculturalismundermines the very fabric of Americandemocracy.The problem, of course, is that deTocqueville, along with the other whitemen of that era, are no longer taught.Afro-centric, feminist and homosexualstudies have replaced them. Dogma hasreplaced logic and reason. Political cor-rectness has replaced individualism.Things will not change until the educa-tion system returns to its primary func-tion–education–and this will not happenuntil white, heterosexual men snap outof their lethargy, refuse to be cowed byname-calling, and take back their coun-try.Jerold Weiner, Blairstown, N.J.Sir – As one whose experiences withthe Japanese have run somewhat paral-lel to those of Alton Tolbert [“Notes onthe Japanese,” Oct.], I’d like to point outthat his use of the term “white” may beslightly misleading. The word I’ve gen-erally heard used by Japanese under cir-cumstances he cites is
(foreigner),rather than
(white person). I donot believe they feel more bias towards“whites” than towards other non-Japa-nese. The term
–literally “out-sider”–may seem so rude to some Japa-nese that they may attempt to lessen theinferiority they assume we must feel bysubstituting the longer, politer form
(foreign-country person) orthe less emotionally-burdened
.In conversation, sometimes a Japa-nese would understand me perfectly welluntil he noticed my foreign features, andthen he would stammer or continue hisside of the conversation in broken En-glish. Even if I wrote my query in Japa-nese characters and handed it to the man,he might still continue in broken En-glish. I have never encountered thisproblem with women or children in Ja-pan. Perhaps they feel their lower sociallevel puts them close enough to theforeigner’s that more relaxed communi-cation is possible.F.M. Burton, Pocatello, Ida.Sir – I am not a Christian but “Ger-many: Islamic Gangrene” in the Nov.issue made me think of the ultimateirony. After having fought so hard for apost-Christian, deracinated Europe, thewhite, liberal elites who have controlledthe world for the second half of the twen-tieth century may get their reward in theform of an Islamic Republic of Europe.J. Tanneyhill, Columbia, S.C.Sir – AR criticizes Al Gore for grov-eling to Hispanic voters but George W.Bush leaves him in the shade. This “con-servative” has started running ads inSpanish in both Iowa and New Hamp-shire. The Hispanic population in thesestates is mercifully low–less than twopercent. So why run ads that may hurthim with white voters? Obviously he issending a message to his amigos in Texasand California that if he is elected presi-dent he will give them what they want.Anyone who thinks Bush, Jr. will doanything about affirmative action, bilin-gual education, immigration or multicul-turalism is fooling himself.Peter McCallister, Rochester, N.Y.Sir – With no elective offices upfor grabs in 1999, the only matter of importance on the November ballotin New York City was the referen-dum to change the City Charter, or“constitution.” The proposed changethat got the most publicity was onthe issue of “mayoral succession,”which would be a hot issue if MayorRudolph Giuliani goes to the U.S.Senate in 2000. Almost overlookedwas a section of the proposed revi-sion entitled “Immigrant Affairs.” Itis filled with the usual “multiculturaldiversity” nonsense and warned of “anti-immigrant passions” sweepingthe nation. Declaring New York City“the nation’s preeminent ‘worldcity,’ ” it said immigrants were en-titled to all city services and welfareand, to best ensure that immigrantstake full advantage, “an individual’salienage and citizenship status is ir-relevant under local law.” In otherwords, it doesn’t matter if aliens arehere illegally; they are still entitledto handouts paid for with New York-ers’ tax dollars.This concept is expanded upon ina section called, “Protecting Confi-dentiality.” To protect alien law-breakers, the City wants to maintaina policy to prohibit “City employ-ees from providing informationabout immigrants to federal authori-ties . . . .” The document goes on tocite recent federal legislation andcourt decisions it regards as “anti-immigrant” and asserts that immi-grants must be able to “avail them-selves of City services without in-creasing their chances of being de-ported.” The Charter also recom-mended the formation of a “languagebank” to provide translators foraliens who deal with City agencies, justifying this by “the crucial rolethat immigrants play in the City’slife.” Since the City Charter takesprecedence over municipal ordi-nances, these provisions slipped intothe referendum would have beenvery hard to change. On November2, New York City voters rejected theCharter revisions 76 percent to 24.Frank Borzellieri, Queens, N.Y.
American Renaissance - 3 - December 1999
American Renaissance is published monthly by theNew Century Foundation. NCF is governed by section501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; contributionsto it are tax deductible.Subscriptions to American Renaissance are $24.00 per year. First-class postage isan additional $6.00. Subscriptions to Canada (first class) and overseas (surface mail)are $30.00. Overseas airmail subscriptions are $40.00. Back issues are $3.00 each.Foreign subscribers should send U.S. dollars or equivalent in convertible bank notes.Please make checks payable to: American Renaissance, P.O. Box 527, Oakton, VA22124. ISSN No. 1086-9905, Telephone: (703) 716-0900, Facsimile: (703) 716-0932,Web Page Address: www.amren.com Electronic Mail: AR@amren.com
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American Renaissance
Jared Taylor, EditorJames P. Lubinskas, Assistant EditorGlayde Whitney, Contributing EditorGeorge McDaniel, Web Page Editor
mands. But once these groups are a ma- jority they can simply vote to take what-ever they want–legally.In this context it is worth pointing outthat not only are there racial differencesin intellectual potential, but there aredifferences in temperament as well. Itwas our ancestors who created democ-racy and representative government. Wefind evidence of this among Europeansin Roman times and even before. Butwhile self-government has worked wellfor European peoples, there is little rea-son to believe it can be extended to mul-tiethnic societies, where the temptationto exploit other groups is always strong.The Republican Party is in a vice. Thedemographic balance on which it de-pends is transient. Unless immigrationis halted the GOP’s days are numbered–at least as a party that pushes its tradi-tional platform. The GOP therefore hastwo ways to respond. One is to competewith Democrats for non-white votes andthe other is to rally white, middle-classsupport–something Ronald Reaganmanaged to do. To follow the latter path,Republicans must build a broader coali-tion by appealing to the widest possiblerange of white voters.Unfortunately, the Republicans aredominated by economic and businessinterests. In catering to these interests,they have ceded many low-wage whitesto the Democrats. Republicans supportfree trade, open borders and other eco-nomic nostrums out of commitment toprinciple rather than out of loyalty to thepeople to whom they owe their tenuouscongressional majority. But even worsefor the Republicans, the internationalistelites in media and entertainment, whohave close ties to business, are often aslikely to support the Democratic Partyas the GOP. Any benefits Republicansmay anticipate from big business willdisappear as immigration works itschanges on demographics and votingpatterns.In order to build a broader consen-sus, Republicans must appeal to the bluecollar workers hit hardest by immigra-tion and cheap imports. Using that base,they should then move to halt and evenreverse immigration. Republicans wouldthen guarantee themselves–and us–astable, long-term future.Even aside from immigration, theGOP would have broad support if it hadthe courage to attack racial preferences,multiculturalism, women in the military,homosexual “rights,” socialist educationpolicies, teachers’ unions, and any num-ber of inviting leftist targets. Unfortu-nately, the Republicans have chosen tobecome more like Democrats. Much of the feel-good rhetoric of George W.Bush, Christine Todd Whitman, JohnWarner and the Republican LeadershipCouncil is pitched to the Democrats’proletariat of non-whites, feminists, ho-mosexuals and other disaffected groups.Ethnic identity has long played animportant role in voting patterns–exceptfor whites. Results vary, but in recentdecades roughly 90 percent of blacksand 85 percent of Hispanics have votedfor Democrats. If Republicans are to lurethese voters, they must adopt Demo-cratic policies, which will alienatewhites and will not work anyway.The 1998 election showed the futil-ity of GOP attempts to sound like Demo-crats. Despite the efforts of “kinder, gen-tler” Republicans, blacks voted in over-whelming numbers for the party of do-mestic socialism. Even more or less solidRepublicans lost when they failed tobroaden their appeal to more whites. InAlabama, for example, black Democratslured the “boyz in the ‘hood” to the pollswith free raffle tickets for a car. Whitesfailed to vote as a bloc and as a result,Fob James, a Christian governor whorestored the Confederate Flag andvowed to defend the Ten Command-ments with the National Guard, was re-placed by a man who owes his election–and therefore his loyalty–to blacks.One of the biggest Republican insani-ties was supporting Puerto Rican state-hood. Puerto Rico is pure trouble for theGOP—it is both black and Hispanic. Itsfour million Spanish-speaking non-white inhabitants have no loyalty toAmerica as a traditional European na-tion. It has twice the U.S. drug addic-tion rate, over twice the murder rate, andfour times the U.S. unemployment rate.It’s average household income is onlyhalf that of Mississippi, our poorest state.The chances of any of its two senatorsand half-dozen congressmen being Re-publicans are essentially zero.With all the Republican posturing onbehalf of their Caribbean co-linguists,did California’s Mexicans rush to thepolls in support of Newt Gingrich’s“Hispanic-friendly” GOP? Hardly. Un-like us, Mexicans understand who theyare and what political solidarity means.One of their organizations is called LaRaza, which means, simply, “the race.”Pete Wilson may well be California’slast-ever Republican governor and un-less immigration is stopped, Gray Davismay be the last-ever white governor.The Republican strategy of stealingvotes from the Democrats will neverwork. Republicans will never out-prom-ise the Democrats without simply be-coming Democrats themselves. The1998 election showed how far we havecome toward the day when non-whitebloc-voting will dictate the future of America. Even with whites at 70 per-cent of the population, political correct-ness, affirmative action, hate crime laws,cultural dispossession, and anti-whiteviolence go largely unopposed.The only possibility for the survivalof the Republican Party is to reassemble
California may neverhave another Republicangovernor–Gray Davismay be its last white one.

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