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Wireless Electricity of Nikola Tesla

Wireless Electricity of Nikola Tesla

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Published by John Smith

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Published by: John Smith on Dec 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wireless Electricity Of Nikola Tesla.....by Melvin D. SaundersNikola Tesla and wireless electricity, One of Nikola Tesla  'screative alternatives. Nikola Tesla, Wireless Electricity,sustainable energy........If a single one-megaton nuclear warhead were exploded 300miles over the center of the country, a high-voltageelectromagnetic pulse would in theory disrupt communication andelectrical systems all over the continental U.S.Gamma rays emitted by such an explosion would instantly stripaway the electrons from air molecules in the upperatmosphere in roughly a circular, pancake-shaped zone. The freeelectrons would then accelerate radially with theearth's magnetic field, separating from the heavier, positivelycharged ions and creating a downward directedhigh-voltage electromagnetic pulse. This in turn results inelectrical surges in all exposed conductors on the ground.........When Nikola Tesla discovered alternating current (AC)electricity, he had great difficulty convincing men of histime to believe in it. Thomas Edison was in favor of directcurrent (DC) electricity and opposed AC electricitystrenuously. Tesla eventually sold his rights to his alternatingcurrent patents to George Westinghouse for$1,000,000. After paying off his investors, Tesla spent hisremaining funds on his other inventions and culminated hisefforts in a major breakthrough in 1899 at Colorado Springs bytransmitting 100 million volts of high-frequencyelectric power wirelessly over a distance of 26 miles at which helit up a bank of 200 light bulbs and ran one electricmotor! With this souped up version of his Tesla coil, Teslaclaimed that only 5% of the transmitted energy was lost inthe process. But broke of funds again, he looked for investors toback his project of broadcasting electric power inalmost unlimited amounts to any point on the globe. The method hewould use to produce this wireless power was toemploy the earth's own resonance with its specific vibrationalfrequency to conduct AC electricity via a large electricoscillator. When J.P. Morgan agreed to underwrite Tesla'sproject, a strange structure was begun and almostcompleted near Wardenclyffe in Long Island, N.Y. Looking like ahuge lattice-like, wooden oil derrick with amushroom cap, it had a total height of 200 feet. Then suddenly,Morgan withdrew his support to the project in 1906,and eventually the structure was dynamited and brought down in1917.........A Tesla coil is a special transformer that can take the110 volt electricity from your house and convert it rapidly
to a great deal of high-voltage, high-frequency, low-amperagepower. The high-frequency output of even a small Teslacoil can light up fluorescent tubes held several feet awaywithout any wire connections. Even a large number of spentor discarded fluorescent tubes (their burned out cathodes areirrelevant) will light up if hung near a long wire runningfrom a Tesla coil while using less than 100 watts drawn by thecoil itself when plugged into an electrical outlet! Sincethe Tesla coil steps up the voltage to such a high degree, thealternating oscillations achieve sufficient excitationswithin the tubes of gases to produce lighting at a minimalexpense of original power! Fluorescent tubes can be heldunder high-tension wires to produce the same lighting up effect.Remember the farmer a few years ago who wascaught with an adaptive transformer under a set of high tensionlines that ran over his property? Through the air, hepulled down all the power he needed to run his farm without usingany connecting apparatus to the lines overhead!Any electrical engineer with the proper materials can do the samething.........Incandescent bulbs burn high resistance filaments thatgobble up energy. Fluorescent tubes burn filaments(cathodes) to create an electrical flow that sets their internalphosphorus coatings aglow. Using a Tesla coil, highvoltage AC can light up glass-enclosed vacuum bulbs coollywithout any gases inside them at all! Any number of coldlight bulbs can be lit using only one Tesla coil, and since thereis nothing inside them to burn out, they can lastindefinitely. It seems like a low cost form of street lighting,doesn't it?........When Tesla was determining the resonant frequencies ofthe earth to potentially transmit unlimited electricpower, he also recognized frequencies that acted as a dampingfield to nullify electric power. With the advent of thewireless and Tesla's unique investigations into broadcastingelectricity, a dozen or more inventors thereafterannounced their own means for transmitting electrical energywithout wires. One British inventor, H.Grindell-Matthews, actually demonstrated his "mystery ray"apparatus in 1924 to a Popular Science Monthly writerin London (See: Pop. Sci. Monthly, Aug. 1924, P. 33). When hisbeam was directed toward the magneto system of agasoline engine, it stopped the system. Afterwards, it ignitedgun powder, lit an electric lamp bulb from a distanceand killed a mouse in seconds! Grindell-Matthews said the secretwas involved with the "carrier beam" he used toconduct a high-voltage, low-frequency electrical current. During1936, Guglielmo Marconi experimented withextremely low frequency (ELF) waves and displayed theirexceptional ability to penetrate metallic shielding. These

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