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The Proper Way by Which Preachers Should Treat Their Members

The Proper Way by Which Preachers Should Treat Their Members



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The Proper Way by which Preachers Should Treat their Members
The Proper Way by which Preachers Should Treat their Members

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Published by: Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano on Nov 02, 2007
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The Proper Way by which Preachers Should Treat theirMembers
Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano
E WILL STUDY GOD’SPROHIBITIONS to preachers because, nowadays, there are many religious organizations that do notimplement God’s prohibitions andrestrictions. Their members are freeto do anything they please. They impose no sanctions either. That is,even if they know that gambling isprohibited, the member could stillgamble. Their pastor wouldn’t mindit, especially if he happens to be oneof the top donors in the church.Even if the pastor tells them thatthey should not kill, they wouldneither be excommunicated should they happen to commitmurder. They will remain to be members of the church. They practically tolerate their members from doing whatever they  want to do.
 But biblically speaking, God has an appropriate measure to every person who transgresses the law and to those who do things which are against the will of God. The don’ts, or the prohibitions, that we are going to study are being violated by many preachers today. But, on our part, we would like to be as truthful as we can be because those prohibitions are clearly stated inthe Bible.This time, we will talk about the proper way by which preachers shouldtreat their members, and how, in turn, members should regard theirpastors or preachers. Sometimes, the members are unaware that whattheir pastors are doing is wrong because they were not taught of what were written in the Bible; aside from the fact that their pastors are not teachingthem those things. Let us begin by referring to
 II Corinthians 12:14
, whichsays,
“Behold the third time I am ready to come to you; and I will not beburdensome to you: for I seek not yours, but you; for the children ought not to lay up for the parents, but the parents for their children.” 
 Did you get the idea what St. Paul was trying to convey? He was telling theChristians in Corinth that he was coming. But he assured them that he would not be a burden to any of them. He said,
“… I seek not yours, but you …” 
He was seeking, not their possessions, but his brethren. He evenadded that, it is improper that children lay up for their parents. Instead,the parents are the ones who should lay up for their children. Paul usedthe parent-child relationship to illustrate the ideal preacher-memberrelationship. A preacher should be a parent to his flock. This is what
The Proper Way by which Preachers Should Treat theirMembers
Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano
Thessalonians 2:7 
“But we were gentle among you, even as a nursecherished her children:” 
St. Paul compared their gentleness to a nurse who displays the samegentleness to her children. The shepherd-flock relationship has beenlikened to a Parent-child relationship. And because of that, we must realizethe privilege given to a child by his parents. As mentioned by St. Paul, thisprivilege is that, the parents are the ones who ought to save for theirchildren, and not the children for their parents. As a parent, do you prefer that your child is the one who is working while you are just loafing? Or, would you rather work for your children? Isn’t itmore ideal to see the parents working for the welfare of their children . . .that they are the ones planning for what is best for their children?That is why, in a preacher-member, or shepherd-flock, relationship, thegreater sacrifice ought to be rendered by the preacher. He is the one whomakes sacrifices; he is the one who gives way. And he has a greateraccountability. It is just like what a hen does for her chicks. When otherpeople maltreat, or chase, her young, she is there to protect and defendthem. And that is how a preacher should protect and defend his flock. If there are enemies, he should be in the frontline.But if we are to look at the way things happen today, we will find out thatthe situation is the opposite of what the Bible said. The ones defendingtheir leader are the members. The chicks are the ones fighting in defenseof the hen. Why? Where are their leaders, or pastors? They are in theirpalace . . . they are inside the convent, tightly guarded while the membersare out in the streets fighting for their faith, and soliciting money frompassers-by to further enrich their pastor. Have noticed that? The membersare the ones laboring for their pastor to live a very comfortable andluxurious life. But if we are going to use the illustration given in the Bible .. . if we are going to pattern the preacher-member relationship after aparent-child relationship, it should be the parents, or the pastors, whoshould sacrifice for their children, or members.But try to examine the many religious organizations we have today. See for yourself who is making a greater sacrifice. You will find out how themembers have been burdened in the construction of their chapel, or houseof worship, as they call it. They contributed for its construction, but oncethe chapel has been build, who do you think will reside there? It’s theirminister! And what is worse, the member could not readily enter it because there are security officers guarding the place. Try to enter theplace without due permission and you’ll surely be reported to the policedespite the fact that you contributed so much for the construction of thatchapel. Wasn't it that during the time that it hasn’t been built, your pastorsaid, “Let us contribute for the construction of OUR chapel.” But when it
The Proper Way by which Preachers Should Treat theirMembers
Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano
had been built, “it is no longer OUR chapel, but MY chapel. You had beenexcluded in its ownership. Proof to that is, you could not enter it withouttheir permission. If it was really OUR chapel, then, you could enter itanytime. But that is not so. There are now security officers guarding it. And you have to pass so many stations before you could talk to yourpastor. There is now a wide distance that separates the pastor from hismembers. He has become unreachable. He no longer has any spare time totalk to his members.This is not what the Bible teaches. A preacher-member relationship has been likened to a parent-child relationship. The ones working to sustainthe needs of the children are the parents, in the same way that a preachershould be the one to make sacrifices for the sake of his members. Like aparent, he should look after the welfare of the children. But very rarely can we find pastors of that kind. Today, a pastor, or a preacher livescomfortably. If his back is itchy, a maiden at his disposal will scratch his back. If he wants to urinate, another maiden will hold the bedpan for him. Why do I know such cases? Because some of their members have joinedour group and they are the ones who told me of these things.Preachers today live in luxury. There is even one pastor who is entertained by a Canadian woman every time that he feels sad. Aside from that, thereis another preacher from this country who had sexually molested 36 women. In the US, I know of one preacher who had 48 wives and 27children. Actually, there was a minister who raped a member who wasthen five months pregnant. But why are there young ladies being abused by leaders of religions? It is because the members readily give in to theirpastor’s caprices. They gladly do as he pleases. That is wrong!In the Bible, if a pastor is asking his members to do something that isagainst the Christian doctrines, they should get out of that group. A member has the right to protest and complain if what his leader says anddoes no longer conforms to the teachings of the Bible.God has a set of laws for the preachers to follow. They should be likeparents to their members. If you are a loving parent, you will not abuse your children. Instead, you will always be compassionate to them. Try totalk to some parents and they will tell you that the foremost reason why they are laboring very hard is to prepare their children’s future. Isn’t it thatparents think of nothing but the best for their children? No parent in hisright mind will prioritize his personal needs over and above the needs of his children. This is the reason why God wants the preachers to emulatethe care and the concern that a parent gives to his children. If a preacherregards his members as his children, he will surely consider their welfare.He will surely defend and protect them from all kinds of atrocities.But if you do not see these gestures to your respective leaders in religion,

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