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Purifying the Heart

Purifying the Heart

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There is no doubt that the heart becomes covered with rust, just as metal dishes - silver, and their like - become rusty.
There is no doubt that the heart becomes covered with rust, just as metal dishes - silver, and their like - become rusty.

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Published by: Mohammed Z A Shakeel on Dec 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Purifying the Heart
Purifying the Heart1 of 7
"There is no doubt that the heart becomescovered with rust, just as metal dishes -silver, and their like - become rusty. So therust of the heart is polished with Dhikr(remembrance of Allah), for Dhikr polishesthe heart until it becomes like a shiny mirror.However, when Dhikr is abandoned, the rustreturns; and when it commences then theheart again begins to be cleansed. Thus theheart becoming rusty is due to two matters:sins and Ghaflah (neglecting remembrance of Allah). Likewise, it is cleansed and polishedby two things: Istighfar (seeking Allah'sforgiveness) and Dhikr."Jihad against the Self "Jihad" (striving) against the soul has fourstages:1. To strive in learning guidance and thereligion of truth, without which there will beno success. Indeed, there can be no truehappiness, nor any delight in this world andin the Hereafter, except through it.
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2. Striving to act upon what has been learnt,since knowledge without action will notbenefit, rather it will cause harm.3. Striving to invite others towards it and toteach those who do not know, otherwise hemay be considered from those who hide whatAllah has revealed of guidance and clearexplanation. Such knowledge will neitherbenefit, nor save a person from thepunishment of Allah.4. Striving to be patient and perseveringagainst those who oppose this Dawah (call)to Allah and those who seek to cause harm -patiently bearing all these hardships for thesake of Allah.When these four stages are completed thensuch a person is considered to be amongstthe pious. The Salaf were agreed that ascholar does not deserve the title of piousuntil he recognizes and knows the truth, actsupon it, and teaches it to others. Sowhosoever has knowledge, acts upon it, andteaches this knowledge to others, isconsidered from the pious.
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