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Published by omarismail

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Published by: omarismail on Dec 21, 2010
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 Aug. 19, 2010 - Aug. 25, 2010
インターナショナルな話題満載! 沖縄発-情報発信英字新聞
Two U.S. s
emen arrestedo
ver thef
t, traff
ic law vio
Police arrested a 19-year-old U.S. Marineon suspicion of stealing from a taxi and a 33-year-old U.S. airman for an alleged traffic lawviolation on Saturday night in OkinawaPrefecture in separate cases, the police saidSunday. Police arrested the lance corporal fromCamp Kinser in for allegedly stealing some3,000 yen from a taxi in Ojana in Ginowanaround 10:30 p.m. Saturday.The Marine was apprehended on the spot bypolice officers who responded to a report fromthe driver, but denied the allegation. The taxidriver called police after the Marine, who wassitting in the front passenger seat, reached into
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 Fantastic Okinawa
Depot Island debuts in Mihama
he timeline for shifting 8,000U.S. Marines from Okinawa toGuam appears to be slippingagain, but this time it’s the U.S.Department of Defense—and notOkinawans opposed to moving FutenmaMarine Corps Air Station to northernOkinawa—that’s causing all the commo-tion.A just-released final EnvironmentalImpact Statement from the DefenseDepartment’s Joint Guam ProgramOffice contains a proposal to defer trans-ferring Marines and their families to aslate as 2020, in order to reduce the envi-ronmental impact on Guam from themassive series of construction projectsnecessary for relocating the combattroops now stationed in Okinawa. TheEnvironmental Impact Statement putsforth two mitigation scenarios to ease theturmoil levied upon Guam. One, “forceflow reduction”, calls for reschedulingthe timelines for moving Marines andtheir dependents. The second concept is“adaptive program management” thatwould adjust the entire issues of con-struction tempo and construction projectsto spread them farther out.“Extending the arrival of the mili-tary population over a greater period of time would lessen the need for variousinfrastructure upgrades to meet peak load demand in 2014,” the EIS states,adding “the proposed force flow reduc-tion mitigation measure would bothlower the overall peak population anddecrease the rate of short-term popula-tion increase resulting from the proposedaction, thereby reducing demands onutilities and many island services.”The EIS spells out proposals fordeferring the movement of some 10,552individuals –including 8,552 Marinesfrom Okinawa -- to Guam until 2017 byreducing the number of arrivals eachyear. The impact statement proposes
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DoD pos
ts ano
ther s
Marines: Don’t go packing bags yet
 By Bill Charles
hatan Town’sMihamaarea–whichincludes the popu-lar American Village and itsFerris wheel towering overthe town—is home to abrightly colored and themednew spot calling itself Depot Island.There’s no way to missDepot Island as its dozenbuildings are in a half dozenvivid wall colors painted tolook like a South Americanlandscape. Within its con-fines are more than 60stores, unique shops, restau-rants and live houses, eachsporting its own definitionsof originality. Built overthe past two years at a costof $41 million, DepotIsland’s 356,000 square feetof space has been designedto offer something foreveryone.Opened only a fewweeks ago, owner TeruoOkuhara says there’s muchmore to come in his mini-town, which he describes as“exchange, sympathy, livingin harmony in a town of profoundly sensitive cul-ture.” His Okuhara TradingCompany is far from fin-ished with the project; stillto come are a hotel and‘fashion buildings’ on thesite. For now, Depot Islandis a cosmopolitan areawhere visitors can wanderand find everything fromOkinawan logo T-shirts andsouvenirs to Japanese,
Continues on page 3 Depot Island in Mihma is adding more than 60 shops and restaurants to the popular Mihama American Village area. (Photo Masatoshi Tokuyoshi)
Servicemen arrested 
Continued from page 1
the cashbox of the taxi when the car was ata hamburger drive-throughin the city,police said, adding there were two otherpassengers in the car.Meanwhile, police arrested TechnicalSgt Atiba Gresham from the U.S. AirForce’s Kadena Base in Kadena forallegedly refusing to take a breath test fordrunken driving in the city of Okinawaaround 11:15 p.m. Saturday.According to police, they stopped hiscar on the road in the city as he was speed-ing and asked Gresham to take the test asthey smelled alcohol.
ps cr
k do
n drinking drivers
As Okinawa heads into the Obon holi-days, law enforcement officers are waginga campaign against drivers getting behindthe wheel after drinking, and nobody’sbeing given a free pass.A taxi driver who’d been drinking,then driving, was busted in Naha City’sOroku area after police received a tip. The58-year-old driver, Hiroyuki Itokazu, of Urasoe City, admitted “I was drinking inan izakaya. Maybe a few cups.” His taxicompany says he’d never been absent fromwork, and had never failed a company-administered breath test.Five other drunk driving arrests weremade in the two-day August 13th to 14thperiod, beginning with one in UrasoeCity’s Makiminato area on Highway 58. A32-year-old doctor was arrested after hetested triple the legal limit on a breath test.In Okinawa City’s Kaiho area, a nursedriving drunk on Route 227 near Awasewas arrested after being observed drivingerratically, and a 19-year-old fromOkinawa City’s Awase area was bustedafter being picked up by Naha City Policefor drunk driving. In yet another case, a 57-year-old man was arrested by Uruma CityPolice.The worst case came in Ginowan City,where a driver of a heavy truck drivingfrom Uehara in Naqkagusuku Village onRoute 29 crossed an intersection andcrashed into a motorbike, seriously injuringthe motorist. The drunk truck driver fledthe scene, but police apprehended him a bitlater and arrested him.
ps arres
t dr
iver af
al hit-and
-run cr
A speeding motorist in TomigusukuCity’s Gibo area crashed into a youngschool girl as she walked to an after schoolchild care club, then fled the accidentscene.The seven-year-old girl was taken to ahospital, where she was declared dead frombrain injuries.The fleeing hit-and-run driver didn’tget far; the driver of another car observedthe accident and then saw the car stop at atraffic light 350 meters down the road. Hefollowed, then ran to the car where he toldthe elderly female driver “Wait! You justhit a girl.” She and the witness returned tothe accident scene, where TomigusukuPolice arrested her on suspicion of acciden-tal vehicular homicide and failing to pro-vide aid to an accident victim.Police investigators say the woman isdenying the accident, yet has admitted “Inoticed that I did hit something, but I did-n’t think it was a girl.” Police say the girlwas in a crosswalk, crossing the street, infront of the woman’s car.
ter recovers err
p’s misplac
d h
A good Samaritan youngster riding hismotorbike in Naha City’s Tomari areafound a pair of handcuffs on the street ear-lier this month, and then ultimately paid atrip to the nearest police station to turnthem in.The handcuffs he handed over topolice had ‘Oki’ written in kanji, alongwith numbers that he later learned indicat-ed Okinawa. The question was: were theyreal handcuffs? Having found thembetween 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., he thought theymight be fake, but after talking to hisfriends who said “It might be real policeproperty, you have to return it”, he pon-dered the matter for three days beforeheading for the police station.“We don’t know if it’s police propertyor not,” a Naha City Police officer told theboy, but it turns out that wasn’t quite thecase. The handcuffs were real, and wereassigned to a police officer who’d lostthem. A worker at a convenience storenear the spot where the boy found thehandcuffs told the public and media thisweek that police had been conducting afrantic search around the area August 6th,telling store staff the many police officerswere on hand because “we came to check something.” The storekeeper says policecars gathered and parked for more than anhour as police searched everywhere,including in the trash cans and along thestreet.Okinawa Prefecture Police cleared itall up with the announcement that a police-man had, in fact, lost his handcuffs. Policeofficers are issued the handcuffs when theyfirst come on the force, and keep them untilthey retire. Prefecture Police said anyreports of lost handcuffs are circulatednationwide to law enforcement officials.
y memb
ers file s
uitin 2
9 flas
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d de
Family members representing three of four workers killed a year ago when flashflooding ripped through Naha City’sHigawa area are filing lawsuits against fiveentities they claim are responsible for thedeaths.Flood waters raged down the GaabuRiver August 18, 2009, sweeping a team of inspectors downriver to their deaths. Thefour men who died were inspecting con-struction of a bridge over the river to insurecompliance with earthquake regulations.Family members say the accident shouldnever have happened, and want facts tocome out in a trial as to wrongdoing onpart of companies involved in building thebridge.The five defendants are Naha City, theAssociation of Maintenance Work of theAgriculture Cooperative, a constructionconsultant company, Okinawa PlanningCenter and Marutaka ConstructionCompany. The dead workers’ familymembers contend the companies shouldhave better checked weather reports andbeen prepared to deal with emergencies.They also maintain the companies shouldhave called a halt to the work when theweather became bad. Naha City hasdeclined comment on the lawsuit.
2Japan Update Classifieds Aug. 19, 2010 - Aug. 25, 2010
Kari Valtaoja
Jun IkemuraTakane Oba
Takemi KinjoEriko HigaMasatoshi TokuyoshiPublished weekly by (
) Print 21Tel. (098)921-2052, 896-1925, 929-2330Fax. (098)934-5616, 896-1786, 929-2331Also visit: www.japanupdate.com
(098)896-1925 / (098)921-2052
3Japan Update Classifieds Aug. 19, 2010 - Aug. 25, 2010
 Keystone Theater
21 Sat Closed22 Sun 1300 Toy Story 3 G22 Sun 1600 The Other Guy PG1322 Sun 1900 The Other Guy PG1323 Mon Closed24 Tue Closed25 Wed Closed26 Thu 1900 Toy Story 3 G27 Fri 1800 Grown Ups PG1327 Fri 2100 Knight And Day PG13
 Foster Theater
21 Sat 1200 Shrek Forever After PG21 Sat 1500 Just Wright PG21 Sat 1800 The A-Team PG1321 Sat 2100 Salt PG1322 Sun 1300 Toy Story 3 G22 Sun 1600 Salt PG1322 Sun 1900 The Expendables R23 Mon 1500 The Karate Kid PG23 Mon 1900 The A-Team PG1324 Tue 1900 Jonah Hex PG1325 Wed 1900 The A-Team PG1326 Thu 1500 Toy Story 3 G26 Thu 1900 The Expendables R27 Fri 1500 Cats & Dogs: TheRevenge Of Kitty Galore PG27 Fri 1800 The Expendables R27 Fri 2100 Get Him To Greek R
 Kinser Theater
21 Sat 1500/1830 The Sorcerer’sApprentice PG1322 Sun 1500 Toy Story 3 G22 Sun 1830 The A-Team PG1323 Mon Closed24 Tue 1830 The A-Team PG1325 Wed 1500 The Expendables R25 Wed 1830 The Expendables R26 Thu 1830 Toy Story 3 G27 Fri 1830 Grown Ups PG13
 Futenma Theater
21 Sat 1600 The Expendables R21 Sat 1900 The Expendables R22 Sun 1600 The Karate Kid PG22 Sun 1900 Johan Hex PG1323 Mon 1830 Cats And Dogs: TheRevenge Of Kitty Galore PG24 Tue Closed25 Wed Closed26 Thu Closed27 Fri 1830 The A-Team PG13
Courtney Theater
21 Sat 1400 Ramona And Beezus G21 Sat 1800 The Karate Kid PG22 Sun 1400 Ramona And Beezus G22 Sun 1800 Cats & Dogs: TheRevenge Of Kity Galore PG23 Mon 1900 Jonah Hex PG1324 Tue Closed25 Wed 1900 The Other Guys PG1326 Thu Closed27 Fri 1730 Nanny McPhee Returns PG27 Fri 2030 Nanny McPhee Returns PG
 Hansen Theater
21 Sat 1800 Cats & Dogs: TheRevenge Of Kitty Galore PG21 Sat 2100 The A-Team PG1322 Sun 1400 Toy Syory 3 G22 Sun 1730 The A-Team PG1323 Mon 1900 The Expendables R24 Tue 1800 The Expendables R24 Tue 2100 The Expendables R25 Wed 1900 The A-Team R26 Thu 1900 The Other Guys PG1327 Fri 1800 Grown Ups PG1327 Fri 2100 Knight And Day PG13
Schwab Theater
21 Sat 1700 The Karate Kid PG22 Sun 1700 Jonah Hex PG1323 Mon Closed24 Tue Closed25 Wed Closed26 Thu Closed27 Fri 1900 The Other Guys PG13
Movies in AAFES theaters from Aug 21 - Aug 27
Events this week 
- Live Jazz by various artists - 8 p.m. atKam's House, Kokusai Street, Naha City, tick-ets ¥1,000
- Live Jazz by various artists - 9 p.m. atTempi, Matsuyama, Naha City, tickets ¥1,000
- Live Jazz by various artists –9:30/11:30 p.m./1 a.m. at Parker’s Mood,Kumoji, Naha, tickets ¥1,000
Every Sunday
- Kokusai Street Transit Mall -12-6 p.m. at Kokusai Street, Naha City
Until Aug 22
– Yambaru Evening Festival inNeopark – 6:30 p.m. at Neopark Okinawa,Nago, tickets ¥1,000
Until Aug 20
– Urasoe Produce & TourismFair – 9:30 a.m.-5:15 p.m. at Urasoe CityOffice 1F Hall, admission free
Aug 19
– Yoko Joey (vo)/Yoshinari Miyazaki(p) – 8 p.m. at Materia, Sunrise Arcade Street,Naha, tickets ¥1,000
Aug 19
– Hiroko Kuroshima Piano Recital – 7p.m. at Palette Kumoji Theater, Naha, tickets ¥1,500
Aug 19
– Berkes Akiko Sunagawa ViolinRecital – 7 p.m. at Tedako Hall, Urasoe, tick-ets ¥2,000
Aug 20
– Keiko Higa & Jubies – 7:30 p.m. atPoolside, Laguna Garden Hotel, Ginowan,tickets ¥4,500 includes BBQ and all drinks
Aug 20
– Yoko Joey (vo)/Kamanta (p)/Jeff Kurakata (b)/Akihiro Sunagawa (dr) – 8 p.m.at Materia, Sunrise Arcade Street, Naha, tick-ets ¥1,000
Aug 20
– Blonde Jesus/F.O.D. – 8 p.m. at 7thHeaven Koza, Goya, Okinawa City tickets ¥800
Aug 20
– Yukinao Ota – 7 p.m. at La Fonte,Tobaru, Shuri, tickets ¥2,000
Aug 20-21
– Summer Family Yatai Village inHotel Royal Orion – 5-10 p.m. at Hotel RoyalOrion, Asato, Naha, tickets ¥5,000 includesfood and drinks
Aug 21
– Booze Club (Jazz) – 8:30 p.m. atLive House MODs, Mihama, tickets ¥2,000 in
advance, ¥2,500 at doorAug 21
– Music for Adults – 8 p.m. atGaramand Hall, Ginoza Culture Center, tickets ¥1,000 in advance, ¥1,300 at door
Aug 21
– Eru (vo)/Yoko Joey (vo)/RyoMakishi (g) – 8 p.m. at Materia, Kainan,Sunrise Naha Street, tickets ¥1,000
Aug 21
– Blonde Jesus/F.O.D. – 8 p.m. at 7thHeaven Koza, Goya, Okinawa City tickets ¥800
Aug 21
– Noche Cubana~Kachimba4 SonLive – 9;30 p.m. at mi casa tu casa, Kumoji,Naha, tickets ¥1,000
Aug 21
– Zamami Festival – 5:30 p.m. atZamami Port Terminal, admission free
Aug 21
– Clown Kotora Performance Show –5:30 p.m. at Lobby, The Beach Tower,Mihama, admission free
Aug 21-22
– Flea Market – 12-3 p.m. onCamp Kinser, Urasoe, admission free
Aug 22
– Clammbom Tour – 6 p.m. atSakurazaka Central, Naha, tickets ¥4,500
Aug 22
– Kachimba 4 – 7 & 8:30 p.m. atPoolside, Hotel Nikko Alivila, Yomitan,admission free
Aug 22
– Kenichi Shiroma & Eisa Live – 2 &4 p.m. at Tomiton, Toyzaki, Tomigusuku,admission free
Aug 22
– Session Day – 8 p.m. at Materia,Kainan, Sunrise Naha Street, tickets ¥1,000
Aug 22
– Chura Voice Ryukyu R&B Live – 5p.m. at Carnival Park, Mihama, admission free
Aug 22
– Okinawa Youth Orchestra – 1:30p.m. at Tedako Hall, Urasoe, tickets ¥1,000 inadvance, ¥1,200 at door
Aug 22
– Nayuta – 3 & 5 p.m. at San-ANishihara City, admission free
Aug 22
– Okinawan Obon Begins (Unkei)
Aug 22
– Motobu Arin Kurin Market – 10a.m.-4 p.m. at Motobu Market, admission free
Aug 22
– Ryugami Mabuya Show – 1 & 4p.m. at Hibiscus Plaza, Jusco Chatan, admis-sion free
Aug 23
– Johnny Ginowan – 8:20 p.m. atTingaara Garden, Okinawa Zampa MisakiRoyal Hotel, Yomitan, admission free
Aug 23
– Kachimba 1551 – 9:30 p.m. atPartida, Oyama, tickets ¥800
Aug 23
– Matsue Furugen (vo)/Yuko Sato(p)/Yoichi Majikina (b) – 6 p.m. at Music CaféKumoji, Naha, tickets ¥1,000
Aug 24
– Sora – 8 p.m. at Live House MODs,Mihama, tickets ¥2,000 in dvance, ¥2,500 atdoor
Aug 24
– “Shake” Reggae, Hip Hop, R&BEvent – 6 p.m. at Koza Music Town, Goya,Okinawa City, admission free
Aug 24
– Heshikiya Youth Eisa Night – 6:30p.m. at Heshikiya Delivery Center, Uruma,admission free
Aug 25
– Rose “Rock’n Rose” – 9 p.m. at D-Set Café, Kokusai Street, Naha City, tickets ¥2,000
Aug 25
– TAKA Chan – 8 p.m. at Salt &Pepper, Mihama, tickets ¥1,500
Aug 25
– Heshikiya Youth Eisa Night – 6:30p.m. at Uragahama Park, Uruma, admissionfree
Aug 25
– Kadena Town Eisa Festival – 7 p.m.at Shinmachi Street, Kadena, admission freeJul 7 – Miha Kuniyoshi – 7 p.m. at ShimautaLive Yuri, on Shobosho Street, Nishimachi,Naha, tickets ¥500
 For more complete list of events visitwww.japanupdate.com
apan’s Internal Affairs andCommunications Ministry has issueda warning to U.S. Forces in Japan tostop allowing use of baby monitorsthat people have brought from the U.S. inhomes of soldiers, sailors, airmen andMarines because they interfere with taxiand trucking company radio transmissions.Unauthorized radio waves are emittedby the American-manufactured monitoringunits, above the permissible levels or onfrequencies assigned to mobile phone andradio base stations. The ministry calls useof the baby monitors interference in viola-tion of the law. A U.S. Forces Japanspokesman says the military commandsare working to curb use of the baby moni-tors brought from the United States, usingbroadcast and command information chan-nels to get the word out.Okinawa has become a hot spot fordetection of the illegal radio waves since a2008 crackdown. Okinawa, which hoststhe largest segment of U.S. forces sta-tioned in Japan, says the communicationsministry’s local telecommunication officehas been investigating illegal radio wavescoming from American residential areas,and has determined the radio transmis-sions were coming from the baby moni-tors. Similar tracking in military and mili-tary family housing areas in Tokyo, and inKanagawa, Yamaguchi and NagasakiPrefectures all turned up the same illegalradio waves.Government officials note, however,that Japanese have also been using for-eign-made baby monitors and other illegaldevices—including transceivers and cord-less telephones—that don’t meet Japanesetechnical standards. “There are situationsin which these signals could affect impor-tant communications,” says a ministryspokesman, “so we hope people won’t useproducts that don’t comply with Japanesestandards.”
e b
aby monito
s inter
fere with c
 Depot Island 
Continued from page 1
American and Okinawanrestaurants.Designed to look andfeel like visiting a smalltown, Depot Island’s build-ings are anything but drab.From the pink clock towerthat Okuhara hopes willbecome a landmark, tobuildings that give aEuropean feel, to several thatseem to come from dream-land, to others along the sea-wall that are decorated withbeautiful wall paintings, thecomplex is more than differ-ent. One brilliant yellowbuilding was organized byDistortion President JuntakaTokinen, who says “we wantladies to relax both mind andbody, and become morebeautiful here.”Depot Island’s anchortenants include Live HojuseMODS’, Akara, the largestHabu Box on the island,artist Naka Bokunen’s ArtMuseum, Okinawa’s design-ers of Seasir Jeans andJapanese fashion U Denim& Life, X-Girl / X LargeStore Okinawa featuringextra large styles for urbanhip-hop skate styles,American Depot withimported aloha shirts, andGarage House accessoryshop.The new shopping,leisure activities and enter-tainment complex wasdesigned by B.D. planning, acompany headed byMitsuaki Shigaki, while con-struction was accomplishedby Dai-ichi ConstructionCompany. The designersand Okuhara visitedEuropean countries and theUnited States repeatedly toget ideas on how to create anopen mall-like urban areathat would encourage visi-tors to return again andagain. Part of their discover-ies and decisions led them toavoid use of straight lines,adding some incline to thealley, and adopting brightcolors.
 American-made baby monitors are caus-ing problems to radio traffic in areaswhere there are many resident American families. Depot Island features buildings with wall paintings, narrow alleys and plenty of boutiques and little restaurants.
S Ts
d wi
thPADI Awar
CCS Tsunami SCUBACenters on Camp Courtney,Camp Hansen and CampKinser have been recognized by theProfessional Association of DivingInstructors, or PADI, with presti-gious 15-Year Service Awards asPADI Dive Centers.All three centers have beenPADI-certified dive center since1995, while the flagship TsunamiSCUBA Center on Camp Fosterhas been in operation for a fewyears longer. “These 15-YearService Awards are significantmilestones and achievements forMCCS,” notes Tsunami SCUBAProgram Manager BobZimmerman. “In an industrywhere far too many dive shopsopen and close in popular divingdestinations, very few stand thetest of time while meeting the rig-orous levels of quality control andinstruction excellence required toachieve PADI-certified status.”A certified instructor since1992, a course director since 1997and the only SOFA-status PADICourse Instructor on Okinawa,Zimmerman has been instrumen-tal in establishing and building theinstruction and quality assuranceprogram at Tsunami SCUBA,which is the only PADI IDC 5-Star Facility throughout MarineCorps Community Servicesworldwide.

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