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Boycott Israel : Frequently Asked Questions

Boycott Israel : Frequently Asked Questions

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Published by beMuslim

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Published by: beMuslim on Aug 07, 2008
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Boycott Israel : Frequently Asked Questions1. What is the boycott?The boycott of Israeli products and companies supporting the zionist entity isabout ordinary people around the world using their right to choose what they buyin order to help bring about an end to oppression in Palestine. Its a peacefulmeans of putting international pressure on the racist state of Israel and followsin the footsteps of the successful boycott against South African racist apartheid.2. Are you boycotting all Jews?Certainly not! The boycott is not directed at any religious or ethnic group, butrather it is directed at those companies that are supporting the racist occupationof Palestine. A quick glance at the boycott list will testify to this. We do notdiscriminate between the supporters of Israel - if a Muslim company is caughtcollaborating with Israel we will boycott it just as vigorously as any othercompany.3. Who supports the boycott, what do our Ulema say about it?People of good conscience all around the world support the boycott.Trade Unions around the world, including the UKs biggest trade union UNISON withits 1.4 million members, have called for a boycott of all Israeli goods. Christiangroups like Christian Aid have joined the boycott demanding an end to EU - Israeltrade agreements. And Jewish groups such as B'Tselem and Gush Shalom have launchedtheir own boycott Israeli goods campaigns.Among Muslims, every leading Ulema from every school of thought is united in thisand has given clear fatwas in support of the boycott. A few examples fromdifferent schools of thought are provided on the following page:4. Are you sure these companies support Israel?Many people wanting to boycott Israeli products and companies supporting thezionist entity have been frustrated with the lack of accurate information as towhich companies to boycott.To this end we have carried out extensive research to identify the guiltycompanies. All our findings are backed with references so that you canindependently check the facts and understand exactly how each company iscontributing its support to Israel.On our website we have dedicated a whole page per company. Each page is dividedinto three sections -(1) the company's product list,(2) research findings and(3) reference/additional info section.You can see the evidence against a company given in the research findings sectionand next to each piece of evidence is a reference number which you can look up inthe reference section to find out the source for the evidence - most items aresourced back to Israel's own newspapers and journals.5. Surely wherever we spend our money, even our taxes support Israel, so why pickon these companies?Whilst it is true that the cancerous zionist entity has got its tentacles hookedinto numerous markets and economies - sucking each one to nourish itself, but thisis no excuse for us not to do anything. The companies on our list are chosen forbeing the major supporters of Israel - those that Israel itself has honoured andbestowed awards upon in recognition of being its key supporters in the world. If
we can successfully campaign against these then the support of the others will,inshallah, evaporate.6. These companies operate in Muslim countries providing Muslims with Jobs - isn'tboycotting them going to harm ourselves?It is true that most of the companies on the list have operations in Muslimcountries and employ Muslims who would loose their jobs if the companies collapsedor pulled out. But we have to look at this as a opportunity, not a loss.Take the example of Coca-Cola in the middle east, the boycott has hit them so hardthat their sales are down 60%. This has created an opportunity for a Muslimalternative, ZamZam Cola of Iran, which is owned by the religious charity theFoundation of the Dispossessed, to take Coca-Colas share of the market. Zam ZamCola is struggling to keep up with demand - it exceeded all expectations byselling four million cans in its first week. It is now planning to expand by buildfactories in the gulf states, helping provide local employment. And for the firsttime even European countries like Denmark, are importing ZamZam Cola.Similar success stories can be told of Sainsburys closer in Egypt in April 2001,which resulted in a blossoming of local stores which would not have otherwisesurvived in an unfair market monopolised by a foreign giant.Also lets not forget that the reason why the multinationals have set up in Muslimcountries is not out of benevolence for us, but rather exploitation. Take theexample of Delta Galil - the Israeli textile giant whos cloths are sold under thelabels GAP, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, BOSS, M&S and DKNY among others. TheIsraeli company has factories in Jordan and Egypt in addition to Palestine. Theirtreatment of workers is such that Sweatshop Watch has denounced Delta-Galilsexploitation of Arab labour, calling it a "Sweatshop Czar". Is it really a loss tous to see such companies go?7. Does the boycott work?Oh yes! For example, one of the companies hardest hit by the boycott is McDonalds.McDonalds is a "major corporate partner" of the Jewish United Fund. In its ownwords, the Jewish United Fund "works to maintain American military, economic anddiplomatic support for Israel; monitors and, when necessary, responds to mediacoverage of Israel." Also, McDonalds chairman and CEO Jack M. Greenberg is ahonorary director of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry.McDonalds has 80 resturants in israel, providing employment to 3000 israelis.McDonalds has just announced it is closing down its operation in the middle eastdue to loss of revenue as a direct result of the boycott (Oct 2002), and isreplacing Greenberg as its chairman and CEO (Dec 2002). Since the launch of theboycott campaign, two of Jordan's six McDonald's franchises have closed due tolack of business. In Egypt, McDonald's decided to change its brand name toManfoods this past March, in an attempt to dodge the boycott. It had no effect andEgyptian police forces were ordered to guard the entrances to McDonald'srestaurants, after stone throwing incidents took place. A total of 175 restaurantswill be closed at a loss of $350 million.In the face of giants like McDonalds crumbling under the pressure of the boycott,smaller companies are weary of supporting Israel and are steering clear in fear ofbeing boycotted.Amidst calls for a boycott of Amazon.com, the internet bookstore Amazon.comterminated its association with the Jerusalem Post (Nov 2002). It was revealedthat the Jerusalem Post was donating its slice of the profits derived from the
amazon.com partnership to Israeli soldiers returning home after committingmassacres and other abuses of human rights on the occupied territories.Their advert, which appeared on most of their pages, read "Buy Amazon.com &Support Israel". Inundated with complaints, amazon.com severed its ties to theJerusalem Post, demanding they remove all the adverts and vowed not to hand overany more profits.Other companies, disgusted by Israel's treatment of the Palestinians havethemselves actively joined the boycott.In May 2002 a US auto part export company refused to do business with Israel.In a reply to a purchase order from Israel, John Harris, representing TexasAutomotive Export wrote:"We must inform you that Texas Export will not do business with Israeli citizensat this time. We urge you to rein in your military and stop your oppression of thePalestinian people," the letter said. "Your country has lost the respect of thecivilised world," it concluded.The success of the boycott has so worried the US government and Israel, bothafraid that companies will abandon Israel, that just last week the US threatenedto fine US companies that take part in the boycott. The Department of Commerce hasalready issued more than $26m in fines and turned down export licences to thosecompanies found supporting the boycott - so much for democracy and a right tochoose who to do business with!8. Can the boycott really effect the Israeli economy?Israel's economy is on the verge of total collapse with no sign of recoverydespite cash injections from uncle Sam. Just last month (Oct 2002) Sharon beggedWashington for $10 billion in emergency aid. Inflation is sky rocketing - even theofficial figure is over 4 times the government target. VAT has just been raised ashave fuel bills and all basic living costs like food and rents. Unemployment issoaring and salary cuts are the order of the day.This has resulted in a series of crippling general strikes - the last one bringingthe country to a standstill - flight in and out of Israel had to be suspended,radio and television broadcasts stopped and health workers only dealt withemergencies. The streets are piling up with uncollected garbage.Foreign investment, a life-line for the zionist state, has also dried up. Figuresreveal that investors have lost $5 billion of the $6.5 billion invested in Israelbetween 1999-2001. No one is prepared to invest any more.The Israeli government is so short of money that its cost cutting includesshutting down several embassies and consulates around the world!At this critical time, the importance of the global boycott of Israel and of thecollaborating companies that give it its life-line cannot be overemphasised.Israel is counting every penny - every penny matters - ensure yours don't go toIsrael!9. Is there a printable list of the companies and brands to boycott?Yes there is a leaflet designed for printing available for download on thefollowing page:Also there is an e-card with the logos of the companies to boycott which you cansend to all your friends. Its available at the Islamic Card Centre.

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