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Pages of My Diary

Pages of My Diary

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Published by Jarrett Jady Yap
A classic cliché tale of a guy falling in love with his childhood best friend written in a first person's point of view.

written by:Jared Yap (Daiki25)
A classic cliché tale of a guy falling in love with his childhood best friend written in a first person's point of view.

written by:Jared Yap (Daiki25)

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Published by: Jarrett Jady Yap on Dec 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pages of My Diary
Jared Yap
You know, when you start move out of the house, you realize a lot of stuff. You realized
that your parents won’t be there to cover for you when you’re in trouble; you realize you
have to start worrying about house rent and the
car’s down payment among other stuff.
But, it took me that long to also realize, that the girl that I like is right there in front of
me. Oh hey, my name is Wesley and this is a story about how I fell for her. I’ve known her
all my life but it took me long
enough to realize that she’s actually the one, as in, the one
that I want to spend the rest of my life with. She lived across the street in the oppositehouse and we moved in about the same time. That was about 25 years ago.First, let me tell you a bit
about myself. Well, actually, there’s nothing much about me that you will find interesting. I’m your everyday average person except for the fact that, I’m
pretty much of what they would call a nice guy. You know, the nice guy. The one you call
when you’re
stuck somewhere and need a ride, the guy who would fix your computer for youor the guy that talks to you when no one seems like they would. But the thing about nice
guys is, unlike the jocks, they don’t really get the girl they like, at least most of the
but when they do, they’re a keeper.
The girl that I was telling you about, her name is Kristy, Kristy Yo. She’s your average girl
next door. Simple, kind and somehow beautiful in a way it takes twice to see. She naturallyhas silky black hair, long most of the time but she occasionally curls them or shortens
them. She’s your romance novel geek that easily falls in love but she is also very smart.
Heck, she even scored a higher CGPA than me in high school. Her laugh is so contagious but
what’s more than that, it’s actually quite sexy and her smile, you’ll feel like the whole world
 just brightens up by her smile alone. Her eyes, I just love those eyes. They shimmer like
the stars especially under the moonlight. She’s the girl of my dreams and best of all, she’s
my best friend.It all started about 5 years ago, when I was 20 years old. I was in college at that time andI was living with a friend of mine. Kristy was in university and she lived on campus grounds.We meet every week and have our weekly lunches every Friday, where we both have theafternoons off. Well, one day, my housemate, Caleb came back home, complaining about hisgirlfriend, and it went on like this.I was in the kitchen cooking when Caleb walked in."Dude, I don't get it man. I don
t understand." Caleb said as he poured himself a drink."Lemme guess, Tori?" I said, my eyes fixed on the pan as my omelet began to cook."There! Even you could guess it. Man, you understand women. Help me out here." Caleb said.
"Since when?" I asked."Since when what?" Caleb asked again."Since when do I understand women?" I rephrased his question."You know, since you're so close to them. You could chat with them easily. You just havethis erm gift with women." Caleb said."You make me look like some Casanova or something. I'm not. Look, I grew up with 2 sistersand no brothers. It
s just natural for me to understand them, or at least a little aboutthem. See, women are like a mystery, we, men are not meant to understand. You know, theWomen are from Venus, Men are from Mars kinda thing." I began my lecture as I scoopedup my omelet and transferred it on my plate."I'm listening" Caleb said."We're not meant to understand them. Our job is to just go with the flow, give in." Iadvised."But...." Caleb said."No buts. Just make her happy. You know, they said hell has no wrath like a womanscorned." I interrupted."Scary." Caleb replied."I know. But what can we do, they're the so-called weaker gender. Look who's the bullynow." I said."I agree. Say, you know so much about women, why don
t you get one?" Caleb asked."Me? No, not now. Women, is like the last thing I wanna think about now. 2 sisters, a bestGIRL friend and not to mention, my mum seems to be more than enough to handle for now.
said."You and Kristy still in best friends relationship? I thought..."Caleb asked, sounding rathersurprised."Dont even go there. We grew up together. She's practically my sister. Plus, she likessomeone else." I said."Or maybe, you do like her but you
admit it?" Caleb said."No way." I said."Or maybe? I dont know. I mean, she's nice and all, but she's like a sister to me. Plus, I
wanna ruin what we have. Why risk a friendship?" I thought to myself."Alright, whatever. Can I have some of those?" Caleb asked, looking at the half eatenomelet I made.Caleb just took the fork from my hand and grabbed a bite before walking out the door forhis morning classes."HEY!" I shouted at him as Caleb ran off.I just shook his head and grinned."Maybe Caleb was right. Mayb
e I do like Kritsy but I can’t admit it.
" I sighed.
I mean, I’ve been having this tingly feeling when I’m around her ever since two weeks ago
when she was the only one who got my joke when I told it to our friends and she laughed sohard about it, tears began to fall from her eyes. So, I decided to tell her how I feel. But,
being me, I can’t seem to be able to tell her directly. So, I actually dropped subtle hints,
but that came to no avail as Kristy only think of those as me being her best friend and all.So, one day, I decided to tell her directly in one of our weekly Friday lunches, hoping shefelt the same about me but it went down like this.
“Hey, Kris, I’m thinking of eating somewhere else today. I’ll come pick you up same timetoday?” I texted Krist
 y in the morning.
“Sure. Cya later then. Pls pick me up from my lecture hall cos’ there’s an extra classtoday.” Kristy replied.
 So, about lunch time, I parked in front of her lecture hall to pick her up. I watched her asshe walks to my car, giggling. S
he seemed happy about something. I’m hoping it’s good
because I have something to tell her.We stopped at this diner we used to spend our high school days at. It was further fromwhere we usually go for lunch but I wanted to make this more special.
“It’s our favorite diner back when we were in high school.” Kristy exclaimed as we entered
the diner.After we ordered our food, we began to chat.
“Why here today? It’s been ages since we’ve been here.” Kristy asked.
“Well, I have something to tell you.” I said.
“Oh great! Cos I have something to tell you too.” Kristy said.
“Oh, really. You first.” I said.
“Okay. You know, there’s this guy in my sociology class, he’s so cute and guess what, heasked me to be his girlfriend today. I’m so happy and I just have to sh
are this with you, my
best friend.” Kristy told me.
 My heart sank as she told me that particular detail but I had to pretend to be happy forher.
“I’m happy for you. You deserve it.” I replied, faking a smile so she won’t be suspicious of
how I felt.
“So, what was it that you wanted to tell me?” Kristy leaned forward and asked me.
“Oh, it’s nothing. It’s not important” I said.
“Come on, of course it is. You brought me here a lot when we were in high school, especiallywhen you have something to say.” Kristy
insisted.My heart began racing a mile a minute. I had to make something up.
“Er. It was just my house mate, Caleb. He’s kinda having some problem with his girlfriend.I’m just wondering if I could get a girl’s point of view on his case.” I said.
 A part of me felt relieved that telling that would probably get Kristy to not ask on the realthing I wanted to tell her but a part of me felt bad that I had not told her the truth. But
then again, I’m killing two birds with one stone here, getting help for Caleb
and coveringthe thing that I wanted to tell Kristy about.

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