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Published by notmyshit6822

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Published by: notmyshit6822 on Dec 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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'Live Anywhere' ConceptThe Jumpoffs have discovered how to live anywhere in the universe. This concept was developed byscientists after their home-world was riddled with toxins, and uninhabitable for a period of time. Anyplanet, any place, any town, any city, can be made liveable by the Jumpoffs. From constructing massivespace colonies, to entire planets, to individual dimensions, the Jumpoffs can do it all.Jumpoff SpacecraftAll spacecraft have shields, armor, tractor beams, shield bits, jump-drives, EMP-resistance, an anti-technologies.Searcher The Searcher is the iconic Jumpoff spacecraft. It's made for basic combat and criminal transport. It is alsoa carrier, and holds billions of strike craft. It's not effected by EMPs or most magics. It's primary weaponsare two particle cannons that fire a mixture of super-heated plasma, and natural particles. It has manymore anti-ship turrets that use concussion missiles automatic basic-shield-piercing munnitions.DreadnoughtThis ship is made for anti-ship warfare and the penetration of shields and armor. It has three vertically-inclined cannons that fire billions of missiles filled with pseudo-YN particles. It has at least a dozensecondary cannons that fire particle beams. From its vertical cannons, it can also launch space-effectiveballistic missiles (SEBM). These missile have a naturally enormous blast radius. While the missiles arepowerful enough to effect planets, and reach their target fairly quickly, reloading them takes some time. Itis fairly slow, because of its armanents and purposes. However, its shields and durable armor can takewhatever the enemy dishes out.Devastator This ship is a war boat-- to put it simply. Originally a prototype anti-planet weapon, it has been tested andis fully operational and mass-produced. The JDF has given it supercharged shields -to make up for itsslow speed-, and an extensive loadout of weapons. All along the ship are gun ports that fire particlebeams. It has dozens of missile turrets, as well. However, its primary weapon is the 'Stardust Cannon'.Using stardust energy, it fires a ray that cripples the integrity of less-significant planets and ships. TheStardust Cannon takes a while to charge, however-- so this weapon is usually a 'last resort' type of thing.Annihilator A ship capable of docking many other ships-- even as big as a titan. This craft is a cross between a ship,space station, and reinforcement outpost. It has turrets and gun ports of all kinds. It can implementincindiary, anti-armor, anti-shield, anti-personnel, and all other anti-weapons for ammunition. In additionto its powerful shields, it has secondary shields, and durable armors. It's primary weapons are the Dual-Purge Cannon-- named after the 'religous' era of the Jumpoffs. The cannon has two ports, both can fireYN-particles-- to 'heal', or psuedo-YN-particles-- to decay and destroy. The cannon(s) can also fire a purehigh-focus particle beam that'll pierce shields and armor of even the highest tier, as well as, compromisethe integrity of entire planets-- effectively crippling them to the point of little effort to finish them off, or tosimply 'collapse'.Memento MaoriMeaning 'The Memory of Judgement', this craft is a cross between a space-station, ship, artillery, andanit-planet weapon. Not only does it possess all of the primary and secondary weapons of the previousspacecraft(s), it also has their defenses. In addition, it has its own defense system(s). Point-defense--which is made to counter missiles and the like, YN-particle shield-- which absorbs enemy beam weapons,and high-focus energy shields-- made to defend against/counter all else. It's tetriary weapon is 'Justice'--a group of satellites that vary in size, and are capable of destroying more-significant worlds and titans. It'ssecondary weapon is 'The Judge'-- a cannon thousands of miles wide in diameter, made for anti-planetary/anti-ship warfare. It's primary weapon is the 'Cleansing Beam'-- made for warfare of all kinds.Once this touches a target, they're done. This invention was created during the 'religious' era of theJumpoffs, when they thought mass-evil existed in their dimension. Because of its power, it's primary andsecondary weapons take a long time to charge and fire, and the weapon itself can only be singular--meaning that only one can be used at a time.Shield BitsShield Bits are both an offensive and a defensive invention. They fire high-focuses piercing lasers whenin offensive mode, and absorb enemy fire in defensive mode. All Jumpoff spacecraft have S.B.s on them.

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