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Integral PVC Pipe Joint Restraint

Integral PVC Pipe Joint Restraint

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Published by vmi_dude

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Published by: vmi_dude on Dec 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Opow Novm 2007 www.ww.og/ommunition/opow 
NbalaNceD Orces thtou in  pu pipinud y hng in ow dition o in th pip’o-tion   -d to  thut. Thut o ou tdd-nd nd duing vv nd hydntopning nd oing. I thut in’t oun-tnd with n qu nd oppo-it tion o, joint ption in -nd-pigot puh-on joint wi ou. Th ommon mthod wt utii-ti in th Unitd stt nd cnd uto ontin thut inud tting o on-t thut ok nd u o xtnmhni joint tint, d ug-typtint, o  omintion o th two. Whn ony ug-typ tint  ud,it’ uuy ny to tin on o mo pip-to-pip joint on ith id o  ftting.
 Thut ok nd ug-typ joint tint xtn to  piping ytm nd pov didvntg, inuding tim-onuming inttion, ooion o mti pt—ug-typ dvi  om-pty mti—nd humn o duingmy.
Concrete Thrust Blocks.
 Thut ok  m o ont tht tn- nd ditiut pipin thut o toth uounding oi tutu, pvntingption o untind joint. a thut ok’ ing u  i it motiti dign to u it ditiutnd tn thut o to th oi mdjnt to th ftting. Th ok’ iz ndhp i dtmind y th o to tind, th pip ftting’ iz nd typ,nd in-itu oi tngth nd ondition. athough noninod ontthut ok it ooion, thi upnt v hng:
Thut ok ontutd in th fdy pit th ngin’ dign. at t,  m o ont i poudinto th tgtd otion. om y ud to pit th dimnionpifd o thut ok. In th wot, inttion w wi p nti g o quik-tting mnt hindftting nd hop tht goundwt wivntuy inftt th g nd uth ontnt to oidiy. Thi ptin d to ttophi iu.
Th oi mut   to withtnd th wight o th ont’ m withouttting ov tim. Gdu ok tt-mnt ut in movmnt o th fttingnd pt o th pipin unti joint p-tion vntuy ou.
adqut p i ny o ommodting  ok,  qui-mnt tht’ ptiuy hnging indvopd un nvionmnt.
Unti th ont ok h did,uuy quiing out 24 h, th inn’t  kfd o hydo-ttd.
utu xvtion in th  my   imitd u th oi ound
Nxt-gntion joint-tint podutpomi to impov pipin ontution,pmnt, nd mintnn.
Thrust Restraint
New Systems SqueezeJoint Separations
2007 © amin Wt Wok aoition
nd nth th thut ok n’t ditud.
 Joint Restraints.
aptn nd uo joint-tint dvi hv indtdiy in thi intodution mo thn40 y go o u with duti-ion pip.Poyviny hoid (PVc) joint tinthv n widy ud in Noth amio t t 15 y. athough joint tint imint mny o th pom oitd with thut ok, thy too hv didvntg:
lug-typ tint  uptito ooion u thy  xt-n to th pipin, mti, nd mut  intd on th outid o  pip joint.
Inttion i tim onuming nd u- jt to humn o. Th tightning o nut, ot, nd wdg i duou ndtim-onuming, whih d to high ot.
Mot PVc pip-to-pip joint tintin Noth ami don’t mt qui-mnt t oth in asTM 1674, stn-dd Tt Mthod o Joint rtintPodut o U with PVc Pip. Motpodut mt UNI-b-13,   tin-gnt tndd wittn y th Uni-bPVc Pip aoition, ut tht tn-dd w withdwn in 1996 t puition o asTM 1674. Mothn  dd t, mny mnu-tu ti ompy with UNI-b-13,nd numou muniipiti ontinuto pt tht ompin. aodingy,podut  ing md nd ptd d on piition withdwnmo thn  dd go.
Ovtightning o wdg in jointtint ujt th pip w topoint oding. evn toqu-o otommony u domiti in PVcpip w. Utimty, unvn tightn-ing o nut nd ot,  w  uo toqu-o ot, n undmin thtutu intgity o pip nd u joint iu o kg.
Gny, td-typ podut n’tutin intn pu  high tho utind y podut tht mt asTM 1674 nd n tho ujt ytm to kg nd iu. In p-tiu, tining od ontiut toth dvi’ iu.
 Th nxt gntion o joint tintttmpt to ov th viou inttion,ooion, tnddiztion, nd ogitipom oitd with ont thut ok nd ug-typ joint tint.
 www.ww.og/ommunition/opow Novm 2007 Opow 
Shah Rahman is vice president of Technical &Municipal Services with S&B Technical Products/Hultec (www.sbtechprod.com), Fort Worth, Texas.
   P   H   O   T   O   G   R   A   P   H   s  :   s   H   A   H   R   A   H   m   A   n
Traditionally, the most common methods water utilities in theUnited States and Canada use to contain thrust are concretethrust blocks and external mechanical joint restraints (top).Next-generation joint-restraint products include integral PVC joint restraints and self-restraining gaskets (bottom)—internalsystems that minimize corrosion and installation time.
2007 © amin Wt Wok aoition
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PVC Integral Joint-Restraint System.
  Th intg joint-tint ytm o PVc pu pip i dignd o pip-to-pip onntion nd mt  asTM1674 quimnt. Th unt vioni dignd o intgtion in pip mn-utud to aWWa stndd c900, PVcPu Pip nd itd itting,4 in. Though 12 in. (100 mm Though300 mm). Th mhnim onit o mt ing tht it djnt to thri gkt in th , nd th ing imodd into th wy o th  du-ing pip ing. a c-hpd gip-ing withv ow o unidition tion i
McKinney, Texas
Whe the city o mcKiey, Texa, wa aced with replacig approx-iately 1,100 t o a 6-i. cat-iro pipelie that wa cauig waterquality iue becaue o exteive tuberculatio, the utility ueda 8-i. DR18 PVC preure pipelie auactured to eet AWWAC900. Tie-i at both ed o the pipe required ultiple fttig, hor-izotal bed, reducer, ad tee that would have to be italleduig lug-type retrait or cocrete thrut block. To eliiate bothexteral retrait ad thrut blockig at the frt tie-i beyod a6x8 reducer, the utility ued everal 8-i. el-retraiig echaical joit gaket or fttig-to-pipe coectio ad a PVC itegral joit-retrait yte or pipe-to-pipe coectio.At the ecod tie-i, the itegral retraied joit ad el-retraiig gaket were ued or pipe-to-pipe ad pipe-to-appurtaceretrait. Appurteace icluded valve, 45° bed, ad a 6x8reducer. Ater itallatio, the yte wa preure teted to 150pi without ay proble. no cocrete wa ued i the job.subequetly, the utility eeded to replace a corroded 6-i. cat-iro ai ad opted to ue itegral retraied-joit abricated fttigeetig AWWA C900 guidelie to tie together a 8-i. DR18 PVC preure lie with the ew 6-i. cat-iro ai. Eve though abricatedPVC fttig are widely ued i ewer orce-ai applicatio, thi wa the frt kow itallatio o abricated PVC fttig i a potablewater yte i the Dalla-Fort Worth metroplex. Uig the itegral retraied joit eliiated the eed to ue lug-type joit retrait orcocrete thrut block. sel-retraiig gaket were ued to retrai a leeve. Followig itallatio, the yte wa preure tetedto 150 pi.
Garland, Texas
I uer 2007, the city o Garlad, Texa, eeded to replace apipelie through a bored caig beeath a apartet coplexparkig lot. The pipelie erviced 29 houe. Ater the cat-irolie wa replaced with PVC pipe, the pipelie’ dead-ed ectiowa coected to the ai lie with 260 t o 6-i. DR 18 (preurecla 150 pi) itegral joit-retrait pipe auactured toAWWA C900.The dead-ed wa reoved ad coverted to a looped lie toeliiate tagat water iue at area reidece. The itegralretraied-joit pipe wa italled through a 12-i. etal caig pipethat wa bored udereath the parkig lot. Valve were placed atboth tie-i. Caig pacer were placed aroud the outide o thepipe beore iertio ito the caig. I particular, over-iertio o the pigot ito the bell durig joit aebly wa pre-veted by aligig the caig pacer edge with the iertio arko the pipe pigot.
Integral Joint RestraintSelf-Restraining Gasket
A McKinney water distributioncrew used self-restrainingmechanical joint gaskets at valvetie-ins and integral joint restraintsfor pipe-to-pipe connections.In Garland, operators minimized the risk of over-inserting the spigot into the bell during jointassembly by aligning the casing spacer edgewith an insertion mark on the pipe spigot.
Casing Spacer Insertion Mark
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