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Nigeria Deserves the Best

Nigeria Deserves the Best

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Published by GOTNI
Leadership Clinic With Linus Okorie
Leadership Clinic With Linus Okorie

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Published by: GOTNI on Dec 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nations of the world are making great progress at such a great speed that Nigeria must not be left out. This was the major consensus in our just concluded Leadership conference inAbuja for the very best of young leaders from all over the country.We were privileged in Nigeria to host the first Professor of Leadership in the world and theChair United Nations Strategic Leadership program, Prof. John Adair. After his thought provoking teaching on the true concept of leadership, he concluded by agreeing to theviews that I have canvassed for many years that the transformation of Nigeria is in ourhands. Therefore, we must as a matter of urgency take advantage of the forth comingelection to lay the foundation for the prosperity of this nation by ensuring that only menand women of honour and integrity are elected at all levels of public representation.I have taken out some quality time to think about the current reality of the Nigeriancondition and I weep for our great nation. Though blessed with great resources, hascontinued to be known as a nation of potentials. How can we have such huge revenuethrough the export of crude yet remain at a state where we cannot fund education, healthand power. The truth is nothing is working .We are a nation moving without direction asthere is still a huge level of security concern leading to the decline of direct foreigninvestment.I never stop to wonder why despite all the negative signals in the economy, there has not been any sense of urgency displayed by the leadership ;rather its still a sense of businessas usual approach to governance.His Excellency, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck EbeleJonathan GCFR, has reinstated his commitment to a free and fair election and has gone astep further to appoint Prof Attahiru Jega as INEC chairman. Yet, the political space is filledwith Charlatans gravitating towards power and wealth, singing praises of people who aresupposed to convince the Nigerian people of their suitability for office. All these support most times do not have the foundation of patriotism. Most are just lining up behind power,fame or wealth for what they will get and not what Nigeria will benefit. The opposition is
also not tactful because I see they are spreading themselves too thin and that cannot achieve any meaningful result. The opposition must as a matter of duty organize to create astrong synergy of progressives in order to provide the electorate with a crediblealternative. This means that some personal interest must give way for the triumph of thecommon good.Shouldnt we be weeping at this moment for our nation? Shouldnt we be angry enough todemand from those running for office why they need to be voted for? Shouldnt wediscourage the take a bow and go mentality?Should we not engage the likes of Buhari, Babangida ,Okotie ,Utomi ,Jonathan ,Dara, Ribadu,Duke, Shekarua, Momodu, Gasua, Atiku to a great debate? Should not these candidates beevaluated based on certain leadership capital qualities? What are their track records interms of results? What are their character and integrity levels? Are they visionaries? Haveany of them shown any sign of service before? What definite and clear cut programs dothey have? Should we not so engage them in several debates till they sweat trying toexplain what they have to offer? Why is there such a displacement of priorities?What we need is a leader that is passionate about knowledge and has the capacity to loveand serve the Nigerian people. We need transformational leadership at all levels. We needhuman beings that will wake up from their slumber and step out to challenge thestatuesque.Why do we spend time asking the wrong questions? Where is he from? What religion?What tribe? This is just a misplacement of priority.The truth is that under this reality, Nigeria will not make progress. We cannot afford tomiss the opportunity before us to choose credible men and women to represent us at alllevels.Whenever a huge transformation is about to take place in any nation or community, thereis always a call for action. No action, no change. We all find ourselves in situations that at 

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