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Belize Real Estate an Overview of the Island

Belize Real Estate an Overview of the Island

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Published by Sanctuary Belize

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Published by: Sanctuary Belize on Dec 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Belize Real Estate:
An Overview of the Island’s Facts
Are you looking to buy Belize real estate property? You probably want to know everything aboutthe country’s culture, location and economy among other factors that one would want to knowwhen buying property. We want to help you secure a Belize real estate property so here are somefacts about the people of Belize. Find out more about the people so you would really know if youwant to purchase a piece of 
: The Background
Belize is a former site of a few Mayan city-states, which saw the end of their civilization at the beginning of the A.D. millennium. Then, Belize was the reason for the tug of war betweencolonizers Spain and Britain, which happened in the 17th and 18th century. Belize was formerlyknown as British Honduras after the British got a hold of it in 1854. Belize found its freedomfrom the British colony in 1981. A problem ensued when Guatemala, which sits right next toBelize, refused to acknowledge the new country. This went on until 1992 when the two CentralAmerican countries entered a border dispute. It was when both Guatemala and Belize executed asimultaneous referendum and went to the International Court of Justice at The Hague to resolvethe case. The border dispute and the case are still on going. Belize's main source of livelihoodand what propels the economy is tourism.Belize Real Estate: The LocationBelize is found in Central America. It is the only Central American country that doesn’t have thePacific Ocean as part of its territory. Instead, it borders the Caribbean Sea and is located betweenGuatemala and Mexico. It’s graphic coordinates is as follows: 15 17 N and 45 88 W.
: The SizeBelize has a total of 22,966 sq kilometers. It has a landmass of 22,806 square kilometers and hasa water area of 160 sq km. For North American potential buyers, imagine that Belize is justslightly smaller than Massachusetts.Belize Real Estate: The Population

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