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washingtonblade.com - vol. 41, issue 52, december 24, 2010

washingtonblade.com - vol. 41, issue 52, december 24, 2010

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DADT, 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', Obama signs, New Watchdog group, Secret Agent Galactica, NGLJA, Gay News, Gay Entertainment, Gay Nightlife
DADT, 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', Obama signs, New Watchdog group, Secret Agent Galactica, NGLJA, Gay News, Gay Entertainment, Gay Nightlife

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Published by: Washington Blade Newspaper on Dec 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Richard Socarides onlaunch of new LGBTmedia watchdog org,Equality Matters.
Special Agent Galacticashow is among picksfor things to do onNew Year’s Eve.
Bloggers urge D.C.police chief to enlistoutside help in new probeof Robert Wone’s murder.
the lgbtq community news source
 washingtonblade.com • vol. 41, issue 52 • december 24, 2010 • Still sharp after 40 years
 Washington Blade photo by Michael Key
2 washingtonblade.com • december 24, 2010
D.C. files Supreme Court briefdefending marriage law
D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles and other city attor-neys have urged the U.S. Supreme Court not to take a casefled by a local minister seeking to overturn the city’s same-sexmarriage law.In a 35-page legalbrie fled Dec. 17, thecity attorneys arguethat the D.C. Court oAppeals ruled correctlyearlier this year that theDistrict has authority toprohibit a voter initiativeor reerendum seekingto overturn the ReligiousFreedom and MarriageEquality AmendmentAct o 2009.“This case is not im-portant enough to meritreview” by the SupremeCourt because it “lacks national importance as it is confnedin eect to the District,” Nickles and the other attorneys saidin their brie.The case, known as Jackson v. the D.C. Board o Electionsand Ethics, was initiated by Bishop Harry Jackson and otherlocal opponents o same-sex marriage earlier this year.The city fled its brie on the last day such a brie could befled under Supreme Court rules.Jackson and his allies are seeking to overturn separate rul-ings by the city’s election board and the D.C. Superior Courtand Court o Appeals that the District’s initiative and reeren-dum law doesn’t allow ballot measures that would have theeect o violating the city’s Human Rights Act. The act, amongother things, bans discrimination based on sexual orientation.Most legal observers say the Supreme Court traditionallydeers to state appeals courts –- including the D.C. Court oAppeals — in matters that don’t have national implications.The observers, including local gay rights attorney MarkLevine, have said the high court would be violating its ownprecedent and possibly showing a sign o bias against same-sex marriage should it rule in avor o Jackson’s petition.The city’s brie also seeks to reute a claim by Jackson’s at-torneys that the Supreme Court can take on a case without na-tional signifcance i the lower court ruling is reached throughan “egregious error.”“In act, the appeals court decision is correct” and the“egregious error” argument doesn’t apply, Nickles and histeam o city lawyers argue in the brie.Jackson’s petition to the high court, known as a Petition ora Writ o Certiorari,” calls or the court to take on the case andinvolves a decision by the nine justices to accept or reject thatrequest. Should they accept the case, the justices would thenreview it on its merits through oral and written arguments andissue a separate ruling.Arthur Spitzer, legal director o the ACLU’s D.C. area ofce,said the Supreme Court is likely to decide whether to acceptor reject the Jackson case in January.
Mova closes temporarily;Straits of Malaya to shut down
The Logan Circle gay bar Mova at 1435 P St., N.W., closedits doors Sunday night ollowing a weekend-long “movingparty” that owner Babak Movahedi said highlighted his plansor reopening the bar in the spring o 2011 at an as-yet-undis-closed location in D.C.Meanwhile, the gay-owned restaurant Straits o Malaya,which has operated at 1836 18th St., N.W., since 1989, will beclosing permanently ollowing its New Year’s Eve dinner serv-ings, according to owner Lawrence “Larry” Tan.Tan and his partner, Ken Megill, will retain the adjoining gaybar Larry’s Lounge, which they also own, while the two devotemost o their time operating a non-proft group they ounded
Vincent Gray
this week named two gay ofcials to his administration.
Washington Blade photo by Michael Key
Richardson, Collins to bepart of new administration
By LOU CHIBBARO JR.lchibbaro@washblade.com
D.C. Mayor-elect Vincent Gray announced thathe is retaining gay television producer Eric Richard-son, a Fenty administration appointee, as directoro the city’s Ofce o Cable Television.At a news conerence at his mayoral transitionteam ofces, Gray also announced he was naminggay attorney Ronald Collins as director o the city’sOfce o Boards and Commissions, a post that Col-lins held during the administration o ormer MayorAnthony Williams.Richardson and Collins were among seven high-level appointments that Gray announced at a newsconerence last week. Others included the headso the city’s Department o Public Works, Depart-ment o Motor Vehicles, Department o Consumerand Regulatory Aairs, Ofce o Asian and PacifcIslander Aairs, and Ofce o Planning.“I am absolutely delighted to appoint theseseven District government employees,” Gray said.“Residents can rest assured they will work with myadministration to bring new and innovative ideas,projects, programs and improvements to respondto the needs o those who live, work and do busi-ness in the District o Columbia.”Gray said he expects to announce his appointeeor the post o director o the Ofce o Gay, Lesbian,Bisexual and Transgender Aairs next week.Richardson had served as chair o the city’sBlack Pride estival, an LGBT event, prior to MayorAdrian Fenty’s decision to name him director o theOfce o Cable Television in 2007.“Richardson has helped to make OCT an award-winning government agency,” Gray said, notingthat the ofce regulates all cable TV providers in thecity and manages the city’s two municipal govern-ment TV stations — Channels 13 and 16.Richardson also directs OCT’s production de-partment, which produces “human interest, history,science, health, liestyle, and news and public a-airs programming,” Gray said.During the past our years, Collins has served asassistant secretary o the D.C. City Council as a Grayappointee during Gray’s tenure as Council Chair.He has served as a city government ofcial ormore than 20 years, working, among other places,as senior policy ofcer in the area o contractingand procurement in the Departments o Health,Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Human Ser-vices, and Libraries and Recreation, according toinormation released by Gray’s transition team.Gray noted that many o the boards and com-missions, which perorm important city regulatoryunctions, currently have vacancies that need im-mediate attention.“Mr. Collins’ extensive experience working or theDistrict government, demonstrated involvement incommunity service, and his understanding o the im-portant role that appointed commissioners play, makehim well-qualifed to assist me in seating the right peo-ple on city boards and commissions,” he said.Richardson and Collins’ appointments came oneday ater Gray announced he was retaining Cathy Lani-er as the city’s police chie and named ormer D.C. Fireand Emergency Medical Services deputy chie Ken-neth Ellerbe as the new chie o Fire and EMS.Some LGBT activists expressed concern overthe Ellerbe appointment, saying Gray broke a prom-ise he made to the Gay & Lesbian Activists Allianceduring the election campaign that he would allowthe LGBT community to participate in the selectionprocess o a new Fire and EMS chie.In past years, Fire and EMS workers have beenaccused o reusing to provide treatment to injuredgay and transgender citizens allegedly on groundsthat they were earul o contracting AIDS. The de-partment later agreed to requests by LGBT groupsthat it provide LGBT sensitivity training to all Fireand EMS employees.But relations between the department and theLGBT community worsened a short time later whenlesbian Kenda Kirby, who had been hired by thedepartment to organize the sensitivity training, fleda discrimination suit against the Fire and EMS De-partment. Kirby charged that high-level ofcialsailed to properly investigate anti-gay harassmentagainst her among some co-workers. She saidsome o the ofcials also questioned whether sheshould be allowed to use the women’s bathroom atthe Fire and EMS headquarters where she worked.Ellerbe, who worked in the department at the time,could not be immediately reached to determine hisviews on the case. The city eventually reached anout-o-court settlement with Kirby during the admin-istration o Mayor Anthony Williams. The terms o thesettlement were not publicly disclosed.Fire and EMS ofcials subsequently created thenew department position o liaison to the LGBT com-munity as activists continued to monitor the progresso the department’s LGBT sensitivity training program.
Gray names two gay
officials to gov’t posts
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Harry Jackson
Washington Blade fle photo by Michael Key
december 24, 2010 • washingtonblade.com 3
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