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Greedy Souls all around

Greedy Souls all around

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Greedy mother in law drives the son in law to nuts and makes him a hermit early during the married life.
Greedy mother in law drives the son in law to nuts and makes him a hermit early during the married life.

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Published by: Dr.Thrivikramji.K.P. on Dec 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I have a story of a greedy middle aged woman to share with. This woman, lets us call her Sita lived inMangad, near Kanyakumari gave her rustic daughter, Lakshmi of about 21 yr age in marriage to Chellan,an able bodied and hard working and goodi looking young man slightly older than the girl. This Chellanalways hung around the house looking for some vacant and calm slots of minutes during the day toengage with his newly wedded wife. Interestingly, like all mother in laws Sita sensed the intentionsprecisely, and well in advance and tried her level best to prevent or avoid such encounters during daylightbetween the newlyweds.The clever Sita, used to order the girl to complete some extra chores in and around the house or in thekitchen or even in the family prayer room. Both Chellan and Lakshmi grasped the moyive, and on severalinstances Chelan overheard, Sita advising his young wife about harms due to frequent encounters andthe consequences there off which might tell up on the longterm health of the man and hence the welfareof the new family.While eating dinner, the mother in law always narrated anecdotal stories and examples of neighbors andrelatives who made it rich by good and hard work and praying to god to help out. As days and monthspassed by the fed up Chellan asked the mother-in law for advice as to how to get rich.The over gladdened Sita, told chellan that he will have to go to a remote forest lead the life of a celibate,and lead an absolutely pious and prayerful life to please Lord Shiva for blessing so that with health,wealth and fame will be his own. Initially, it appeared to be a new life and unthinkable one as this manwas only in his early thirtees. Finally the girl and the man decided that at least to make the life of Sita andconsequently theirs too happy and joyous. Lakshmi was ready to go for any sacrifice as long as Chelanhappily went through the sacrifice and the life of a saint so that ultimately everyone will be happier. Sheand he will sacrifice the worldly pleasures and biological pleasures briefly say for three or four years inorder to achieve this goal..The great day was fixed by Sita, the mother in law as soon as she knew that the young couple is ready topart temporarily and the man was ready to sacrifice for the sake of family. Chellan after a series of sessions of pooja and prayers donned in saffron clothes walked away from his home to east toward thefoot hills of the Sahyadri to live and pray like a hermit until Lord shiva will appear before him to answer hisrequests and grant them.The prayerful days and months continued through several summers and winters. His beard grew longer and thicker; his body became lean and thin and his head of hair too grew longer and even started lookingmatted. Chelan had only wild fruits, leaves and nuts to feed with and the crystal clear waters of themountain stream for ablution and drinking. All of a sudden Lord shiva appeared before him to inquire and find out why this man at the young agewas praying to Lord. In fact Devi Parvathy saw this man¶s penance from Kailash and asked her hubbyLord Shiva, why he had not taken note of this young man¶s prayers and sacrifice.Lord answered to Devi that he is a fool and living among greedy people and therefore whatsoever isgranted to him ultimately will not yield any benefit or useful result. Devi in fact got upset by the remarkand insisted that Lord may descend down to the earth and grant him his wishes so that Devi will not seethis young hermit in her radar anymore.Lord Shiva descended down to the foot hills of the Shyadri in Kanyakumari Dist and appeared before thisHermit Chellan. Lord asked Chellan "Son what is your problem that I can address" for which the answer was that he wanted to go back home to be with his wife.Very pleased at this answer, the Lord gave three de-husked coconuts and told Chellan to break one eachto realize what he wished in his mind to achieve. Then Lord disappeared.

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