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Spells for Health, Beauty and Protection

Spells for Health, Beauty and Protection

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Published by: DezereiMei's Donaire on Dec 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.talismagick.comSpells for Health, Beauty & Protection -
Fountain Of Youth
This rite is used to help you gain a youthful complexion.Place a bowl of clean water on your altar. Open a container of salt, and keeping your eyesopen, visualize the salt glowing brightly with a silver aura.Take as much time as you need,and think about the results you want from this spell. Now, using your left hand, take a pinchof salt and sprinkle it into the water. Allow the salt to dissolve. Whilst this is taking place,stand erect and contemplate your objectives. When the salt has dissolved and the water hasbecome cloudy, wash your hands and face in the water and say the following words in yourmind;
Salt Won’t Rot, Salt Won’t Die,Salt Will Only Purify.So May It Be According To My Objectives.
Do not rush this procedure. When you have finished washing, stand straight and allow thewater on your hands and face to dry on their own accord. When dry, go for a walk in pleasantsurroundings, preferably somewhere you are fond of. While walking continue to think abouta more youthful complexion. This ritual should be repeated for fourteen days. You shouldnotice changes within this time!
Healthy Hair
Used to keep your hair healthier and more beautiful.
To keep your hair healthy, have it cut during a new moon. If you cut it during a full orwaning moon, your hair will lose its shine and may turn grey prematurely. If you have dullhair try this; steal a few strands of hair from someone who has thick, shiny, natural hair. Putthe strands in a pot with a drop of your blood. Bring it to the boil. When the liquid cools,pour it over your head and spread through your hair.
Sun Beauty Ceremony
This spell helps to increase overall beauty and add vigor.
Starting the day after the full moon, face the sun on every hour and say;
O, Lord Sol, Pour Thine Healing Rays Into Me, Fill Me With Thine Splendour, Make Me Beautiful, Make Me Attractive, Make Me Sensuous, Make Me Sexual,That I May Radiate Loveliness And Charismatic Power.
Do this every day for 28 days. Say it with feeling and conviction, in your head or out loud.You can replace beautiful and loveliness, with handsome and masculinity if you are a man!
www.talismagick.comSpells for Health, Beauty & Protection -
Elixir Of Youth
 A powerful spell for regaining younger looks.
Fill a glass of water and cover with a saucer. Before noon, stand the glass on a window sill,facing south (or north if you are south of the equator). Do this only if the day is sunny.At midnight on a full moon, light a white candle. Put the glass of water on the right hand sideof the candle. Take a photo which shows you when you were younger, and look steadily at it.Believe with all your heart that you can recapture this youthfulness. Now speak slowly andforcefully;
The Fountain Of Youth I Behold. From It I Shall Drink With Confidence And With Faith.Change And Transform My Mind, Spirit And Body So That I May, Again Be Young, Carefree And Bold, And Enjoy Physical Power,Vitality And Youthfulness All Over Once More.
Now look up and visualize a fountain of pure, sparkling water. Imagine it is the magickal,elixir of life. Picture yourself standing before this fountain and see its waters immersing youcompletely. See and feel the mystical force of this water washing away all age and fatigue,and bringing youthfulness, power and vitality. Bathe yourself in this glorious feeling for afew minutes. Take the photo and place it to the left of the candle. Hold the glass of water upbefore your eyes and say;
O Elixir Of Youthfulness, Let Thine Mystic Power Renew Me; In Thy Power I Trust, I Drink In Belief, I Drink In Certainty.Youthfulness To Me Return. So Mote It Be.
Drink the water. The ritual is now complete. Do this rite for three consecutive nights.
Vitality Ritual
Use to increase vigor and stamina.
Light a red candle on a Tuesday. Now picture yourself brimming with energy and strength.Imagine that you feel better than you ever have before and recite the following phrase ninetimes;
Vitality! Vitality! Vitality!That Is The Thing For Me! I Am Spurred On By Red, Energized By Fire, Filled With Vitality, I Can Now Be All I Desire!

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