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Published by Brad Blanton
Overview of The Korporate Kannibal Kookbook
Overview of The Korporate Kannibal Kookbook

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Book
Published by: Brad Blanton on Dec 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Corporate Cannibalism is devouring the world. Our human proclivity to devour, defend,defeat and consume is consuming us. We are about to to kill off humanity by killingoff our host. We are leeching and leaching our way to extinction. A re-design of government and the economy is the only thing that can keep our kill-for-profit instinctfrom getting even more out of hand. This book is a good start on a new design.All of us are responsible for this race to extinction and good guys and bad guys are allpretty much the same in blame for keeping up the game. We humans all possess aproclivity to be narcissistic cannibals. Instead of trying to reform this fundamentalpart of our nature, let’s use it. Kind of a funny idea, cannibalism to control cannibals.In our corporate cannibal controling, hand-designed, new system of government, wefeed rich people to poor people and take all their shit and give it back to the folksthey stole it from. O.K. laugh, then. You think it’s funny or preposterous? There’smore. In the future, every penny earned in excess of a billion dollars by individuals or corporations is 100% taxed. Any individual or corporation who tries to get by withexceeding that amount of net worth, gets killed and eaten in a ritual communion--aceremony in which we simultaneously affirm our true nature and re-distribute wealthand protein from the top, weeding the garden by consuming the top consumers. Aha!No parasite can afford to use up one hundred percent of it’s host. Adjustments short of extinction occur in nature or else extinction occurs. We either adjust consciously or we die from our uninformed proclivity as takers. Eating from the top is t
he best solution
to preserve humanity by preserving our host. So we suggest the simpleidea: A Billion is Enough. Anything more is addiction, for which we have a cure. Thisis an automatic solution to global warming and many other crises. Funny idea, huh?There are six other ideas that support using our proclivity for cannibalism to actuallycorrect the excesses of cannibalism. These ideas make up an ongoing system of citizen control called “deep democracy.” Government by the people. Very funny idea!1.Campaign Finance Reform--End campaign donations and make them against thelaw. All elections are paid for by the government with the same amount of fundsand airtime for all candidates. Imagine the politicians hollering. Now that is funny!2.A New System of Justice--Based on sustainability instead of greed. Oh Sure! Ha!

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