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Dec 2010 Fiction PB New Releases

Dec 2010 Fiction PB New Releases

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Published by Amber Yce Axy

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Published by: Amber Yce Axy on Dec 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Division of Pearson Education South Asia Pte Ltd
HOME (New Cover)
Kapur, Manju9780571260652 Faber B 352pp S$16.95
Tender and funny, Manju Kapur's third novel is anengrossing story of family life amid the bustle andcommerce of the Banwari Lal Cloth Shop. Whentheir traditional Delhi business - selling saris - isthreatened by the new fashion for jeans andstitched salwar kameez, the whole family knowsit must adapt to the world outside. But can it,when tensions at home are so strong? So beginsa series of struggles - to have children, to findeducation, illicit love, or even to manufacturepickles - that will see the family tested and, in theend, reaffirmed. Very human and hugely engag-ing, Home is a tale of three generations, a mas-terful novel of the acts of kindness, compromiseand secrecy that lie at the heart of every family.
Riley, Lucinda9780141049373 Penguin UK B 592ppS$17.95
 As a child Julia Forrester spent many idyllic hoursin the hothouse of Wharton Park estate, whereher grandfather tended the exotic flowers. Sowhen a family tragedy strikes, Julia returns to thetranquility of Wharton Park and its hothouse.Recently inherited by charismatic Kit Crawford,the estate is undergoing renovation. This leads tothe discovery of an old diary, prompting the pair to seek out Julia’s grandmother to learn the truthbehind a love affair that almost destroyedWharton Park. Julia is taken back to the 1940swhere the fortunes of young couple Olivia andHarry Crawford will have terrible consequenceson generations to come. For as war breaks outOlivia and Harry are cruelly separated . . .
Taylor, Elizabeth9781844086559 Virago B 240pp S$22.00
‘You know,' Midge began, and paused. She wasrather taken aback, and could not at once thinkof anything to say. 'Perhaps there's nothing sodangerous as having led a sheltered life.' Cressyhas grown up in a world of women, presided over by her eccentric, artistic grandfather HarryBretton. Rebelling against the wholesome,organic values of her home life, Cressy decidesto leave home in search of more ephemeralpleasures. Taking a job in an antiques shop, shemeets David, a self-satisfied journalist, also look-ing for means of fleeing the family nest. But asCressy cannot fend for herself and David issecurely tied to his mother's apron strings, thisact of escape for both of them proves a powerfulform of bondage.
McPartlin, Anna9781844881901 Penguin UK B 368ppS$16.50
Once Jane and Alexandra were inseparable –sharing adventures, secrets and big dreams for the future. But when Jane got pregnant at sev-enteen, they drifted apart. Seventeen years later,Jane discovers Alexandra has disappeared andshe sets about helping Alexandra’s broken-hearted husband, Tom, to find his wife. But insearching forAlexandra Jane is about to confrontsome big questions about herself. Like, whathappened to the high-spirited seventeen-year-old she once was? What will happen if she stopstrying to control the world? And does love reallymean letting people go? Two fractured peoplecome together accidentally and in one another they find strength, friendship and even thebeginnings of hope ...
Kenner, Julie9780425237762 Berkley A 320pp S$16.00
In between demon patrols and teaching self-defense classes to the local moms, DemonHunter Kate Connor has to deal with a teenagedaughter gung-ho on being a demon slayer intraining, and a toddler son entering a tantrumphase that rivals anything from the pits of hell. Tomake matters worse, her husband Stuart haslearned of her secret life and has been smother-ing her with attention. Not such a bad thing if dab-bling in the demon worlds wasn't so deadly....
Turtledove, Harry9780451463203 ROC A 464pp S$16.00
Frederick Radcliff is a descendent of the familythat founded Atlantis's first settlement. But he isalso a slave.And when fate presents him with theopportunity to throw off his shackles once and for all, he becomes the leader of a revolutionaryarmy of slaves determined to free all of hisbrethren across Atlantis.
Willig, Lauren9780451413017 Signet A 400pp S$16.00
Realizing romantic heroes are a thing of the past, graduate student Eloise Kelly is determinedto focus on her work. Her first stop: England, to finish her dissertation on the English spies of the Napoleonic Wars, like the Scarlet Pimpernel and the Purple Gentian. But her greatest con-quest is to reveal the most elusive spy of them all, the dashing Pink Carnation. As she does,she discovers something for the history books-a living, breathing hero all her very own...
Danielle Steele New Covers
Steel, Danielle9780751543889 Sphere A 416pp S$15.95
 At twenty-one Annabelle Driscoll was the acknowledged beauty, but it was her sister Audrey – four years older –who had the spine and spirit. She had talent as a photographer; she had the restless urge of a born wanderer.Inevitably it was Annabelle who was the first to marry, leaving Audrey to wonder if life was passing her by.Sometimes she would dream of a man like her father, someone with adventure in his soul and exotic places in hisheart. The men she met in California were dull. Even in New York they failed to interest her. Only when she sailedfor Europe aboard the Mauretania did she mingle with others more like her. Only when she boarded the OrientExpress did she realise she was beginning a journey that would take her farther than she had ever dreamed pos-sible: deep into China, Tibet, the magic of the Orient and later NorthAfrica and Europe. Her life would never be thesame again.
Steel, Danielle9780751543933 Sphere A 416pp S$15.95
One woman’s odyssey through a century of tur-moil . . . St Petersburg: one famous night of vio-lence in the October Revolution ends the lavishlife of the Romanov court forever – shattering thedreams of young Countess Zoya Ossupov. Paris:under the shadow of the Great War, émigrésstruggle for survival as taxi drivers, seamstress-es and ballet dancers. Zoya flees there in pover-ty – and leaves in glory. America: a glitteringworld of flappers, fast cars and furs in theRoaring Twenties; a world of comfort and cafésociety that would come crashing down withoutwarning. Zoya, living through it all, faces chal-lenges and triumphs with an indomitable spirit. InZoya, Danielle Steel has created a true heroinethrough masterful storytelling.
Steel, Danielle9780751543834 Sphere A 288pp S$15.95
 As the stars of the screen they shared theisecrets with millions. Offstage they were ordinarypeople with homes and dreams, lives and loves,every bit as real...When Manhattan was con-ceived as a new TV series it offered more than just a chance for a network to make the ratings.For the stars involved it meant the chance of alifetime - if they were prepared to pay the price.Sabina Quarles saw a second chance to lovewhen it had seemed her life was over. For BillWarwick it meant salvation from a tangled web of unhappiness he'd been powerless to escape.Andas the viewers watched the drama unfold, theactors shared their passion and pain in the per-formance of their lives.
STAR TREK (film tie-in)
Foster, Alan Dean9781439194874 Pocket Books A 288ppS$15.95
Directed by J.J. Abrams, creator of cutting-edgecult television shows Lost and Alias, the filmlaunched the Star Trek franchise into a new stel-lar era. Going back to the very beginnings of theclassic Star Trek, the film tells how James T. Kirk,the half-Vulcan Spock, Dr McCoy, engineer Montgomery Scott and crew members Chekov,Sulu and Uhura first came together as rookieStarfleet recruits, and how they embraced thedestiny that would later send them out across thegalaxy accompanied by the immortal words:'These are the voyages of the StarshipEnterprise…' A largely brand new cast includingChris Pine as Kirk, Zachary Quinto (Heroes) asSpock, Simon Pegg as Scotty, Karl Urban asMcCoy alongside Eric Bana, Winona Ryder andLeonard Nimoy will bring Star Trek to a whole new audience, while at the sametimeAlan Dean Foster's novelization will enthrall both existing fans and a new gen-eration of readers.
Beckett, Samuel9780571243747 Faber & Faber B 160ppS$27.50
Published in French in 1961, and in English in1964, How It Is is a novel in three parts, written inshort paragraphs, which tell (abruptly, cajolingly,bleakly) of a narrator lying in the dark, in the mud,repeating his life as he hears it uttered - or remembered - by another voice. Told from within,from the dark, the story is tirelessly and intimate-ly explicit about the feelings that pervade hisworld, but fragmentary and vague about all elsetherein or beyond. Together with Molloy, How It Iscounts for many readers as Beckett’s greatestaccomplishment in the novel form. It is also hismost challenging narrative, both stylistically andfor the pessimism of its vision, which continuesthe themes of reduced circumstance, of another life before the present, and the self-appraisingsearch for an essential self, which were inaugurated in the great prose narrativesof his earlier trilogy.
Beckett, Samuel9780571243716 Faber & Faber B 224ppS$24.95
Molloy is Samuel Beckett’s best-known novel,and his first published work to be written inFrench, ushering in a period of concentratedcreativity in the late 1940s which included thecompanion novels Malone Dies and TheUnnamable. The narrative of Molloy, old and ill,remembering and forgetting, scarcely human,begets a parallel tale of the spinsterish Moran, aprivate detective sent in search of him, whoseown deterioration during the quest joins in withthe catalogue of Molloy’s woes. Molloy brings aworld into existence with finicking certainties, atthe tip of whoever is holding the pencil, andtrades larger uncertainties with the reader.
Samson, Polly9781844087082 Virago B 224pp S$22.00
Do you cover up or reveal it all; seek revenge or  just reassurance; let the truth be naked as theday or cloaked in a night-time story? The menand women of Polly Samson’s debut fiction allhave stories to tell, pasts to forget, futures toforge. Manipulative or meek, used or using, allare aware of the power of truth, deception andlittle white lies to get what they want or some-times what they deserve. Some are concernedwith the economies of speech, those little ‘kind-nesses’ which protect our loved ones but reallyourselves; some investigate the warped logicwhich adults serve out to children to keep them‘innocent’; all are concerned with the beds wemake and the lies we tell in them. . .
Scarrow, Simon9780755348602 Review A 608pp S$16.95
It's 1810, and both Viscount Wellington andEmperor Napoleon have made great names for themselves as outstanding military command-ers. Wellington expands his achievements inSpain but knows his most challenging test willbe to face Napoleon’s mighty army. But whenWellington invades France in 1814 he gains aswift victory. He indulges in a spell of self-con-gratulation at Vienna – until news comes of Napoleon’s triumphant return. Napoleon, ambi-tious as ever, embarks on a Russian campaignwhich ends in disaster and is then defeated atLeipzig in the biggest battle ever fought inEurope. With Napoleon’s power waning at longlast, Wellington must seize the opportunity tocrush the tyrant once and for all – and so thetwo giants face each other for the final time, atWaterloo...
Spindler, Erica9780751541281 Sphere B 496pp S$16.95
 Alex Owens knows very little about her childhoodor who she really is - her only family an absent,emotionally fragile mother. Alex has always feltsomething was missing and has spent most of her life searching for what that could be. When aninfant’s remains are unearthed, Alex realises shehas a connection to the case. Suddenly long-lostmemories start flooding in, leading her back to asmall town in California and to dark and terrifyingnightmares that haunt her every waking moment.Greeted with silence and suspicion,Alex is deter-mined to get to the heart of a secret no one wantsto see uncovered. As violent deaths and a seriesof pagan rituals terrify the tightly-knit community, Alex is forced to confront the terrible truth about asingle night that changed her family’s lives for ever…
Fairstein, Linda9780751540345 Sphere B 496pp S$15.95
New York City politics have always been filledwith intrigue and shady deals. Assistant DAAlexCooper and her NYPD colleagues find them-selves investigating a shipwreck involvinghuman cargo - illegally trafficked immigrants - atthe same time a sex scandal threatens thecareer of a promising young congressman.When Alex discovers that a young woman whodied in the wreck and the congressman's mur-dered lover have the same tattoo - the brand of the mastermind behind the trafficking operation -she realizes that the city's entire political land-scape hangs in the balance.
Compton, Jodi9781847393760 Pocket B 400pp S$15.95
Twenty-four-year-old Hailey Cain has dropped outof the US Military Academy for reasons she won'treveal. She has had to leave Los Angeles and itwould be too big a risk for her to return. Nowworking as a bike messenger in San Francisco,Hailey keeps a low profile, until her high schoolbest friend Serena Delgadillo makes a call thatwill turn her whole life upside-down. Serena is thehead of an all-female gang on the rough streets of LA. She wants Hailey to escort the cousin of arecently murdered gang member across the bor-der to Mexico. It's a mission that will nearly costHailey her life, causing her to choose more thanonce between loyalty and lawlessness, and forc-ing her to confront two very big secrets in her past...
Ciampoli, Max and Linda9780425229750 Berkley A 496pp S$20.00
Based upon Max Hardonniere's own experience asa covert operative during World War II, this is thestory of a young man whose acquaintance withPrime Minister Winston Churchill would lead to himbeing recruited and trained as a spy who wouldfight his own war from behind enemy lines.
Gallant, Mavis9781408808498 Bloomsbury UK B 368ppS$34.95
Mavis Gallant is admired and beloved as one of the masters of the modern short story. Selectedfrom early collections and the "NewYorker", wheremany of the author's stories have appeared over the last fifty years, and with an introduction byJhumpa Lahiri, "The Cost of Living" reveals awriter coming into her own. The stories span thefirst twenty years of a long career, from the poiseand poignancy of her very first published story,"Madeleine's Birthday" (1951), to the masterlyexploration of the passage of time in the long story"The Burgundy Weekend" (1971) that appearshere in book form for the first time. Gallant's sen-sibility has always been cosmopolitan and thesestories take us from Quebec to postwar Europe,via New York and New England, before settling,like their author, in Paris. Everywhere the book reveals Gallant's subtly penetratingpsychological insight, wit and unsentimental sympathy for the excluded and theexiled, not to mention her wonderfully wicked sense of humour.
Rosales, Emili9781846880902 Alma B 288pp S$18.95
Emili Rosell, the young owner of one of Barcelona's top galleries, receives an old manu-script written by an Italian architect about the'Invisible City' - an ambitious project dreamt up byKing Charles III to build an alternative capital cityin the Ebro delta. The manuscript tells of a lostmasterpiece by the Venetian painter Tiepolo, andthe site of the Invisible City is where Emili used toplay as a child; drawn in by these factors, he isplunged into a fascinating extinct world.Juxtaposing the eighteenth-century royal court lifeand the contemporary art world - both with a simi-lar share of intrigue, politics and romance - "TheInvisible City" is a gripping historical mystery and acompelling examination of the forces of power andlove.
Becker, James9780451412980 Signet A 480pp S$16.95
 Assessing the contents of a lavish English estate,museum conservator Angela Lewis discovers acrate full of sealed pottery jars-one of which holdsa parchment which describes the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth. For Angela, the find is a mira-cle-a written reference to Jesus outside of theNew Testament. But her discovery draws her andher husband, Chris, into a centuries-old race for the truth that they may not win...or survive.

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