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Conversation With God

Conversation With God

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Published by jas2maui
American Thinker,December 25, 2010,By Bob Weir
American Thinker,December 25, 2010,By Bob Weir

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Published by: jas2maui on Dec 25, 2010
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American Thinker December 25, 2010My Conversation with GodBy Bob Weir MY CONVERSATION WITH GOD
I was sitting alone in my room the other day, and I had a talk with God.
Me: "God, why is there so much strife in the world?"God: "My son, I programmed my children to be complex beings beset by challenges andstruggles which would strengthen them and force them to work out the problems of their exis-tence in order that they be worthy of their own complexity."Me: "But why did you make us to be so belligerent toward each other? Couldn't you have sim-ply made us love each other?"God: "Love is inherent in all my children, but its value must be discovered and appreciated.Otherwise, it would be taken for granted and ignored like an abundance of toys in the handsof a spoiled child. Love, like life, must be earned through suffering."Me: "With all the power in the universe, you could, with a wave of your hand, make everyonedeliriously happy. Why should we have to deal with any sadness?"God: "Without the experience of sadness, you would not appreciate happiness. Without theknowledge of pain, you couldn't understand pleasure. Food is most satisfying when you are atyour hungriest."Me: "Then what you're saying is that we should expect life to be difficult, because if it weresimple, we would all be spoiled and unappreciative."God: "Even more, you'd not know if you were happy because you'd have nothing to compareit to. Without hunger, how would you know when to eat?"Me: "Well, what about our physical forms? If you had made us all look the same, we wouldnot have people hating each other because of their differences."God: "Trust me, if you all looked exactly alike, the boredom alone would result in mass mur-der on a scale never seen before. You see, it's your differences that make you attractive toeach other. That attraction is programmed into you in order that you will propagate. What mo-tivation would you have to multiply if the results were always the same? The reason life is ex-

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