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Will Sing for Flash Mobs

Will Sing for Flash Mobs



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Published by Katherine Shields
Frusen Gladje and Haagen Dazs to the Scribd community from the land of tall inflatable yard Santas and palm trees wrapped in red and white tinsel! The Musician Mom recovers her voice just in time to sing at the mall with a bazillion other music lovers. Musings of a Musician Mom Op. 2 No. 11.
Frusen Gladje and Haagen Dazs to the Scribd community from the land of tall inflatable yard Santas and palm trees wrapped in red and white tinsel! The Musician Mom recovers her voice just in time to sing at the mall with a bazillion other music lovers. Musings of a Musician Mom Op. 2 No. 11.

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Published by: Katherine Shields on Dec 25, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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“Will S
ingFor Flash Mobs
By Katherine ShieldsMusings of a Musician Mom, Opus 2, No.11December 24, 2010
t’s Christmas time in the desert
! Without snow to lend 
that picturesque “home for Christmas” look, you have to
fake it with some serious high-wattage yard decorating ala
“Clark Griswald”.
In this town, w
e’ve got holiday light
displays so big that when they get flicked on each eveningthe lights dim in every casino in Las Vegas.Staying out of any shopping mall afterThanksgiving is one of the basic tenetsof my religion, along with a few otherlittle-known commandments such as
“Thou shalt not covet thy brother’s 12
inch solid milk chocolate Santa” and “Thou shalt not play Christmas gigs
involving flying angels, singing Chris
tmas trees and electric guitars.” The only
thing that will get this composting, recycling , fishing, hiking, viola-playing, home-cooking, shopping-hating, chamber music-loving Musician Mom to any shoppingmall in December is a good old-
fashioned “Halleluj
Chorus” f 
lash mob.I thought a flash mob was some kind of political protest, or one of those internet
“music teacher hoaxes”
when I got the email about this event. Still a skeptic, Iwatched the YouTube of the
Opera Company of Philadelphia’s
which took place in a downtown Macy’s store with
accompaniment provided by an enormous theater organ. It was absolutelystunning- the music, the incredible resonance, the surprised looks followed bysmiles on the faces of the unsuspecting shoppers, the thunderous applause and cheers after the music died away.In that digital video moment I became a flash mob believer.At the appointed mall on Wednesday there must have been 2000 people in thefood court; I think 1000 of them were there to sing. I dragged my two children and 
Climber’s best friend along with me, bribing them with the promise of snacks and visits afterwards to the “Game Stop” AND the puppy store.
We got our eats at Paradise Bakery and strategically positioned ourselves justoutside the food court atrium by an escalator. Actually, the place was so packed with Christmas-
sweatered holiday shoppers we couldn’t have gone anywhere elseif we’d tried.
After parking the stroller we commenced the snacking portion of the program.After scarfing two $3.75 cinnamon buns, the two boys-without a word to me-charged up the escalator. Terror-stricken, I grabbed thelittle girl and followed.I was in the middle of remonstrating with them when at11:45, a full fifteen minutes before the appointed hour,what should my wondering ears hear but
a zillion people
singing the
Hallelujah Chorus.
 In mid-harangue, I began singing whilerummaging in my totebag for thecleverly-concealed score. I was shuffling pagesaround when Ballet Girl grabbed a couple and started singing. I took the only pages left intreble clef and chimed in, not realizing that I had page 1 of the altopart and page 2 of the soprano.At this point we were stan
ding next to the “Pillow Pets” kiosk.
My daughter took advantage of my distracted state and tried to
talk me into buying a pink poodle “Pillow Pet,” using the famous“grab and whine” play. I spent most of the rests in my part trying
to wrestle the toy away from her.
For- the Lord God om-ni-po-tent reign-
that down, I’m not buying it
Halle-lu-jah, halle-lu-jah
do it NOW or you’re grounded!
exciting part was getting trapped on the second floor when music wasover. The throng of people in the food court was so huge that the security guardsclosed the down escalators. We were marooned behind a gate guarded by two

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Helen Winslow Black added this note
This is a great piece, and you're getting very sophisticated in your layout Katie, you must have REALLY GOOD TECH SUPPORT.
Helen Winslow Black added this note
Okay, I gotta say it, on page one where she describes herself as "shopping-hating," that is like SO NOT TRUE. That is like the furthest thing from true you could possibly imagine. Ever.
Abhinav added this note
'Flash mobs' are everywhere these days, sometimes we know, as in a sports bar, and sometimes we don't, like on the train, so many pairs of headphones and feet sync-ing together. Great observation on ' because if it stops, the silence would be deafening'.
mike carvell added this note
totally amazing great write thew pictures shines Gid birth right love light shines in read must respect all my stars
Paul Richardson added this note
Helen Winslow Black added this note
Missed my Friday Funny yesterday, sorry guys....wanted to post this. The holidays are such a busy time so you might have missed this in the shuffle. So here it is again, because it's a Message For All Seasons: "It's important that the music keeps on going."
Tammy Nam added this note
I missed this one first go around, but this is terrific, Katherine. I heard a great piece on NPR about flash mobs, so it was interesting to read a first-person perspective.

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