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GCSE Original Writing - My Story

GCSE Original Writing - My Story

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Published by Jack Brien
My finished piece. Enjoy. ^_^
My finished piece. Enjoy. ^_^

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Published by: Jack Brien on Dec 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Primeval: The Gryphon (Opening)By Jack Brien
The Serengeti of Tanzania can only be deemed as a majestic spectacle which exhibitspulchritude beyond my description. The grasslands were embedded with isolated shrubsand acacia trees. The varied animals roamed the plains grazing on what they couldforage. I gazed upon the elegance of the giraffes, the agility of the cheetahs, theinnocuous intentions of the zebras, and of course, the figure and ascendancy of thedistinguished, exalted, valiant and regal lion that is synonymous with bravery. As itstands exhibiting nobility and valour, its image is accentuated by the fawny mane andthe robust torso, vigorously searching for its prey. The cubs were flourishing intoaggrandized, affable creatures. The nurturing nature exhibited by the benevolent,matriarchal female lions towards their cubs bears compelling similarities to motherfigures. The land is a predominantly beige colour coalesced with the myrtle green ofthe shrubs that is a pleasing sight to the eyes. My senses were gratified. The azure-blue skies and the incandescent sun enhanced the enticing fields with its scintillating,luminous rays that possessed the beauty of a thousand Aphrodites. The view of theeffulgent, apricot-emblazoned sun illuminating upon the idyllic horizon was enough tofulfil any ardent traveller·s fantasies. However, the scorching temperatures werebeyond tolerance. The heat pierced my skin like needles. My body dispelled sweatobnoxiously.The safari had introduced me to so many captivating and enchanting wonders I·ve neverseen prior to my enthralling journey. I was commissioned by the BBC to film adocumentary presenting insight into the multifarious wildlife that makes East Africavirtually renowned. I displayed no hesitation as I·m always amenable to embark upon anylocation. However, in my prolonged career as a wildlife expert for thirty-five years,I·ve travelled to an extensive array of locations. I·ve been to the resplendent islands ofGreece, the spellbinding Coral Reef, the adrenalin-inducing escalade to the peak of theAlps, the perilous peregrination through the Amazon Rainforest; but I have nevertravelled to Tanzania within that course of time, so I was quite euphoric to commencemy adventure in this sublime country that is the epitome of high calibre.Awaiting the arrival of the director outside of the log cabin, my crew associates werereluctant to venture out into the open as they had previously experienced a perniciousencounter with a herd of gazelle as we initiated our adventure yesterday. The crewcomprised of lovable, if sometimes obnoxious characters. Today, we were preparing tovisit the Masaai tribe who were situated close to the game parks. I wasn·t apprehensiveas I·ve had antecedent experience with various wildlife and native inhabitants before,so it was of no concern that I was visiting the home of the tribe. In order to pass the
time, I obtained a cigarette from the packet and inhaled the smoke as it lingered uponmy nostrils. It was rare that I smoked. I only smoke on occasions where I·m in anervous disposition. In this instance, I was nervous due to the director, Stacey, takingher time and consuming ours in the dressing room when we were obligated to film on astrict schedule. The time began to dwindle away, so I followed my cigarette withimbibing a modest glass of wine.¶What on Earth is that woman doing?· inquired Michael.Michael was the boom microphone operator. He epitomised all that was abrasive,irreverent, impertinent and invidious. He was of short stature, quite corpulent, veryunkempt, quite uncouth, scurrilous, and always possessed a morsel of food within thepalm of his hand. The ebony of his hair clashed with the white of his dandruff. Hisvisage wasn·t accentuated by his ebony beard containing viscous, maroon colouredtomato sauce from the snack he had devoured previously. He wasn·t an effervescentcharacter; he was always morose and always illustrated his views on how he detestedhis position, most commonly raucously exclaiming ¶I·d sooner live in landfill than continuethis tedious job any longer!· I·m always contemplating removing him from the team, butthe BBC forbids me to do so. He was generally a character devoid of any endearingqualities.¶I·m attending to something. Cease your insolence!· exclaimed Stacey from the confinesof her dressing room.The director, Stacey Jonsonn, was internationally renowned worldwide regarding herproficiency of directing and her versatility. She was always meticulous and diligent, butnever stern. She desired devising pieces of work worthy of further commendation, andof course, she always did. She was hired to accompany me by the BBC as they claimed itwould ¶enhance the ratings.· Of course, I·ve noticed the ratings have been decliningrapidly due to the editors making it much more desiccate. Since then, they·ve moved toa rival channel and I now possess the independence to display what I wish. This was myfinal opportunity to repel away from the contingency of obscurity and maintain myprominent position as a household name.Stacey retreated out from her dressing room. My eyes had glanced upon herstatuesque, voluptuous frame. From the brief moment my eyes had fell upon her, I wasencapsulated by her alluring semblance. She exhibited a resplendent smile that not oneindividual could not be enraptured by. Her flaxen blonde streaks delicately framed herdainty face, her dazzling blue eyes had conjured images of the beautiful waters of theIndian Ocean in my mind, and her lips were an exquisite shade of pastel pink. Shesported a white blouse, provocatively buttoned down up to the chest, with beigeleggings and a customary pair of Sunglasses placed on her crown. She was quitefastidious regarding her appearance. I originally perceived her as narcissistic, but thatwas prior to when I initially spoke to her. I·ve since discovered she is a reputable,
congenial and amiable character. Even though she was venturing out into the plains ofEast Africa, she always intended to display her inherent sense of style. Her ostensiblebeauty embodied those of women featured in oil paintings. She never ceased to provokethe desires of any male. She aroused anyone within her path. I was profoundly besottedwith her, but I was beleaguered with the burgeoning problems of trying to establish it.She ambled nonchalantly in my direction whilst exhibiting her beguiling features.¶Are you ready to proceed, Mark?· Stacey inquired.¶Why yes, certainly,· I replied.I briefly absorbed the beauty of the Serengeti once again before I proceeded toobtain my things and perch myself in the Land Rover. A surge of excitement possessedme as I drove through the plains. Stacey insisted to sit next me as we drove; it wasquite difficult to concentrate on where I was going with her presence abreast of me.The essence of her perfume had hindered me slightly. However, I remained persistent.I repelled away from her scent anxiously and placed my head into thin air as I resumeddriving. I adored the natural, raw smell of the grasslands. There was something soinviting about nature; it beckoned me to explore it further. As we approached the gameparks, Stacey promptly suspended the silence.¶Have you seen my other works at all, Mark?· She inquired. My mind was devoid ofanything else to respond by.¶Yes,· I retorted.¶Which of my pieces do you happen to like?· She prompted. Michael subsequently took itin his hands to engage himself in the discussion with his own form of insolence.¶Are you oblivious to the fact Mark·s trying to drive?· He roared fervently.¶Address me like a normal human being.· Stacey exclaimed with utter indignation.¶Oh, do shut up.· Michael scowled.Stacey didn·t respond; she did however look back at Michael with veritable contempt.She clasped my hand presumably as a friendly gesture. I was perspiring; it was plausiblethat it wasn·t due to the adverse temperatures. She displayed her resplendent smileonce again; I endured great difficulty devising a response. Fortunately, I suddenlyrealised we were approaching the home of the Masaai tribe, so I was extricated fromthe difficulty of communicating with the graceful woman.¶Here we are.· I declared, expressing a mere sigh of relief. I emerged from the vehicleonto the narrow dirt path. Upon my arrival, I was encompassed by adroitly crafted hutsconsisted of mud and tree branches. I did not encounter any inhabitants when I firstarrived; the shelter was quite vacuous and inaudible. The presence of the tribe wasimperceptible. I proceeded to vociferate in order to draw attention.

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