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Be Witched Part 2

Be Witched Part 2

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Published by Ajanae Clark
Bella met Edward, Alice met Jasper
Bella met Edward, Alice met Jasper

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Published by: Ajanae Clark on Dec 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  Ajanae writing 2011 part 2
 Bella (POD)
I thought, Edward was flawless, breathtaking, or what ever you want to callit. Could I be interested in a human, I meanI¶m a witch for goodness sake. That would be impossible. I had to talk to alice soon,she would know what to do. I look down atmy watch and saw the time. Crap«..i waslate for history class. The thought of skipping school crossed my mind but Iwould be bored to death. When I enter theclass room I gave the teacher a fake pass andturned to go to my seat. That¶s when I sawmy angel,
 Alice (POD)³I can¶t wait to go shopping´ I said toAngela. ³ I have to get some new shoes andeverything but I¶m going to try to bring bells´. Angela chuckled ³will I hope youhave fun´ she said ³but I have a datetonight´ I stopped her and jumped up anddown ³ who is the lucky guy ange´ I said.But she just shook her head, of course Iknew she wouldn¶t tell me but It was wortha try. ³ hey I got to go meet up with bells´she waved ³see, ya later´.
have to find out who she dating 
I thought
it was only right 

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