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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Welcome to EndNote
Introducing EndNote
About This Manual
Customer Services
Register Your Copy of EndNote
Sales Information
Email Forum
What’s New in EndNote 7
Chapter 2 Installing & Upgrading EndNote
Before You Install EndNote
Hardware Requirements:
Installing EndNote
Custom Installation Options
Upgrading from an Earlier EndNote Version
Checking Your Installation
Checking Microsoft Word Support
Checking WordPerfect Support
Automatically Updating Files
Uninstalling EndNote
To uninstall EndNote:
Chapter 3 The EndNote Guided Tour
Introduction to the Guided Tour
Part I: Introduction to an EndNote Library
To set a default library:
Part II: Entering and Managing References
Search for a Set of References
Select a Style That Includes Abstracts
Print the Found References
Part III: Using EndNote While Writing a Paper With Microsoft Word
Confirm the Bibliographic Style
Part IV: Creating a Subject Bibliography
Select the References to Include
Change the Layout of the Bibliography
Part V: Searching Remote Databases
Connect to a Remote Database
Chapter 4 Introducing the EndNote Library
The EndNote Library
Important Points About Libraries
The Library Window
Navigating in the Library Window
Showing a Reference Preview
Resizing the Library Window
The Library Window Sort Order
Creating Libraries
Setting a Default Library
Opening, Closing, & Deleting Libraries
Recovering a Damaged Library
Transferring Libraries Across Platforms
From Windows to Macintosh
From Macintosh to Windows
Chapter 5 Entering and Editing References
Important Points About References
Previous and Next Reference Commands
Changing the General Display Font
Entering Dates for Record Keeping
URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
Using “Drag- and-Drop” Within a Reference
Entering Special Characters
Inserting Images
Spell Checking
Spell Check Options and Dictionaries
Chapter 6 Searching Remote Databases with EndNote
Introduction to Searching Online Databases
Selecting a Connection File
Access- Restricted Databases
What if Your Database Isn’t Listed?
Searching a Remote Database
Running Multiple Searches
Retrieving & Saving References
Import Options
Importing References Downloaded from CD-ROMs and Online Databases
Getting Data in the Right Format
Choosing the Correct Import Filter
Summary of Output Formats & Corresponding Import Options
Output Formats & Corresponding Import Options
Direct Export from Web Pages
Creating Structured Text Files that EndNote Can Import
Creating a Tab-Delimited Format
Creating a Tagged “EndNote Import” File
Copying and Pasting References from a Document into EndNote
Chapter 8 Managing References
Showing & Hiding References
Searching for References
Cleaning Up Search Results
Restricting Searches to Specific Fields
Using Comparison Operators
Using EndNote Database Indexes
QuickFind Indexes Important Points About QuickFind Indexes
Finding Duplicate References
Changing Text in References
Sorting the Library
Merging Libraries
Importing EndNote Libraries
Copying References in Libraries
Linking References to Files & Web Sites
Link a File to an EndNote Reference
Using the Open Link Command
Finding Related Online References
Data Visualization
Chapter 9 Term Lists
Introduction to Term Lists
Important Points About Term Lists
Adding Terms to a Term List
Automatic Updating of Term Lists
Using the “New Term” Command
Copying Terms Between Lists
To copy terms between lists:
Copying Terms From Other Sources
Manually Updating Term Lists
Using Terms Lists for Data Entry & Searching
Inserting Terms into References
Editing Terms and Term Lists
Defining Term Lists
Creating Term Lists
Exporting and Printing Term Lists
Working with the Journals Term List
Converting Old EndNote Journals Files
Chapter 10 Using EndNote with Microsoft® Word
Overview of the Cite While You Write™ Process
Word Processor Compatibility
Notes about Microsoft Word
Using Predefined Manuscript Templates
Supplying Information to the Template Wizard
Citing Sources As You Write
Inserting Selected Citations
Using Drag- and-Drop or Copy and Paste
Manually Inserting Citations
Inserting Multiple Citations
Inserting From Multiple Libraries
Customizing Individual Citations
Typing Citations into Your Paper
Notes About Temporary Citations
Citing Specific Page Numbers in Footnotes
Examples of Modified Citations
Changing Existing Citations
Examples of Modified Citations
To unformat citations:
Generating Bibliographies
Directly Editing Bibliographies
Inserting and Formatting Figures and Tables
Updating Figures and Tables
Placing Figures and Tables
Moving Figures and Tables
Deleting a Figure Citation or Figure List
Setting Cite While You Write Preferences
Making Changes to the EndNote Library
Finding Cited References in a Library
Editing a Reference in the Library
Sharing Your Word Documents
Working on Different Computers
Submitting the Final Paper to a Publisher
Chapter 11 Citing References with WordPerfect®
Overview of the Citing & Formatting Processes
Introductory Information
Important Compatibility Issues
Definition of Add-in Commands
Choosing Bibliographic Styles
Typing & Editing Citations in Your Paper
Typing Citations into Your Paper
Editing Individual Citations
Tips for Creating Bibliographies
Formatting Master Documents
Previewing Formatted References (or Styles)
Formatting With Multiple Libraries
Unformatting Your Paper
Giving A Publisher or Colleague a Copy of Your Final Formatted Paper
WordPerfect: Removing Codes
Chapter 12 Scanning and Formatting RTF Files
Scanning and Formatting RTF Files
Tips on Citing Sources
Temporary vs Formatted Citations
Multiple References in One Citation
Citing References in Footnotes
To cite references in footnotes:
Formatting Citations & Creating Bibliographies
Creating One Bibliography From Several Papers
To create one bibliography from several papers:
Copying Formatted References
Modifying References in Your Library
Chapter 13 Creating an Independent Bibliography
Independent Bibliographies
Using Drag-and-Drop to Create an Instant Bibliography
Copy Formatted
Exporting References
Printing References
Printing a Subject List
Subject Bibliography Settings
Examples of Subject Bibliographies
Chapter 15 Customizing Reference Types
What is a Reference Type?
Reference Types & Data Entry
The Reference Types Table
Customizing the Reference Types
Table of Predefined Reference Types
Chapter 16 Bibliographic Styles
Reverting Changes to a Style
What Should I Do if My Style Is Not Included?
Accessing Styles in Other Places
Basic Components of a Style
Modifying Style Templates
Multiple Citation Separators
Bibliography & Footnote Templates
Adding New Reference Types
Special Formatting Characters
Additional Style Formatting Options
Author List (Bibliography & Footnotes)
Author Names (Bibliography & Footnotes)
Sort Order: Bibliographies and Multiple Citations
Repeated Citations (in Footnotes)
Figure and Table Placement and Captions
Creating a New Style
Introduction to Filters
The Basic Components of a Filter
Working with Filter Templates
Navigating in the Templates Panel
Literal Text vs EndNote Fields
Fields with Special Characteristics
The Filter Options
Importing MARC Records
Rules for MARC Import Filters
Example: Modifying an Existing Filter
Creating a New Filter
Tips for Entering Tags and Fields
Chapter 18 Connection Files
Introduction to Connection Files
What is a Connection File?
Editing Connection Files
Deleting Connection Files
Basic Components of a Connection File
Editing a Connection File
To edit a connection file:
Creating Connection Files
Using Z39.50 Command-Line Syntax
Chapter 19 Preferences, Toolbars, & Shortcuts
EndNote Preferences
Temporary Citation Delimiters
Cite While You Write and EndNote Add-in Preferences
Keyboard Shortcuts in Word
Showing Word Processor Codes
Related EndNote Preferences
Shortcuts to Make Using EndNote Easier
Chapter 20 Using EndNote With Palm OS® Handhelds
Overview of Using EndNote with Palm OS® Handheld Devices
Installing EndNote for Palm OS
Installing EndNote for Palm OS
Synchronizing Libraries
Starting EndNote for Palm OS and Displaying References
Viewing Library Statistics
Entering, Editing, and Deleting References
Searching a Handheld Library
Beaming References Between Handhelds
Appendix A Making Backup Copies of Your EndNote Files
Backing Up Your EndNote Files
Appendix B Using EndNote On a Network
Using EndNote On a Network
Multi-User Database Access
Special Issues in Network Environments
Installing EndNote on a Network
Appendix C Troubleshooting and Limitations
Limitations of EndNote
Troubleshooting EndNote
Troubleshooting Connections
Alert Messages When Formatting With the Add-in for WordPerfect
Understanding Mismatched Citations in WordPerfect and RTF Files
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EndNote 7 Manual (Win)

EndNote 7 Manual (Win)

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