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Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

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Published by: sp09mba027 on Dec 27, 2010
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Foreign policy definition:
According to Dr. Raghunath Mahabir foreign policy "is composed of goals sought,values set,decisions made and actions taken by states and national governments acting on their behalf inthe context of the external relations of national societies. It constitutes an attempt to design,manage and control the foreign relations in national societies."
FOREIGN POLICY Pakistan's foreign policy has been marked by a complex balancing process--theresult of its history, religious heritage, and geographic position. The primaryobjective of that policy has been to preserve Pakistan's territorial integrity andsecurity, which have been in jeopardy since the state's inception.
new era began with the partition of British India in 1947 and the formation of twoindependent, sovereign states--India and Pakistan. Both nations searched for their place in theworld order and aspired to leadership roles beyond the subcontinent. Pakistan sought securitythrough outside alliances. The new nation painstakingly worked on building a relationship withthe United States, in which the obligations of both sides were clearly defined. The Western-oriented, anticommunist treaties and alliances Pakistan joined became an important part of itsforeign policy. Pakistan also saw itself as a vanguard of independent Muslim states.
Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  No country today can think of a life independent of other nations.Every country has to developerelations with other countries so as to meets its requirements in economical,industrial andtechnological fields.It is thus necessary for every country to formulate a sound foreign policy.Pakistan is an important third world country in its developmental stage.It also hasformulated her foreign policy keeping in mind its geoghraphy ,politics and economics.
 Foreign Policy can be defined as :
³Relations between sovereign states.It is reflection of demestic politics and an interraction among sovereign states.It indicates the principles and preferences onwhich a country qant to establish relations with another country.´
´ Our Foreign Policy is one of friendlines and good-will towards all the nations of theworld.We do not cherish aggressive designs against any country or nation.We believe in the
 policy of honesty and fair play in national and international dealings and are prepared to makeour outmost contribution to the promotion of peace and prosperity among the nations of theworld.Pakistan will never be found lacking in extending its material and moral support to theoppressed and suppressed of the United Nations Charter.´
 1.Maintenance of territorial integrity.2.Maintenance of its political independence.3.
cceleration of social and economic development.4.Strengthening its place on the globe.5.Keeping cordial and friendly relations with all countries.
Following are the principles of Pakistan¶s Policy:
.Protection of freedom and soveregnity
The principle of protection of independence and sovereignty is the corner stone of Pakistan¶s Foreign Policy.
2.Cordial Relations with Muslim Countries
Pakistan always tries to establish cordial and friendly relations with Muslim countries.Ithas always moved its concern against Israel,India and U.S.S.R capturing Palestine,Kashmir and
fghanistan respectively.
3.Non Interference in Internal Affairs of Other ountries
Pakistan has sought to establish normal and friendly relations with all countries especiallyits neighbouring countries,on the basis of universally acknowledge the principle of nationalsovereignty,non use of force,non-interference in the internal affairs of stat
4.Implementation of U.N Charter 
Pakistan¶s policy is to act upon UN Charter and to support all moves by the UN toimplwmwnt it.Pakistan has been the member of UN since the year of its birth.
5.Promotion of World Peace
Pakistan policy is to promote peace among nations.It has no aggresive designs against anycountry.Neither does it support any such action.Pakistan has always held that the internationaldisputes should be settled through negotiations rather than non-battlefield.
Pakistan follows the policy of Non-
lignment i,e to keep away from alignment with any big power bloc and avoids taking sides in the cold war.It has also given up its association withSE
TO and CENTO and was included in N
M in 1979.
7.Support for Self-Determination and Condemnation of Racial Discrimination
Pakistan is a staunch supporter of the right of self-determination and has been in the forefront of efforts to eliminate colorialism.It has advocated the right of self determination of Kashmir.
The guiding principles of Pakistan¶s Foreign Policy are rooted in the
country¶s Islamic ideology,its rich cultural heritage and historical experience.
s an Islamic andnon-aligned country,Pakistan supports Islamic caouses and firmly upholds the above mentioned principles,which hold out the promose of a just and equitable world order in which nations canlive in peace and security.
Foreign Policy of Pakistan in 2010
In modern times no state can avoid its participation in International arena. Every state have to proceed with certain policies and these policies are discussed in foreign policy of the state.Pakistan, after passing 62 years, is unable to compose a perfect foreign policy. Since theinception of Pakistan, the foreign policy of the state has been revolving around the ambitions of India. Pakistan signed many pacts with U.S.
to increase her power to tackle Indian hegemonyin the region.
dditionally, she tasted the conditional friendship of U.S.
and made a bond withtime-tested friend, China. The relations with Muslim states remained constant whereas Pakistankept on acquiring the membership of many regional organizations.The current democratic regimeof Pakistan is carrying hopes of the masses for the better future. Thus the foreign policy shouldnot clash with the sentiments of masses. The government of Pakistan should keep it in mind thatevery country, great or small, is supposed to keep its national interest supreme over itsinternational relationship. In 2010 Pakistan should ponder on following issues.1- She should balance national interest with public sentiments.2- She should enhance strategic and pragmatic ties with China.3-
dignified peace with India should be ensured.4- Pakistan must adopt an external agenda especially driven out by economic interests.5- She should play positive role in the matters of Muslim world.
³It is impossible to make an over night change in the foreign policy as it is made on the bases of long term strategic interests by keeping in view the regional and global conditions.´
Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi
 The foreign policy of Pakistan is dominated by single issue of terrorism, and Pakistan has facedits grave consequences especially on domestic level. The war waged in northern areas and the pay role of Pakistan as or front line ally in U.S.
-so called Global War on Terror- does notmatch with public aspirations. Now the democratic government should untie this knot by payinggreater emphasis on public opinion and by enhancing parliamentary input and allowing foreign policy to play its due role in decision making and implementation.Pakistan should adopt a new approach in addressing the core issues. By realizing that economy isthe back bone of every state, she must focus on economic initiatives. Inspite of having dependenteconomy, policies should be projected for stable economy. This would broke the shackles of IMF with strict conditions that are hurdling the economic progress of the state. Moreover,Pakistan must seek to stand firmly for her demand. The dignity of any institution must not bedisgraced at any cost. Less importance should be given to terrorism either efforts must be done toeradicate this effect by meeting its causes with prudent attitude and not by using military againstyour own people. Exercising force should be the last resort and government must try to negotiatefirst. Glaringly, less emphasize on W.O.T means to devote sufficient time and energy to dealwith other core areas of foreign policy. Pakistan must realize that U.S.
never proved to be agood friend off and on and kept on placing Pakistan outside from the basket of sunshine into thewintry isolation.

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