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200109 American Renaissance

200109 American Renaissance

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American Renaissance, September 2001. Can Europe Learn the Lesson of Yugoslavia?; Report from France; Report from Britain; God, Glory, and Gold; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters from Readers
American Renaissance, September 2001. Can Europe Learn the Lesson of Yugoslavia?; Report from France; Report from Britain; God, Glory, and Gold; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters from Readers

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Published by: American Renaissance on Dec 28, 2010
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American Renaissance - 1 - September 2001
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There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.
Thomas Jefferson
Vol. 12, No. 9September 2001
Can Europe Learn the Lesson of Yugoslavia?
American Renaissance
Or will it continue to buildsocieties destined to ex-plode?
by Tomislav Sunic
he drama of the former Yugosla-via is a text-book example of howmulticulturalism leads tochaos. If three quite similar EastEuropean peoples went murder-ously to war against each other,one can imagine what will happenwhen intercommunal wars in mul-tiracial cities of Western Europegather steam. To anyone not com-pletely blinded by “anti-racist”propaganda, what has happened inYugoslavia casts a very dubiouslight on the viability of multi-racialism.Events are forcing themselvesinto public notice, and the firstcracks in the belief in multiethnic con-viviality are beginning to appear. Foryears, local turf wars between youngGermans and Turkish gangs were sel-dom reported by the German media.Now even journalists in the ultra-liberal
 Der Spiegel
can no longer avoid report-ing on the “ticking ethnic time bombs”in the suburbs of European capitals.Street battles between native Britons andEast Asians that leave scores of injuredcan no longer be hidden or under-reported. News about muggings of whites in Brussels, and beatings of eld-erly Parisians have crept into the localpapers, though they are still on the sixthor seventh page.The racial profile of Europe haschanged dramatically over the last 30years. A visit to any large town in West-ern Europe will turn up staggering num-bers of uneducated non-whites, mostlyMuslims. Just as in the United States,any criticism of these newcomers isbranded as “racism” or “fascism,” butin private, there is much resentment of Third-World immigration.What brought about this influx? Ger-many, which has been the economic lo-comotive of Europe, still suffers froman almost pathological national masoch-ism and the hovering stigma of inbornfascism. This is behind the pathetic Ger-man wish to buy forgiveness through“checkbook diplomacy,” financial hand-outs to immigrants, and open arms tothe downtrodden of the world. TheCatholic Church also peddles Holly-wood-style sentimentalism about immi-grants and multicolored brotherhood.When racial turf wars break out—whether in Berlin, Marseille, or Old-ham—the liberal media and ruling elitesstill focus on unpleasant consequencesrather than on causes. They persist inthat incoherent but fashionable panacea:The remedy for xenophobia and multi-racial friction is to let in yet more non-Europeans rather than expel the oneswho are already here. Since the arrivalof relatively small numbers of non-whites causes friction and tension, thesolution is to bring in millions more!As in the United States, there is agrowing tendency among Europeanwhites towards sullen political apathyand flight from non-whites, punctuatedby sudden outbursts of hostility to-wards foreigners. That supra state,the European Union (EU), is a vol-cano waiting to explode.Russia and Eastern Europe havebeen largely spared the immigra-tion onslaught, and are now the lastmajor white enclaves on the planet.According to statistics on the num-ber of Third-World residents inWestern Europe compiled in 1995by the Catholic relief association“Caritas,” Western Europe has over19 million foreign immigrantswhile Eastern Europe has practi-cally none.At the same time, in one of the greatironies of our time, East and West haveswapped places in terms of freedom of inquiry. During the Communist terror itwas forbidden to question Marxistdogma. Today, it is in Western Europethat criticism of racial or historicaldogma can end the career of a scholaror politician, and even send him toprison. By contrast, in the bookshops of Moscow, Budapest or Zagreb one canfind plenty of books about race or his-torical revisionism. It is not to be ruledout that Eastern Europe will become thesafe haven for Western dissidents, justas the West was once a haven for dissi-dents from the East.What is more, despite the horriblelegacy of communism and continuingpoverty, it may be in Eastern Europe thatwe will eventually find political trans-parency and efficient democracy. Fordemocracy to work, losers in elections
Bradford, England— lesson not yet learned.
Since the arrival of rela-tively small numbers of non-whites causesfriction and tension, thesolution is to bring inmillions more!
American Renaissance - 2 - September 2001
 Letters from Readers
Sir—I recently read “The ChristianDoctrine of Nations” by H. A. ScottTrask in your July issue. He is absolutelyright about race and nations, and backsit up with scripture. It breaks my heartto see what is happening to our race.Whites have been taught to believe“equality” includes marrying blacks. Isuspect that in order to have a one-worldorder, the elites plan to create a one-world race, or non-race. Nationalismand racial identity must be eliminated if all nations are to be merged together.Gladys Woolverton, Mount Enter-prise, Tex.Sir — As your July cover story pointsout, the Bible clearly teaches the “cos-mic” importance of nation. I am a Ro-man Catholic. Here is what the Cat-echism of the Catholic Church (Part 1,Section 1, Chapter 2, Article 1, Subsec-tion 2, Heading 2) says about “nations:”56. “After the unity of the human racewas shattered by sin God at once soughtto save humanity part by part. The cov-enant with Noah after the flood givesexpression to the principle of the divineeconomy toward the ‘nations,’ in otherwords, towards men grouped ‘in theirlands, each with [its] own language, bytheir families, in their nations.’ [Gen10:5; Gen 9:9-10, 16; Gen 10:20-31.]”57. “This state of division into manynations, each entrusted by divine provi-dence to the guardianship of angels, isat once cosmic, social and religious. Itis intended to limit the pride of fallenhumanity [Acts 17:26-27; Dt 4:19; Dt(LXX) 32:8.] united only in its perverseambition to forge its own unity as atBabel. [Wis 10:5; Gen 11:4-6.] But, be-cause of sin, both polytheism and theidolatry of the nation and of its rulersconstantly threaten this provisionaleconomy with the perversion of pagan-ism. [Rom 1:18-25.]”It is clear, then, that the division of mankind into separate nations, each dis-tinguished from the rest by blood (intheir families), culture (each with itsown language), and by sovereign terri-tory (in their lands), is willed by Godfor our well-being.How can any Catholic support theunlimited right to immigration, withoutregard to race or religion?Walter YannisSir—Thank you for the July articleby Frank Borzellieri, “Censoring theColor of Crime.” I personally have sentat least 50 copies of either the entire re-port or sections of it to various mediaoutlets, and know for a fact it has beencensored. For example, six weeks afterI sent a copy to CBS, I received a callfrom an assistant producer seeking theNew Century Foundation phone num-ber, but have yet to see any coverage bythem of the “Color of Crime.”Warren Brown, Portland, MaineSir—I must compliment you on yourJune article, “Arguments for Our Side.”It is an excellent essay that can be aboost to millions of demoralized whites.I was also pleased to hear you recentlyon KSFO in San Francisco. You are ob-viously making the rounds, and gettingout your message.Violent crime is another “argumentfor our side.” When people mentionJames Byrd, counter with Brandy Duval.She was a young white Colorado girlgang-raped, sodomized, tortured andstabbed 30 times by six blacks and His-panics, who then dumped her corpse intoa ditch. The trial started on the same dayas the Byrd trial, but was ignored. Con-tinue to pile on with countless recentanti-white crimes censored by the me-dia. The most common response is“How do you know about this?” or“Why focus on this type of thing?” Thelatter response is particularly ironicwhen it comes from someone who has just brought up James Byrd.Name Withheld, Dublin, Cal.Sir—I find it curious that in yourAugust review of Alexander Keyssar’s
The Right to Vote
, you did not link theAmerican colonists’ declaration of theirright to revolt against the king—couched in the language of “no taxationwithout representation!”—with theirdescendants’ inability to resist the suc-cessive demands for political represen-tation, first by propertyless white men,and later, blacks and women. These laterclaimants’ demands for “inalienablerights,” make sense only in light of 1776.During the civil rights revolution,Martin Luther King even described theDeclaration of Independence as a“promissory note” for the political in-dependence of blacks. Once propertiedwhite men began to talk about libertyexisting in nature for
all men
it becameinjustice to deny it to any. With no he-reditary authority—neither king nor ar-istocracy—to stand in the way, the bid-ding war for more votes and moneydoomed the chance of maintaining a re-public with an oligarchy of propertiedwhite men. The latest chapter in thisrecord of pandering is the appallingscramble for the Hispanic vote.If white Americans ever seek re-course to a revolution that would “break the political bands uniting them” withthose who cannot be assimilated, theirony will be that it was the AmericanRevolution’s original claims of equalnatural rights that laid the intellectualfoundations for the rise to power of non-whites. Most whites cannot give up theirattachments to the rhetoric of the Revo-lution. They cannot imagine a societywhose basis is not one of equal rights—except, perhaps, for the current anti-white regimen in which
are ser-vants. The Revolution, it seems, is fi-nally devouring its children.A Tory from Virginia
American Renaissance - 3 - September 2001
American Renaissance is published monthly by theNew Century Foundation. NCF is governed by section501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; contributionsto it are tax deductible.Subscriptions to American Renaissance are $24.00 per year. First-class postage isan additional $6.00. Subscriptions to Canada (first class) and overseas (surface mail)are $30.00. Overseas airmail subscriptions are $40.00. Back issues are $3.00 each.Foreign subscribers should send U.S. dollars or equivalent in convertible bank notes.Please make checks payable to: American Renaissance, P.O. Box 527, Oakton, VA22124. ISSN No. 1086-9905, Telephone: (703) 716-0900, Facsimile: (703) 716-0932,Web Page Address: www.amren.com Electronic Mail: AR@amren.com
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American Renaissance
Jared Taylor, EditorStephen Webster, Assistant EditorJames P. Lubinskas, Contributing EditorGeorge McDaniel, Web Page Editor
must be willing to bow out gracefully.They do this only if they believe thewinners share the same fundamentalunderstanding of national goals. Inmultiethnic societies, where politicalparties form along ethnic lines, and ev-ery ballot is a racial head-count, elec-tions are not just political choices; theybecome expressions of national identity.With stakes this high, democracy col-lapses, just as it did in the former Yugo-slavia.Likewise, now that Czechoslovakia,Yugoslavia, and the Soviet Union havebroken apart, most citizens of EasternEuropean nations speak the same lan-guage. As Steve Sailer of the HumanBiodiversity Institute points out, peoplecan monitor their government’s perfor-mance effectively only when everyonehas a common tongue. “In a multilin-gual polity with an activist state such asthe EU,” he writes, “it becomes imprac-tical to follow what is going on. Thuspower flows to a multilingual elite.”This observation has relevance for theUnited States, too, as its Spanish-speak-ing minority begins to reach criticalmass.The multiethnic fray in Yugoslaviaand the potential for similar eruptionsin Europe are in perfect accord withwhat people like Noble prize-winnerKonrad Lorenz and Robert Ardrey havetaught us about human nature. Likewise,the well-known German scholar andethologist Irenaus Eibel-Eibesfeldtpoints out that one can learn to respectthe Other, only when the Other lives onhis separate turf, or under his own juris-diction. The closer one is to the Other,the greater the risk of conflict. Prof.Eibel-Eibesfeldt writes that fear and hos-tility are common reactions to the “for-eigner” in all races and cultures. Humanbeings form close-knit communities thatexclude foreigners.Assimilation and integration of theforeigner is possible if he looks like anative, but it becomes difficult if he doesnot. As Prof. Eibel-Eibesfeldt con-cludes, “with side-by-side living of mixed ethnicities, the prognoses for themaintenance of harmony look bleak.Each ethnic group feels itself underthreat by the other ethnic group. Themajority ethnic group fears being over-whelmed by the foreign ethnic group,and the minority ethnic group fears thedomination of the majority. Historyteaches that in such an environment,conflicts are bound to occur sooner orlater.” (
Krieg und Frieden: Aus der Sicht der Verhaltungsforschung
, [
War and Peace: From the Perspective of Ethol-ogy
, published 1984 by Piper Verlag,expanded version, 1997]).People who differ from each otherappreciate each other best when theylive apart. When they are forced togetherinto an unnatural union, intercommunalviolence is bound to erupt into a never-ending spiral of incrimination and ha-tred. The proponents of multiculturalismrefuse to understand this, and continueto trumpet their belief in utopia, particu-larly to brain-washed young whites.It has now been abundantly proventhat multiracialism is academic non-sense and works nowhere in the world.The safest, healthiest, and most prosper-ous countries are those that enforce strictimmigration laws, and whose citizensare homogeneous and proud of theirroots. Scarcely-populated Iceland anddensely-populated Japan are good ex-amples of viable states.Multiracialism under different namesand slogans and in different legal formshas for decades provided the intellec-tual fodder for leftist intellectuals forcedto abandon Communism. It is intoler-able for them that the multicultural ex-periment in Yugoslavia failed, and West-ern countries have spent billions of dol-lars trying to force Balkan peoples thathate each other to live together. Now thatthe multiethnic states—Czechoslovakia,Soviet Union, Yugoslavia—are gone,
Foreigners in Europe (1995)
ResidentPercent ofPercent thatForeignersPopulationare non-EUAustria723,5009.084.6Belgium909,8009.040.4Denmark222,7004.377.6Finland68,6001.377.7France3,596,6006.363.3Greece200,3001.971.3Ireland96,1002.725.9Italy991,4001.780.7Luxembourg138,10033.99.4Netherlands168,3001.775.4Portugal728,4004.775.1Great Britain2,060,0003.659.3Spain499,8001.353.1Sweden531,8006.064.0European Union18,109,3004.979.6Data courtesy of Caritas Roma, Eurostat and Sopemi.

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