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Reclaiming the Tobacco Free You-eBook

Reclaiming the Tobacco Free You-eBook



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Published by GentleWeapon
This E-book can be freely downloaded for individual or clinical use, so long as the user acknowledges in reprinting teh original publisher, Positive Changes Scarborough.
This E-book can be freely downloaded for individual or clinical use, so long as the user acknowledges in reprinting teh original publisher, Positive Changes Scarborough.

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Published by: GentleWeapon on Aug 07, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 By Garry D. Johnson, C.Ht.
Copyright Oracle Presentations 2005
1200 Markham Rd., #104, Scarborough, Ontario
 How To ReclaimThe Tobacco Free You!
Official Report
Copyright 2005. Oracle Presentations All Rights Reserved. Can not be duplicated without written permission.
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Three Unconscious Traps of Cigarettes
Hello, my name is Garry Johnson Master Hypnotherapist, I've written this report becauseI've found that in over 18 years of helping people to make changes, there are a fewimportant distinctions I've made in regards to the success of stopping smoking for good.If you’ve ever decided to quit smoking and found yourself right back under the control of the ‘weed stick’, then it’s probably because you’ve been trapped by one or all of “The ThreeUnconscious Traps Of Cigarettes”.I can absolutely say in all my years of experience, that it doesn't matter what you choose todo to stop smoking from cold turkey to Nicotine replacements to hypnosis, if these 3crucial things are not understood, and dealt with properly, then there is a 95% chance thatyou won’t quit, will find it very difficult to quit, or if you do quit, you will go back to it atsome point.But when they ARE taken care of in a complete and proper way, the numbers will work inyour favour. We’ve found that with the right strategy and support that 86% of our clientswill stop at their first session, but the future follow up sessions are where the deep andlasting changes occur. Our success rate with clients who stop smoking within the length of the program suggested is 96%, and we track our clients every 6 months for a minimum of 2years to confirm their long term success.There currently aren’t ANY stop smoking programs out there that discuss and strategicallywork toward setting you free from all 3 traps in the most effective and effortless way. Either they don’t know about them or they’ve been keeping it from you so you end up back in their  programs or buying their products over and over again.I believe in empowering people by giving full disclosure on the subject and then lettingthem choose what to do with their new knowledge. This report is designed to educate,enlighten and hopefully motivate you along your path to lasting positive changes in your life.I hope I've peaked your interest to read the entire report to ensure that you are never againcaught in “The 3 Unconscious Traps of Cigarettes.”Let’s dive into this report and look at what these 3 unconscious traps are and find out whichone(s) you need to release from forever. As we go through each of the traps you may find aninternal shift going on for you in relation to the cigarettes and smoking, its not uncommon for  people to tell me that just getting this information started a change in the smoking pattern and behaviour for them, this report will more than likely be a big paradigm shift for you.

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