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A (More) Complete Guide to the Outer Planes

A (More) Complete Guide to the Outer Planes

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Published by Ubu Roi
A guide to the Outer Planes for AD&D/Planescape
A guide to the Outer Planes for AD&D/Planescape

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Published by: Ubu Roi on Dec 29, 2010
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"Glory? Majesty? Youdon't know the dark ofit!"
More than one Planarto more than oneClueless Prime
A (More) Complete Guide to theAligned Outer Planes
by Dave King (
ady's Grace
planeswalker. I am Heregul, amember of the Sign of One and a master of the mentalarts. I've found that within the multiverse, there aremore diverse things than it seems that people canimagine. But they must, because these places exist.The most desolate wastes of Carceri, on the highestlayers of Mount Celestia, within the howling madtunnels of Pandemonium; within each of these lieplaces and areas beyond imagining. I have observed these areas through psionic astral projection,which has allowed me to travel the multiverse without any risk to myself. Indeed, beyond thatwhich has been told to us by the Guvners and the sages of Sigil lie many towns and realms, somedangerous yet some beautiful beyond words can describe. Come with me; through your imagina-tion and these words you too shall embark on the voyages that I have spent my life experiencingvicariously."
-- Opening to the Collected Notes of Heregul 
member of the Sign of One and Planar Sage of no repute whatsoeve
A Note Before Beginning
My inspiration to make this work was mainly the fact that the "Planar Cosmographical Ta-bles" in the Planes of Conflict boxed set, supposedly the most complete official reference to theRealms, Sites, and Towns of the Planes seemed incomplete. Realms were on it that had never beendetailed. I remember getting Planes of Conflict, looking on the Beastlands map, and seeing thisarea called "Zhan, the Grand Forest Beyond the World." I thought; "Neat, I'll check that one outfirst." It wasn't detailed. Neither was the "Library of All Knowledge." I've attempted to rectifythese omissions in this work; I can only hope that I've done them justice. Whole layers of theplanes seemed empty, like certain areas of Carceri and a good deal of Baator. Some things seemedwell-thought out, but there was not enough information, in my view, to really use the layers withoutsome major writing on the part of the game master. So I figured I'd try and write up a resource thatdetailed a large number of areas throughout the Outer Planes. Not all of them are based on littleone-line blurbs from the Cosmographical Tables or empty places on the map, but I hope that theonline Planescape community with appreciate this work and use it for their own campaigns.A good deal of stuff in this work is my own idea, mostly things that I "thought would be in-teresting to detail." I'd usually get an idea, think "that's a good idea," and remember it about a week later. Nevertheless, I'm incredibly proud of almost all of the ideas that were nurtured in this way(Skeletal Tarrasque, Façade, etc.). A few burgs within this document are meant to show things that
A (More) Complete Guide to the Outer Planes
really aren't represented; Anarchy, and Reprieve are two names that would conjure up images of theplane which the other is on (as in Anarchy being on Carceri and Reprieve being on Elysium). Infact, it's reversed, and it's a side you usually don't see much of, so it's in here.I dislike the term "Netbook" to describe this work; it's not really a Netbook, because it's nota compilation of a lot of people's work. "A (More) Complete Guide to the Outer Planes" is all mywork. I may have been inspired by one thing or another, but every sentence in here is mine (except,yes, I took the quote on the first page from the back of the Planescape box; cast me in chains).Also, in terms of "time-line", I've written the towns and realms in this guide to be after theevents in "Squaring the Circle," the Great Modron March, and Dead Gods. Of course, this isn't anadventure, so these factors won't be such a large impact upon the descriptions of the towns andrealms within. However, I do not take the events of Faction War into consideration; DMs running apost-Faction War campaign should revise some of the material on their own time. I don't feel thatenough people are playing post-Faction War yet to justify making the Guide based around that. Inthe future, I may revise the Guide with a little section near the end of any particular section labeled"Post-Faction War," right after "Current Chant," in the appropriate sections, should there be enoughdemand for it. Let me know what you think by email.Yes, and I know that I haven't added anything to the Outlands. In my opinion, the Outlandshas enough realms and sites cluttering it up as of now. In the future, I may add to it, but as of now,it remains empty (to this guide, at least).I plan to update this Guide every month or so, with each revision including a new realm perplane or something like that. Then again, I may just publish this right now and then cast it intoLimbo. Depends on how I feel, really. Eventually, I may add in-character stories, rumors, and liesabout various sites that have already been established. Also, I'm aware of the fact that though Ihave sections titled "Maps" and "Monstrous Supplement," both of which only have one entryapiece. Big sodding deal. If I see a need to add something, I will. Otherwise, it will remain empty.I will maintain an HTML copy of this "Netbook" at the following Internet address:http://home.worldnet.att.net/~heregul. The copy of the "Netbook" on my site should be updated as(if/when) I add new items to it, so it should be more current than this document you're reading rightnow.By the way, this "Netbook" looks best if you have installed the Exocet font, like mostPlanescape things.
A (More) Complete Guide to the Outer Planes
Copyright Notice and LegalStuff
I'd like to take this space to say that A
, AD&D, D
, M
, P
, the Lady of Pain logo, and the TSR logo areregistered trademarks of TSR, Inc. M
is a trademark owned by TSR, Inc. AllTSR characters, character names, and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TSR, Inc.TSR Inc. is a subsidiary of Wizards of the Coast, Inc.In addition, this "Netbook" (for want of a better word) is all © 1999 by Dave King("Heregul"). You may not alter this document and redistribute it without my consent. However,you may distribute it to your heart's content, which includes printing it and passing it around andputting it up on your web space. It's a good thing to put this out where more people can see it, justplease don't alter this without asking me first. Material within this work is based on material origi-nally presented in Planes of Chaos, Planes of Law, and Planes of Conflict, all © 1999 by TSR, Inc.,and is meant as a supplement and not a replacement. This "Netbook" is not supported in any wayby TSR, Inc., Wizards of the Coast, or any of their associates. In no way does Dave King("Heregul") work for TSR, Inc. or Wizards of the Coast. In no way shall Dave King ("Heregul") beliable for any damage incurred by this publication, including but not limited to: paper cuts, repeat-edly bashing someone over the head with it, or any mental trauma. Yadda yadda yadda, blah blahblah. You get the idea.

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