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Fly the Red

Fly the Red

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Published by eliyahy

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Published by: eliyahy on Dec 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fly the Red,Black and Green
ByEliyah X.,
The Afrikan/Black People of Love
 28 December 2010
In Chicago, Illinois, you can always tell when the time for theIndependence Day Parade is at hand. Leading up to the Paradered, white and blue flags with the stars begin to appear allacross the city, particularly in those neighborhoods with heavyIndependence populations. And on the day of the Parade theAmerican European Flags are in evidence everywhere, on cars,flagpoles, in the windows and on the porches of people's homesand adults and children carry banners or little flags to theParade. At least once a year, the whole city is aware of theAmerican European Pride!For the past year, I have been promoting the idea, that as anact of self-determination, Afrikan/Black people in this countryand Global Wide should declare The
Red, Black and GreenFlag as our Universal Afrikan/Black Flag. August 17 of thisyear will mark the 124" birthday of Marcus Garvey, one of themost visionary, courageous and audacious Afrikan/Black leaders the race has ever produced. A devoted Pan-Afrikan/Black Nationalist, dedicated to breathing life into and
reconnecting the disjointed, disoriented, dry bones of a greatpeople beaten down and disconnected by the enslavement,colonialism and rampant racial oppression, Garvey built theUniversal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) to carry outhis vision of Afrikan/Black redemption.Garvey's vision was simple and ambitious - Africa, theancestral homeland of the Black race and the progenitor andcradle of human life and civilization, should be reclaimed,resurrected and reconstructed by the Afrikan/Black people, asthe anchor and base for global Black power. He proclaimed,“Europe for the Europeans, Asia for the Asians, and Africa forthe Africans at home and abroad." Keenly aware of the need touplift the spirits of a battered and downtrodden Afrikan/Black Nation, Garvey's prescription for Afrikan/Black sickness was aheavy dose of History and Culture to inspire Black people toengage in the struggle for freedom and self-determination. Hewas a spellbinding orator whose lively litanies on the greatachievements of Afrikan/Black people throughout history werea source of new hope for millions of Africans in this countryand the world. "Up you mighty race," he would often say,"You can accomplish what you will."Another of Garvey's formula for the psycho-culturalrehabilitation of Afrikan/Black people, for him, was theimportant to have a flag that would represent all AfrikaansGlobal Wide. The function of this flag would be, as Garvey sawit, is to capture the essence of the history and culture of US asan Afrikan/Black Nation and serve as a unifying
 Afrikan/Black body of people (meaning working for the well being of all and not self. One must be willing to lay their lifedown if they would receive this New and Greater Life)
” whichwould be a symbol of our aspirations.
Garvey was determined that his Afrikan/Black people wouldhave a flag with such a purpose and meaning. I know, one of his greatest gifts (and most enduring legacies to (US) anAfrikan/Black Nation and Family) is sometimes referred to asthe "Black Liberation Flag," the Red, Black and Green. Ourancestor Garvey saw;the Color Red as a symbol of the bloodthe Suffering and Sacrifice of us an Afrikan/Black peoplehistorically. The Color Black for us the Afrikan/Black Nationand all of our historical triumphs and achievements.TheColor Green for our Afrikan/Black Motherland that must WEmust reclaimed, so that we may give life and nourishment toour Afrikan/Black family on the continent and in the diaspora.What a magnificent gift to our Afrikan/Black Nation.Unfortunately, far too many Afrikan/Black people in thiscountry and the Globe have little or no knowledge about theFlag or its innovator, the Honorable Mucus Garvey. Thiscondition urgently needs correction. As Carter G. Woodson,who is the father of Black History Month, might put it, there isno greater impediment to Black progress than the mis-education or lack of education of Afrikan/Blacks. Dr. MaulanaKarenga, the creator of Kwanzaa has repeatedly warned thatthe "key crisis in the Black life is the cultural crisis." If Afrikan/Black people are to fulfill Garvey's vision (andhopefully yours) of Afrikan/Black redemption, it is imperativethat we cultivate a greater consciousness and appreciation forour history and our culture, heroes and heroines and thechallenges we face in rescuing and restoring the race into the22st century.I can think of no more worthy initiative than to have US as anAfrikan/Black people Global Wide recognize the RED,BLACK & GREEN FLAG as the Universal Afrikan/Black Flag

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