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Scrolls Wands Items Errata

Scrolls Wands Items Errata

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Published by Canageek

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Published by: Canageek on Dec 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scroll------- (ver3.x/ver4.0) Only spellcasters may use scrolls- (ver3.x/ver4.0) As long as the spell is able to be cast by the spellcaster atsome point, the spell can be cast from the scroll regardless of spellcaster level; Blood Boil (level 13 black mage spell) can be cast from the scroll by a level2 black mage. If the spell is NOT able to be learned by the caster at some point, the spell CANNOT be cast from the scroll.- (ver3.x/ver4.0) Once the spell is cast / memorized, it fades from the scroll even if the spell check is unsuccessful.- (ver3.x/ver4.0) As the spell is being cast from the scroll, no Change Spell check is needed.- (ver3.x/ver4.0) It is possible that it might take an action to pull a scroll from a case (or wherever) if the character isn't already holding the scroll in hand (GM determine).- (ver3.x/ver4.0) If you have multiple scrolls, they can be used in successive rounds regardless of cooldown.Quote from: Scroll ExampleCreeping up on two goblin guards, a level 2 black mage pulls out a scroll with the Sleep spell (level 5) inscribed on it. The combat would proceed as follows:Round 1 - Mage casts Sleep directly from scroll (even though the mage is level 2, the spell is able to be learned at level 5); both creatures fall to the ground, asleep (Check successful; spell fades from scroll)Round 2 - Mage's party finishes off goblinsItems------ (v3.x / v4.0) With an item that has a spell effect, it can be cast by any person that wields the item.- (v3.x / v4.0) Casting a spell from an item is a normal action. That is to say, you can't attack AND cast a spell in the same round.- (v3.x / v4.0) The spell is cast with a SP / TA check value of 10. Spellcasters may use their SP / TA, if higher.- (v3.x ONLY) The item will allow a spellcaster who ALREADY KNOWS the spell contained within the item to cast that spell without a Change Spells check. See theWands section for further information.- (v4.0 ONLY) Unless specifically stated in the item description, the item doesNOT function as wand. That is to say, there is no instant recall of spells.- (v3.x / v4.0) Normal cooldown rules apply for the given spell in the item.-(v3.x / v4.0) An item that grants a talent adds +1 rank to that talent, EVEN IFthe talent is already maxed. If the character does not have the talent he gains the talent with 1 rank.- (v3.x / v4.0) Multiple items containing spells may be equipped at any given time.Quote from: Item ExampleA sword is found with the spell Lightning contained within. The spell has a cooldown of one. The fighter in the group decides he will keep the sword. The next combat could proceed as follows:Round 1 - Fighter casts Lightning from the sword with a check value of 10 (as his TA is an abysmal 3). The check succeeds.Round 2 - Fighter attacks normally (Lightning cooldown).Round 3 - Fighter casts lightning from sword.Round 4 - Fighter attacks normally (Lightning cooldown).Round 5 - Repeat until mob is dead.A mage comes into possession of the same sword. In this case, the mage has already learned the lightning spell and happens to have it active going into battle.The combat could proceed as follows:
Round 1 - Mage casts Lightning from memoryRound 2 - Mage casts Lightning from sword using the mage's more respectable TA of 14 (Lightning from memory cooldown).Round 3 - Mage casts Lightning from memory (Lightning from sword cooldown).Round 4 - Mage casts Lightning from sword (Lightning from memory cooldown).Round 5 - Repeat until mob is dead.If the mage did NOT already know the Lightning spell, he could still cast the spell from the sword while casting a different spell from memory (i.e. arrow of light).Wands------ (ver3.x / ver4.0) A wand is only usable by a spellcaster.- (ver3.x / ver4.0) A wand does NOT function like an item. That is to say, there is not a spell contained WITHIN the wand. The wand operates more as a focus or instant recall device.- (ver3.x / ver4.0) Normal cooldown rules for the given spell apply.- (ver3.x / ver4.0) If the wand spell is known by the caster, the spell may be cast without a Change Spells check. If the spell is NOT known by the spellcaster, then the wand does nothing.- (ver3.x / ver4.0) Essentially, the wand allows another spell to be recalled instantly WITHOUT affecting the spell already activated.- (ver3.x / ver4.0) If the GM approves, dual-wielding wands is perfectly acceptable. This will give a possible 3 spells (2 through wand, 1 active in memory) that can be instantly recalled. Only one spell is able to be cast per round.Quote from: Wand ExampleA wand of Fireray is found by a mage. The spell has a cooldown of 0. The magealready knows Fireray and decides to keep a stronger spell (chain lightning; cooldown of 5) active in memory. The combat could proceed as follows:Round 1 - Chain lightning (active in memory)Round 2 - Fireray (no Change Spell check needed as allows casting without a Change Spell check; chain lightning cooldown)Round 3 - Fireray (chain lightning cooldown)Round 4 - Fireray (chain lightning cooldown)Round 5 - Fireray (chain lightning cooldown)Round 6 - Fireray (chain lightning cooldown)Round 7 - Chain lightning (active in memory; active spell in memory doesn't change because of wand)Round 8 - Repeat until mob is deadAlternatively, the mage decides to switch between spells while using the wand.The combat could proceed as follows:Round 1 - Chain lightning from memoryRound 2 - Change Spells to Lightning (Chain lightning cooldown; Change Spells success)Round 3 - Lightning (chain lightning cooldown)Round 4 - Fireray (no Change Spell needed as allows casting without a Change Spell; chain lightning cooldown; lightning cooldown)Round 5 - Lightning (active in memory; active spell in memory doesn't change because of wand; chain lightning cooldown)Round 6 - Change Spells to Chain Lightning (Chain Lightning cooldown; Change Spells Success)Round 7 - Chain LightningRound 8 - Repeat until mob is deadSpells (this section is being added to here and there as more clarifications come in)------

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