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Car Collector Chronicles 01-11

Car Collector Chronicles 01-11

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Published by Dave Yaros
Jan 2011 edition (01/2011, 5 pgs.) of Car Collector Chronicles; a free monthly, ad free newsletter for the classic/collector car enthusiast.

Car Collector Chronicles -THE FORUM, Fate of Our Rides, Oldsmobilography and Other Reads, Photo Page

1948 Crosley, 1964 AMC Clipper, Mystery Ride

Car Collector Chronicles 01011.pdf
Jan 2011 edition (01/2011, 5 pgs.) of Car Collector Chronicles; a free monthly, ad free newsletter for the classic/collector car enthusiast.

Car Collector Chronicles -THE FORUM, Fate of Our Rides, Oldsmobilography and Other Reads, Photo Page

1948 Crosley, 1964 AMC Clipper, Mystery Ride

Car Collector Chronicles 01011.pdf

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Published by: Dave Yaros on Dec 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume IV, Issue I
can, and shall,become a better pub. Hopefully,through use of the forum we can allget to know one another better,learn and reap even more enjoymentout of our mutual obsession?
See you on the forum!
It is with extreme pleasurethat I announce the creation of 
Car Collector Chronicles
. This site providesyou a means to interact elec-tronically with me, fellow read-ers and the many fans of oldrides. Feel free to make use of the forum to talk about anythingyou have come across on thepages of 
and anythingpertaining to car collecting.
Car Collector Chroni-cles
? BecauseI never intended, nor do I want,
to be a one-way street. Iam by no means the font of allknowledge when it comes tocar collecting. If anything, I ambut a mere novice. I know weall can, and will, benefit from thesharing of our experiences.I encourage you to indeed feelfree to make use of the forumto bring anything collector carrelated to our attention. Use itto ask questions, or tell usabout yourself, your ride(s).and interests. Think of theforum as your place to meetand communicate with otherswho share our passion.There are a number of dedicated sections on theforum. Use of them will assistin getting your message in frontof those most interested inwhat you have to say.All I ask is, enter nothing youwould not want your teenagerto see. As the forumadministrator, I shall exercisecontrol over the delete button.You will find links to theforum at the bottom of thispage, and in the
“Ok, I’ve had my say …” 
paragraph which closeseach issue. For those who wantit, the actual web address ishttp://ccc.activeboard.com/ I do hope you find the forumof interest and value. My realhope is that you will make useof it regularly. With your active
Car Collector Chronicles 
on the Web
Find GDYNets on the web:
-THE FORUM http://ccc.activeboard.comCar Collector Chronicles-scribdSaved 62 -1962 Olds web sitehttp://www.freewebs.com/ jeandaveyarosThe Gray Lady -
1955 CadillacCoup
de Ville web site
A website devotedto our 1962 Oldsmobile Dy-namic 88 convertible. The sitealso has a lot of information onOldsmobiles and its founder,Ransom Eli Olds.
This web-site features our 1955 CadillacCoupé de Ville and Caddy in-formation.
A website de-voted to a myriad of interests.Foremost is extensive informa-tion on the “Steel City” of Gary,IN. There are also offerings onsteel making, U.S. Steel-GaryWorks, U.S. Marine Corps, M14assault rifle, of course Oldsmo-bile, and the tragic story of themurder of Gary, IN Police Lt.George Yaros.
 January 2011Car Collector Chronicles
Car Collector Chronicles 
Car Collecting Today
Classic Rides
Reports From the Field
(1902- )
é (1987-1993)
Car CollectorChronicles
GDYNetsOn the Web
Fate of Our Rides
Oldsmobilographyand Other Reads
Coming NextIssue
Forum EMail:
With the dawn of 2011, our Allanté, Oldsmobile and Coupé de Villebecame 19, 49 and 56 years young, respectively. Meanwhile, yourstruly becomes a Medicare enrollee!It does make one stop and think. In the year 2025, who will remem-ber, let alone be interested in, the Oldsmobile offerings of 1962? Areour rides, like their owners, doomed to become relics?Not long ago I saw message traffic on the net between a recent seller and buyer of a ‘55 Caddy. The seller was highly upset that the buyer was already thinking of putting the car on the market. He openly statedhe regretted having sold it to the buyer, and proclaimed he would nothave done so had he known the ride was going to be placed in thehands of some unknown third person. The degree of emotional attach-ment to the driving machine was more than evident, to say the least!I have a sticker on my car barn lift that reads:
“If I am going to Hell,I’m going in an Oldsmobile!” 
Fact is, I shall go wherever it is so or-dained, and the Olds will remain here. How do we assure our rides arepassed on to someone who will appreciate and lavish attention onthem? This predicament is particularly troublesome for those (like me)without children or relatives interested in vintage iron.Alas, it is a definite conundrum that awaits resolution. Your ideas?
Would I be amiss in stating that car collector folk tend to devour any-thing and everything they can get their hands on related to their ridesand the hobby? I plead guilty to such. My first interest is in Olds; notonly the car, but the man behind creation of the vehicle.For any Oldsmobile fan, the book you must have/read is
Setting thePace: Oldsmobile’s First 100 Years
by Helen Earley Jones and JamesR. Walkinshaw (1996) 496 pgs. It is the definitive work on Oldsmobilemotor vehicles. Not only does it provide a history of the company, it hasthe car data you want. How many 1962 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 con-vertibles left the plant? The number is there. How long is the car? Themeasurement is provided. You get the idea. If you see a copy any-where, do latch on to it! You won’t regret the expenditure.One of the factors that makes Oldsmobile a marque of note is the manhimself, Ransom Eli Olds. There are a few biographies on Olds out
Car Collector Chronicles
Page 2
In the year 2025, who will remember, let alone beinterested in,theOldsmobileofferings of 1962?” 
there. Some are authorized, some are not. All are out-of-print andmake for interesting reading. The two of which I know of, and have, are
R.E. Olds: Auto Pioneer 
by George S. May (1977) 458 pgs., and
 AutoPioneering: A Remarkable Story of Ransom E. Olds
by Duane Yarnell(1949) 212 pgs.Both works make two salient points about R. E. Olds: 1- He was aninveterate tinkerer, of the hands on variety. 2- He was not a good busi-nessman.In fact, he may have had what we now diagnose as ADHD? I makesuch presumption predicated on the fact that once he completed a pro- ject, his interest in its continued development waned rapidly. Cases inpoint: Within seven short years after having created his automobile, heleft Olds Motor Works. Within a year he was making and selling REOs,and in fact soon outselling the Olds Motor Works! Having bested hisformer company, he ceased active involvement in REO Motors after only a decade at the helm.Other works on Olds of which I am aware are:
Ransom E. Olds: America's First Automotive Pioneer 
Daniel Alef (Kindle eBook - 2009);
R. E. Olds and Industrial Lansing 
Michael Rodriguez (Paperback -2004);
The Automotive Career of Ransom E. Olds
Glenn A Niemeyer (1963) 233 pgs.;
Metta and R. E. Olds: Loves, Lives, and Labors
 Patricia E. Heyden (Paperback - 1997) 96 pgs.;
Oldsmobile: RansomE. Olds: REO Motor Car Company, Oldsmobile Curved Dash, List of  Automotive Superlatives, In My Merry Oldsmobile, 20th Century Limited,Oldsmobile 88 
Surhone, Timpledon, Marseken Editors [Paperback-2010] and
R.E. Olds--Benefactor to the Holy Lands
Rajee Tobia (1965).The
Metta and R. E. Olds:
work sounds like it would be interesting?Speaking of Ransom; evidently he was so rich he could print his ownmoney? Note the signature in the bottom, right-hand corner.
T]wo salient  points about R.E. Olds:1- He was aninveteratetinkerer, of thehands onvariety. 2- Hewas not a good businessman.
Car Collector Chronicles
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