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rough draft of I come floating by

rough draft of I come floating by

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Published by: IAMINFINITELOVE on Dec 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I come floating by inside of two four sided pyramids of light vertically diametrically intersected. "Hi! What's up? Yeah, I just started test driving my Mer-Ka-Ba around.""What is a Mer-Ka-Ba?" you ask me. Most of you."Vehicle light body. As above, so below, ad infinum. Those whom have eyes, letthem see. And I got a extra one, for you to journey with me. I have a purposewhich will become clear if you so choose.""Where are we going?" you ask me. Most of you."Inside of your infinitely multidimensionally self. Yet, even a journey of unlimited steps begins with the first, within the context of recreation of All-That-Is.""How is this Mer-Ka-Ba going to work? And how did you get an extra one?" you ask me.I reply, "I will answer these questions, but first you must click on the link below.""Why?" you ask."So we can get of my facebook account and get onto my scribd.com account where Ihave the rest of this in a document form."(link)"Remember when I said our holy light flows where we place our attention, thuslyactivating or imbuing what ever thought, thought form, or physical expression with ever greater light we place our focus on? My holy light is imbuing the sacred geometrical forms that I have imagined for us in this fictional vector of etheric reality, and inducing a color, sound, and other vibrations that enables multidimensional travel.""Okay. Now what?""Let us imagine we are inside our Mer-Ka-Ba's, and side by side within your rootchakra. "Gradually expressing from the void around the two Mer-Ka-Ba vehicles in our imagination, a red spinning floweresce spherical ball of energy is around us."With our intention and asking for support from the archangels of love and light, let us clear whatever hinders the expression of this chakra's light. And so it is." I state. "Remeber when I said that if we, with our holy attention light,activate thought-forms that connect us with aspects of All-That-Is that vibratehigher than the unit of consciousness we are currently experiencing our selvesas through visualizations and affirmations, we induce a stream of holy light returning to us? Now that we have done this with your root chakra, we have createda greater energetic expression of your root chakra."You ask me, "Now what? My ego is starting to tell me I am bored and this is ofno benefit.""Okay, wait, please. We are just getting started. This is going to be a lot offun. I promise. Will you just hang on for a little bit longer? And as you breath intend prana to flow into you, and then release all that hinders you.""We are going to spin together and create huge spiralling quantum light tunnelsthru your chakras, all the way up to the one above the crown chakra.""My chakra's already have tunnels that connect them," you state."Yes, they have quantum trails blazed by your various magical experiences you have attained in this life time, but they could always become greater and more facilitative of energetic flow with our intention and visualization. With you and me spinning upwards in our Mer-Ka-Ba's, we are like a screw driver, tunneling a ascending spiral of light trails."I ask you, "which direction do you suppose we spin?"And I agree with your assessment.We begin spinning our Mer-Ka-Kas in unison, once hitting optimal speed, begin pushing upward, as bright powerful tools possessed by spiritual consciousness, laying down unprecedentedly huge tunnels of and for light, until we hit your navelchakra, continuing to spiral upward gradually and flow thru the center of the spinning floweresce spherical ball of energy, while doing so, state together,"With our intention and asking the arch angels of love and light for support, le

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