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Why Cell Phone Towers Are So Bad for Your Health?

Why Cell Phone Towers Are So Bad for Your Health?

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Published by Dr. Sirish
This document reviews the public health effects associated with the people living in the vicinity of the cell phone towers.
This document reviews the public health effects associated with the people living in the vicinity of the cell phone towers.

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Published by: Dr. Sirish on Dec 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Dr. M. Sirish http://drsirish.blogspot.com
Why Cell Phone Towers Are So Bad For Your Health?
 Review -Dr. M. Sirish
Cell phones heat the brain while users make andreceive calls. Cell phones scramble the brain and playhavoc with the nervous system. It could cause highblood pressure, which leads to strokes. If cell phonesare used for longer periods of time, they can damagelong-term memory and even cause brain tumor [1-2].On the other hand, cell towers are considered moreharmful to people particularly those living within theradius of 500 metres as they continuously emitelectromagnetic radiation (EMR) 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and 365-days an year [3-5]. Towers emitradiofrequencies (RF), a form of EMR, for a distanceas large as two miles and essentially thesame frequency radiation as microwaves andmicrowave ovens. Low levels of radiation emitted bymobile phone towers are harmful. Scientists at theSchool of Public Health of Harvard University say thatthe radiation from cell phone towers is a serious healthhazard [6]. Studies have shown that low levels of radiation can cause brain tumor, cancer, depression,miscarriage, insomnia and Alzheimer’s disease, apartfrom damaging cell tissues and the DNA. People willhave disturbed sleep and headache. Immune systemcould be affected [7-13]. The nearby apartments couldbecome very hot. Television displays could showflickering images. Massive increase in radiation in theenvionment due to these towers has also been linked toincrease in the incidence of diseases such as asthma,learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, attention deficitdisorder, autism, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateralsclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy,fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, cataracts,hypothyroidism, diabetes, malignant melanoma,testicular cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Accordingto Dr. Howard Fischer, a Toronto-based researcher andclinician, "though the radiation one is exposed toduring a mobile phone call is 10 times higher thanexposure from a cell tower, just standing in a wi-fienabled area is equal to talking on your mobile for 20minutes [14].
everal studies as well as the newspaper reports in therecent past shows the desperation of people who wantsto escape this health hazard. Low-level microwaveshave a cumulative effect on cancer promotion as well.To study the effects of cell tower antenna blood testswere done to check neutrophil level of public near celltower antenna. It was found that neutrophil leveldropped to 3 or below, while the average level of general population neutrophil level is 5 to 9. If a personmoved bedrooms to an area in their home away fromthe mast the neutrophils are seen increasing and whenthose people spend time away from the area, it wasseen returning to the average general population level.Also a German study conducted on people living closerto cell tower transmitters revealed that people livingwithin 400 metres radius from the tower were exposedto radiation levels 100 times greater than those living infar off places. Based on such studies scientists haverecommended that the cell tower antenna should be atleast 500 metres away from the inhabited properties.People who are living near 400-500 metres to mobiletowers should get their houses tested for radiation andtake appropriate precautions. A study conducted inPoland between 1970 and 1990 among soldiersexposed to microwave radiation largely through usingmilitary equipment has shown that the mobile users aremore likely to develop a whole range of cancers 10years earlier than those who had not been exposed [15].Their exposure to microwave radiation is the same asthat emitted by the mobile phones. The majority of those involved in the study had been exposed tobetween 1 Watt/m² and 6 Watts/m² of microwaveradiation. The European limit for mobile phoneradiation is at present set at 4.5 Watts/m². Majority of mobiles give off between 2 Watts/m² and 4 Watts/m².
Collage depicting potential health risks associated withrolonged exposure to RFR from cell phone towers.
 Multitude of antennaeatop the tower emits pulsing microwaves.
 Dr. M. Sirish Why Cell Phone Towers Are So Bad For Your Health? Dr. M. Sirish http://drsirish.blogspot.com
Towers atopresidentialbuildings,schools, or hospitals arearticularlymore harmfulto people.
f cell phone service providers set up their towers onthe terrace of a nearby building the high level of radiation transmitted by the towers has become a healthhazard. Any single cell phone tower may carry amultitude of antennae, each of which emits its ownpattern of microwaves on its own set of wavelengths,with the result being that a single tower can emitseveral different patterns of relatively intense signals tohomes, schools and businesses within hundreds of feetof the tower. A study conducted in France amongpeople living within 300 metres of cell phone towersfound an increased incidence of tiredness within 300metres, of headache, sleep disturbance, and discomfortwithin 200 metres, and of irritability, depression, lossof memory, dizziness, libido decrease, etc. within 100metres. Telecom giant Orange has suspendedoperations at a school cell tower site in Paris after eightcases of cancer were confirmed among children in thedistrict [16]. A French local council prohibited theerection of cell towers within a 300-metre radius. TheParis Town Hall and the mobile phone operators havean agreement to limit public exposure to theelectromagnetic waves generated by cell towerantennae and the operators have committed to loweringthe exposure levels significantly. More recently, adocumentary film called "Full Signal" depicts the mapin Israel indicating a correlation between the locationsof brain tumor clusters and cell phone towers across thecountry [17]. This along with other studies haveshown that the incidence of adult brain tumors ishappening within 400 meters of cell phone towers.
 Electromagnetic interference from cell phone use inhospitals can result in sudden switching off or restarting of feeding tubes, pacemakers, ventilators, or dialysis machines.
Dutch study on mobile phone signals found that cellphone use in hospitals can be dangerous. Researchersmeasured the impact of electromagnetic interferencefrom cell phone use in hospital equipment such asventilators and pacemakers. Signals from mobilephones significantly interfered with medical devices,and 75% of those incidents were found to behazardous. These included the sudden switching off orrestarting of machines which could mean disruption of a patient's feeding tube, ventilator, pacemaker ordialysis machine and majority of these occurred whenmobile phones were within 3 cm of critical-careequipment [18]. In another study conducted in USA,researchers measured the visual field of persons inconversations on cell phone and found that cell phoneuse artificially constricted the peripheral awareness.
This suggests that 
 cell phone use while driving can decrease the perceptual visual field 
 , making the driver less aware of the surroundings and more susceptible toaccident 
ong-term effects of microwave radiation from mobiletowers are not fully studied. Mobile Operators does nothave scientists, nor they conduct a site survey, but erecta tower on an available site by a computer guesstimate.Pulsing of the signal, and not its energy level thatenables a deep penetration of the body. Onlythermal effects are considered in a multi-national case-control study INTERPHONE [20] and are used forregulation while several studies indeed show biologicaleffects of electromagnetic radiation at exposure levelsfar below where heating occurs (non-thermal effects)
 Dr. M. Sirish Why Cell Phone Towers Are So Bad For Your Health? Dr. M. Sirish http://drsirish.blogspot.com
[21]. The human body reacts more complexly thanacknowledged in the thermal model and is sensitive toextreme periodic stimuli. The biological system takesthe "energy" as well as the "information" which isbrought by the continuous pulsed modulation pattern.A cell tower antenna is emitting a pulsed signal, and itinterferes with the natural pulsing of our body, via thepineal gland in the head.If the pulsing enters yourbedroom, it will interferewith your sleep patterns.Regular disruption of sleep patterns will break down the melatoninprocess, the repairing of which takes place whenthe body enters a deepsleep. This will lead to alowered functioning of the human immunesystem. Other reportedexamples of non-thermal biologicaleffects include: changesin the electrical activityin the human brain, increase in DNA single and doublestrand breaks from RF exposure to 2.45 GHz, andincreased permeability of the blood-brain barrier inrats.
regnant women and children are in greater dangerfrom cell phone towers than the normal population.The developing organs of the fetus or child are themost sensitive to anypossible effects of EMR exposure. Thethinner skulls of kidsand rapid growthrates make childrenmore susceptible tothe tower's waves[22]. A recent studyof pregnant womenwith heavy cell phoneuse found behaviorproblems in theirchildren. Accordingto Dr. Om Gandhi, aneminent scientist inthe area of bioelectromagnetics,cell phone radiationmakes children more susceptible to DNA breakage,genetic damage, and cancer. It reduces their life span.It is very unfortunate to see huge cell towers throngingthe rooftops in and around the schools and educationalinstitutions and this has become more or less acommon sight in cities across India and elsewhere.This is because the managements at schools andeducational institutions see a definite upside of incomefrom cell towers and lease their property to cell towercompanies ignoring the health risks that these towerspose on their students who in turn are prone toprolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Theparents associations should be very watchful and playmore active role in reigning on the school boards andprevent siting of cell phone towers within or around theschools premises.
 A cartoon depicting how cell phone radiation is harmfulto developing embryo/fetus in a pregnant woman.
imilar is the case with the homebuilders and themushrooming of cell phone towers atop the residentialapartment buildings. A new dimension however in thiscase is that most of the apartment builders claimthe perpetual ownership of the terrace rights andthereby the absolute ownership of the buildingspremises and lease the terrace to the cell phonecompanies for a period of not less than ten years ormore even before the building is handed over to theowners association thus leaving the individual flatowners and residents completely in the dark about thesiting of cell towers on their rooftop. This is in clearviolation of Apartment Laws. Generally, terracescannot be privately owned as they are deemed to formpart of the communal areas and, as such, are owned incommon by the apartment owners. You cannot,therefore, legally exclude other co-owners from theseareas. In their efforts to get these towers removed, theowners associations almost always end up fighting aprolonged legal battle while the builder enjoys rentalsand all the perks from the cell phone companies. Whatan irony? Cell phone companies work hand in glovewith the builders in their efforts to set up as manytowers as they can and their numbers look staggeringtoo. The city of Delhi tops this list. Out of 5,364 celltowers in the city, only 2,412 had requisite permissionand the remaining 2,952 were illegal. Mumbai comessecond in this list. Out of 3,489 towers built within the jurisdiction of BMC, only 1,500 are authorised. The
 Nervous system is most vulnerable to RF exposure
 Developing organs of theetus or child are most sensitive to RF exposure.

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