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Ice Age: Great Year Winter Beginning

Ice Age: Great Year Winter Beginning

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The Great Year has two points of sudden reversals. Half a Great Year ago the Younger Dryas Ice Age marked the transition from the Pleistocene Period to the Holocene. The Mayan Prophecy for December 2012 is also associated with a probably similar ice age onset in the northern hemisphere.
The Great Year has two points of sudden reversals. Half a Great Year ago the Younger Dryas Ice Age marked the transition from the Pleistocene Period to the Holocene. The Mayan Prophecy for December 2012 is also associated with a probably similar ice age onset in the northern hemisphere.

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Susan Seymour Hedke (b. Susan. S. K. Haub). on Dec 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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S. Seymour Hedke
If it were possible, it might blow temperatures in Germanof the film
“The Day after To
was flash-frozen.On the 7
of January 2009cars would not start orstood by the roadabandoned. Hospitalswere filled with accidentvictims. Frozen pipes burst.Waters flooded housesand streets. Electricity waslost and Russia chose thistime to turn off the gas toits western neighbours. Totop it all there was thewarming news of conflictbetween Israel andPalestine at the Gaza Strip.On the next day I spoke tomy sister, who was livingdown in the south-westerntoe of England, an areausually thought to beparticularly mild. She saidthe sea had frozen over,and that there was norecord of it having ever happ
2009, picture courtesy of NA
7 January 2009 (Revised and expanded D
a good idea to move south now. Last nigh. My first breath of air as I went out this mo
”, in which a man opened the door tened before.
Snow across Great BritainA/GSFC.
ecember 2010)
there were recordrning reminded mehis helicopter and
idday 7
It is with such words that I began my article written on January 7
2009 and published on mywebsite
.This weather was not unexpected to me as I had been writing about an ice age coming tomuch of the Northern Hemisphere in my book:
THE GALACTIC CENTRE 2012 and the GreatWaves Coming in December
.The Galactic Centre was the reason for all the climate changesand natural disasters we are experiencing. It was after the Tsunami in December 2004 that Ifound the Mayan prediction of a disastrous end to this age was based on knowledge of theGalactic Centre and Great Year cycles and that the choice of December was connected to theeffect on the Sun crossing the Galactic Centre area in the heavens in that month and evenearly January. I discovered a great many disasters caused by such alignments.So what has happened since that winter of 2008-9? Were the cold temperatures in early2009 a fluke? I personally remember hearing of some pretty awful winter blizzards inAmerica the last few years and experiencing on my own flesh that the winter of 2009 to2010 where I live in Germany was a jot worse than the one before, and the one before that.However, what about more objective records? Wikipedia supports that the
winter of 2009–2010 in Europe
was unusually cold. It tells there were atypical snowfalls in several parts of the Northern Hemisphere and that in January 2010, the northern half of Europe was caughtin the grips of the coldest winter since 1981–1982. Snowfall began on 16 December 2009and many parts of Europe went on to experience heavy snowfall and record lowtemperatures. This in turn led to a number of deaths, widespread transport disruption,power failures and the postponing of sporting events.
 What about North America? Are there any more precise records of what occurred there inthe last years? In 2009 we find that the winter onset was early and widespread.
With 20%of the USA covered in snow before the middle of October 2009. The article mentioning thisalso shows how there was a sharp but steady increase on previous years with 2003- .7, 2004-.3, 2005- 1.7, 2006- 3.7, 2007- .3, 2008-12.7,
percent on 13
October of eachyear.If you Google “
record cold snow in USA winter 2009 to 10
” as I did, you will find a number of articles telling of the coldest temperatures ever recorded and record amounts of snowfalling in blizzards.Also in Asia Wikipedia records the fatalities caused by the winter storms and increasedsnowfall of the last years.
Winter storms of 2009–2010 in East Asia
Here in mid Germany the last two winters brought record cold, killing many garden plants inour village, and the last winter continued a very long time, not seeming to leave till almostSummer had arrived, and then the temperatures soared up suddenly into the 30s and even40s within one month producing record heat! But in November 2010 it began to snow againand there has never been a winter like this one since I moved to Germany, or even since Iwas born in England back in 1959, a winter in which snow fell in November and stayed tillafter Christmas
. It was rather strange that as the first snow was falling outside, the radiowas telling of the Kyoto Protocol meeting to talk of preventative measures against GlobalWarming.There are many who now realize that global warming is not the main problem, and that infact the Earth has been cooling since 1998. Even back in 2006 an article from the
Nasa Article: Arctic Oscillation Chills US and Europe

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Its now 50 States covered in snow... so I am told... anyway a volcano on Hawaii has now unusually turned white!
China suffering abnormal cold weather and ice rain around 3rd January so that 22,000 had to be evacuated, cars stand by the roadside... http://english.ruvr.ru/2011/01/05/387...
Video on the effect of Gulf Stream changes and volcanic eruptions... further support for Ice Age in Northern Hemisphere.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIsubC...
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