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Assignment 5 XI Holidays

Assignment 5 XI Holidays

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Published by Niti Arora

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Published by: Niti Arora on Dec 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Holidays Homework of Winter vacationClass-XI
1.Definea.Tokenb. identifierc. literalsd. operatorse conditionaloperatorf. Escape sequence characters.2.Identify keywords from the following:a.doubleb. sizeofc. integerd. conste. defaultf. whileg. octalh. couti. continue3.Identify the character identifier:a.abcb. casec. abcd. Z2T0Z9e. _CHf. my.fileg. d_s_kh. returni. 29ABCj. data-my4.What is the significance of ‘#’? What is the purpose of writing ‘#include’.5. What is the specialty of UDF main( )?6.What will happen if ‘#includes<iostream.h>’ is missing in your programcontaining statements cout, cin, cerr?7.Explain briefly comment entry and its types with examples.8.What is Cascading of operators?9.Fill in the Blank:a.The program execution begins with __________________  b.Every main( ) with a return type int must end with a statement __________.c.Every executable statement must be terminated by ___________.d.A ________ sequence of bytes and at lowest level, files is interpreted as _________ of bytes.e.The extension of program file is __________ , object file is ___________,executable file is _________.f.Shortcut keys for compilation is __________ and __________.g.Shortcut keys for executing is __________ and __________.h.Shortcut keys for making executable file is __________.i.Shortcut keys for viewing output is __________.10.Differentiate between the following:a.aand “a.b. Keyword and Identifier.c.11.What are predefined stream objects in I/O library?12.What is code generator?13.What is the significance of NULL (‘\0’) character in a string? What will be thesize of following strings:a.reemasb. 4%%%%%c. abcd. \ae. \\14.What is the difference between type casting and type conversion? Giveexample.15.Identify if the following are valid string, if yes give there lengtha.Computer Scienceb. Ac. 1234d.A1234 
Give the output of following program segment
void main(){int a=10,b=8;for(int i=0;i<a;i++);cout<<i<<endl;for(i=0;i<a;i++,b++)cout<<b<<endl;}void main(){int a=10,b=8;for(int i=0;i<a;i++){cout<<endl;for(int j=0;j<i;j++)cout<<j<<”\t”;}}void main(){int a=5,b=8;for(int i=0;i<a;i++);{cout<<i<<endl;for(int j=0;j<i;j++);cout<<++j<<”\t”;}b=a;++a;b++;cout<<a<<”\t”<<b<<”\n”<<--b<<”\n”;}void main(){int i,j,k,x=0;for(int i=0;i<5;i++)for(int j=0;j<I;j++){k=i+j-1;if(k%2==0)x+=k;elseif(k%3==0)x+=k-2;cout<<x<<endl; }}void main(){for(int i=0;i<5;i++){if(i==5)break;cout<<i<<endl;}}void main(){for(int i=0;i<5;i++){if(i==5)continue;cout<<i<<endl;}}void main(){int i=0;x=0;do{if(i%5==0){x++;cout<<x<<endl;}++i;}while(i<20);cout<<”\n”<<x;void main(){int i=0;x=0;for( i=1;i<10;i+=2){x++;cout<<x<<endl;}cout<<x;}
}void main(){int i,j,k,x=0;for(int i=0;i<5;i++)for(int j=0;j<I;j++){k=i+j-1;if(k%2==0)continue;elseif(k%3==0)x+=k-2;cout<<x<<endl; }}void main(){int i,j,k,x=0;for(int i=0;i<5;i++)for(int j=0;j<I;j++){k=i+j-1;if(k%2==0)break;elseif(k%3==0)x+=k-2;cout<<x<<endl; }}
#include <iostream.h>struct GAME{ int Score, Bonus;};void Play(GAME &g, int N=10){g.Score++;g.Bonus+=N;}void main(){GAME G={110,50};Play(G,10);cout<<G.Score<<":"<<G.Bonus<<endl;Play(G);cout<<G.Score<<":"<<G.Bonus<<endl;Play(G,15);cout<<G.Score<<":"<<G.Bonus<<endl;}#include <iostream.h>void Secret(char Str[ ]){for (int L=0;Str[L]!='\0';L++);for (int C=0;C<L/2;C++)if (Str[C]=='A' || Str[C]=='E')Str[C]='#';else{char Temp=Str[C];Str[C]=Str[L-C-1];Str[L-C-1]=Temp;}}void main(){char Message[ ]="ArabSagar";Secret(Message);cout<<Message<<endl;}
#include<iostream.h>#include<ctype.h>void main( ){char Text[ ] = .Mind@work!.;for(int I=0; Text[I]!=.\0.;I++){if(!isalpha(Text[I])) Text[I]=.*.;elseif(isupper(Text[I]))#include<iostream.h>void Withdef(int HisNum=30){for(intI=20;I<=HisNum;I+=5)cout<<I<<.,.;cout<<endl;}void Control(int &MyNum){MyNum+=10;

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