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Table Of Contents

1. XML Web Service Standards
1.1 XML Documents, W3C Schema and the WS-I Basic Profile 1.1
XML Documents
XML Schemas
The schema Element
Complex Types
Simple Types
Global Attributes
The anyAttribute Element
Anonymous Types
Import and Include
Uniqueness Constraints
1.2 XML Schema in Java EE Web Services
2. SOAP 1.2 Web Service Standards
2.1 SOAP Message Encoding Types
RPC/Literal vs Document/Literal Summary
Messaging Exchange Patterns
2.2 SOAP Processing and Extensibility Model
SOAP Processing Model
SOAP Nodes and SOAP Roles
The role Attribute
The mustUnderstand Attribute
Processing SOAP Messages
Relaying SOAP Messages
SOAP Versioning Model
SOAP Extensibility Model
SOAP Features
SOAP Message Exchange Patterns
SOAP Modules
2.3 SOAP Message Construct and SOAP Messages with Attachments
SOAP Message Elements
Envelope Element
Header Element
Body Element
The SOAP encodingStyle Attribute
SOAP Faults
The <Code> Element
VersionMismatch Faults
MustUnderstand Faults
The <Reason> Element
The <Node> Element
The <Role> Element
The <Detail> Element
SOAP Messages with Attachments (SwA)
WS-I Basic Profile on SOAP
SOAP Envelopes
Use of SOAP in HTTP
3. Describing and Publishing (WSDL and UDDI)
3.1 WSDL in Web Services
Use of WSDL in Web Services
WSDL's Basic Elements
The <message> Element
The <portType> and <operation> Elements
The <binding> Element
The <service> and <port> Elements
WSDL Binding Mechanisms
Basic WSDL Operation Types
The Interface Fault Component
The Interface Operation Component
Interface Message Reference Component
The Interface Fault Reference Component
The Binding Component
The SOAP Header Block Component
The HTTP Header Component
The Binding Fault Component
The Binding Operation Component
The Service Component
The Endpoint Component
3.4 UDDI Publish and Inquiry APIs
The UDDI Inquiry API
Find Operations
Get Operations
The UDDI Publishing API
Authorization Operations
Save Operations
Delete Operations
4.1 JAX-WS Technology
4.2 Developing JAX-WS Web Services
Servlet Endpoints
Servlet endpoints:
EJB Endpoints
4.3 The I-Stack
4.4 JAX-WS Development Approaches
Java First
WSDL First
Meet in the Middle
4.5 JAX-WS Features
Additional Features
4.6 JAX-WS Architecture
Client Side JAX-WS Runtime
Server Side JAX-WS Runtime
JAX-WS Provider SPI
JAX-WS ServiceDelegate SPI
4.7 Creating Web Services with JAX-WS
Requirements of a JAX-WS Endpoint
Calculator Web Service Example (SEI)
Service Implementation Class
Generating Web Service Artifacts
Deploying and Running the Service
String Processor Web Service Example (Provider)
Project Setup
Payloads XML Schema
WSDL Document
JAXB Beans
Service Provider Class
4.8 JAX-WS Client Communications Models
Describe JAX-WS Client Communications Models
Synchronous Request-Response
Asynchronous Request-Response
Dynamic Asynchronous Invocation
Asynchronous Invocation with Proxies
4.9 JAX-WS Web Service Clients
Dynamic Clients
Static Clients
Standalone Clients
JavaEE Clients
4.10 Clients of Stateful Web Services
5. REST, JSON, SOAP and XML Processing APIs (JAXP, JAXB and SAAJ)
5.1 REST Web Services
5.2 JSON Web Services
JSON Encoding Format
JSON Web Services
5.3 SOAP vs. REST Web Services
5.4 SOAP vs. JSON Web Services
Comparing JAXP APIs
5.6 JAXB
JAXB Functions and Capabilities
JAXB Process Flow
JAXB Binding Mechanisms
5.7 SOAP Message with Attachment Using SAAJ
6.1 JAXR Basics
JAXR in Web Service Architecture
Business Registry Functionality Levels
JAXR Business Objects
6.2 JAXR Client Development
7. Java EE Web Services
7.1 APIs Characteristics and Services
Characteristics of the Java EE Platform
Services and APIs of the Java EE Platform
7.2 Benefits
7.3 Functions and Capabilities
7.4 Role of the WS-I Basic Profile
8. Security
8.1 Security Mechanisms
Transport Level Security
HTTP Basic Authentication
Secure Socket Layer
Message Level Security
XML Signature
XML Encryption
Federated Identity and Trust
8.2 Web Services Security Initiatives and Standards
8.3 JavaEE Based Web Service Security
Setting Up for Mutual Authentication
Enabling Client Authentication in GlassFish v2.1 and v3
Web Tier Web Services
Servlet Based Web Service
Web Service Client
Access Control
Mutual Authentication
EJB Tier Web Services
EJB Based Web Service
8.4 Web Service Security Factors
Relationship Between Client and Service Provider
Type of Data Exchanged
Message Formats
Transport Mechanisms
8.5 WS-Policy
What is WS-Policy?
Basic Constructs
Policy Assertions
Policy Alternatives
Policy Expression
Attaching Policies to WSDL Documents
Additional Examples
9. Developing Web Services
9.1 Configuration, Packaging and Deployment
Configuration of Web Services
Annotations and the webservices.xml Deployment Descriptor
Servlet-Based Web Service Configuration Example
EJB-Based Web Service Configuration Example
Configuration of Web Service Clients
Using Annotations
Using Deployment Descriptors
Packaging of Web Services
Packaging of Web Service Clients
Deploying Web Services
Deploying Web Service Clients
9.2 XML File Processing
SAX Processing
DOM Processing
StAX Processing
XSLT Processing
XML to Java
9.3 Create WSDL and Generate Service Implementation from XML Schema
The WSDL File
Generate Server and Client Artifacts
Implement the Web Service
Implement a Standalone Client
9.4 XML-Based, Document Style JAX-WS Web Service
Setting Up
XML Schema and JAXB Beans
Service Provider Implementation
XML Web Service Client
9.5 SOAP Logging
Server Side Logging
Client Side Logging
Service Modifications
Basic Client Implementation
Adding Logging
9.6 Web Service Client Error Handling
Exception Mapping
Service Exceptions and System Exceptions
Web Service Client Exception View
Error Service
Error Service Implementation
First Error Client
Ant Script
Client Main Class
Second Error Client
SOAP Fault Examples
10. Web Services Interoperability Technologies
10.1 WSIT Basics
What is WSIT?
WSIT Technologies
WSIT Standards Implementations
How It Works
Message Optimization
Reliable Messaging
Bootstrapping and Configuration
10.2 WSIT Clients
Creating a WSIT Web Service
Developing the WSIT Client
10.3 Message Optimization
Developing the Picture Web Service
Testing the Web Service
Testing in GlassFish
Testing with soapUI
Developing the Picture Web Service Client
10.4 WCF Web Service Clients
Creating and Configuring the Java Web Service
Creating the WCF Web Service Client
Alternative Approach
10.5 WCF and Java Web Service Interoperability
Web Service Java First
Java Web Service or Java Web Service Client, WSDL First
Contract First WSDL
.NET Generated WSDL File
WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 Conformance
11. General Design and Architecture
11.1 Service Oriented Architecture
SOA Characteristics
Web Services in SOA
11.2 Design Patterns and Best Practices
Asynchronous Interaction
JMS Bridge
Web Service Cache
Web Service Broker
Best Practices
11.3 Web Service Interaction Results
Return Values
Java Objects and Values
XML Data
Faults, Errors and Exceptions
11.4 Web Services and Data Integration
Integrating Data
Web Service as an Integration and Transformation Layer
Web Services as a Metadata Provider
Integrating Application Functions
Web Services and User Experience
Web Service as a Reuse Facilitator
Web Services as an Integration Layer
Integrating Business Processes
Web Services as Enterprise Service Providers
Web Services as a Communication Facilitator
12. Endpoint Design and Architecture
12.1 Procedure or Document Style
12.2 Service Interaction and Processing Layers
Service Interaction Layer
Processing Layer
12.3 Synchronous vs Asynchronous
Design an Asynchronous Document-Style Web Service
Obtaining a Result Using Polling
Obtaining a Result Using Callback
Handling Errors
Refactor Synchronous to Asynchronous Web Service
Before and After
Refactoring Step by Step
12.4 Web Service Client Impact
Resource Utilization
Conversational Capabilities
Operational Modes
Web Service Client Types
Java EE Clients
Java SE Clients
Java ME Clients
Non-Java Clients
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