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Published by Walter Muller

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Published by: Walter Muller on Dec 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There are times when we enter a place in our minds that tends to makeus stop and look back, back at life and all the roads we travelled. As theimages and times roll past our minds eye we sometimes manage tofreeze certain incidents, or conversations or a book we have read, in this process we automatically file these incidents into perfectly normalcategories, and then suddenly our perspectives change or gets upgraded.Perhaps we get up and make ourselves a cup of coffee or tea, and whilewe sip away we might sit there and smile, or suddenly get gooseflesh or a sense of understanding fill some of the empty files deep in the recessesof our minds.Mostly we feel recharged, almost as if somewhere from deep within asource of energy has just been released. In most cases we take life bythe horns and go into battle once again, planning, getting involved,loosing some battles, winning others, but most of all we are alive andvibrant, allowing life to surge through us, as we surge through it.Looking back today it came to mind to summarise. Where am I today,where do I come from, what roads did I follow to get here, what have Ilearned?Most of us try to learn how to survive, few succeed, most work for thesuccessful and are called successful in their own right, because they picked their employers wisely, and adhere to all the rules andregulations, the few who are the employers adhere only to governmentsand only when absolutely necessary! The few are called theentrepreneurs, the leaders of men, those who give to society in the formof work, money, new and better ways of doing things, and they employthe scientists, the psychologists etc, to create the new, the better, to findmore acceptable truths in order for the majority to prosper, to make better contributions for their fellow man.Many times “better” truths are not even acceptable to those leaders of men due to the fact that it can jeopardize their own survival. The fear of loosing in more cases than not is also the cause of better truths being
hidden, being thrown away, and those who brought the better truths aremostly in cases like the above the ones who have to pay the price, theyare the ones openly criticised and made the fool of by those leaders of men, because suddenly change is at hand, and many times change whichis not to the advantage of those holding the power.Those in power if in jeopardy react, sometimes violently, as in the past,in more modern times it became a slow psychological war, one wherethe finder of the new truth dies a slow painful death, rejection,humiliation and eventually unemployment follows, leaving those whowere employed for that specific purpose in the streets, called failures,losers etc. It is at times like the above where society at large become thereal losers, where ambition applied for selfish reasons rules emotionless,merciless, reminding one of the middle ages where this same fear dumped a world into disarray, putting mankind and its totaldevelopment hundreds of years back, instead of facing the new possibilities and allow humankind to develop to it’s full potential, our leaders turn into savages devouring the worker or friend who have justshown them a new shocking truth.What is fear? Fear is not having the full picture, not understanding, notseeing the bigger picture immediately, and this short sightedness is thecause of the slow growth society today and in the past has lived with.We like to call ourselves liberated but are we; do we really understandthe term? Do we really know what liberty is? In the United States astatue was erected called the Statue of Liberty, this statue is a symbol of freedom, a symbol telling the world that that nation is liberated, but arethey, are any nation on earth really liberated or do we still live in fear, infear of new development, in fear of one another, in fear of God, a Godwho might return one day and wipe us off the face of the earth!We always in the face of some new medicine, or a new weapon or another nation rising economically almost go into hiding, how are thisnew medicine going to affect the new born, will Russia, or the U.S.A or China or Iran use their new weapons on us etc? Instead of asking whydid that nation design the thing in the first place? Yes, they designed it because they are just as afraid of you and me as you and I are of them.Ever wondered why we are afraid of each other? We the man in the
street, the people who watch TV, who buy the news papers, who buymagazines etc are influenced by what we see on TV and reading innewspapers and magazines, but worst of all we go to church onSundays, if you are Jewish on Fridays, the same as the Muslims, fromthese mediums we get certain information, in many or most countriesthese mediums are controlled by government and only that which isconsidered appropriate is allowed to be told. The Bible, Torah, andQur’an simply talks about gentiles, or philistines etc who are theenemies of God, and right there in the house of the Lord fear is born, fedto us from a very young age, programming us to become enemies of theneighbouring countries. Because a book says they are gentiles or unintended like in the Book of Henog a part of the Bible but notincluded!Then we grow up and realize that some of those gentiles live amongstus, have families, friends, their children go to school with ours andsuddenly we start thinking. What is so different between us? Most of us believe in a God anyway, we just call them different names, others donot believe, but we live in peace, until the church or government oneday decides to go to war with one of them proclaiming them to be our arch enemies and tomorrow we kill our neighbours in a war we don’tunderstand or particularly want to be involved in. But we “fear” our government too much to protest, and if we do refuse to take part thiswar we go to jail, called enemies of the state! Some of us make theeffort to try and search for better answers and mostly we find answers, but not answers we like to hear. Mostly those answers have “lies”written all over them, and are inside files, called; “classified”. We diefor those lies, our families believing it was for God and country!The content of the above called “classified” files were instigated many,many years before our great, great, great grand parents even lived. Youmight ask;
? Due to fear, yes fear, fear instigated by the start of religion, fear to burn in hell forever, fear to be wiped out unless you fear and obey the Lord Almighty, or God, or Allah or whatever name you prefer to call your god. All because some priest or tribe leadesomewhere in the distant past met a man who called himself god or thecreator of mankind and unless those primitive people believed him theywere punished severely for their sin of disbelief or refused to work and

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