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#125: 1947 to 2012 - The Final Curtain

#125: 1947 to 2012 - The Final Curtain

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Published by Chuck Weiss
From Pages 328–332 of Abducted by Aliens, by Chuck Weiss
From Pages 328–332 of Abducted by Aliens, by Chuck Weiss

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Published by: Chuck Weiss on Dec 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Abducted by Aliens
Or How I Learned to Cope With High Strangeness, Government Harassment, and My Mother (a True Story)by Chuck Weiss
Available as a FREE e-Book at AbductionSite.com.368 Pages, Color Photos & Fully Indexed
Contact Chuck at AlienAbductionTheBlog@mail.com.
125: 1947 to 2012: The Final Curtain
(From Pages 328 – 332 of 
 Abducted by Aliens
, by Chuck Weiss)Many people have heard of the Mayan Calendar and that it will supposedly “end” in 2012, but mostdon’t know why an ancient method of counting days that has been existence for thousands of yearsshould suddenly stop, and in that specific year. The precise date when the calendar “ends” is December 21, 2012, the day of the winter solstice. (The beginning year has been established as 3,114 BC, althoughthe calendar itself wasn’t in use until 355 BC.) It has been only recently, however, that Mayan scholarshave been able to understand the significance of the year 2012.The Mayan god Lord Pacal is equated with the sun and is portrayed on his famous sarcophagus lid“entering” the Sacred Tree that sprouts from his navel. Mayan myth holds that creation took place at acelestial crossroads, represented by their Sacred Tree. Scholars have only recently determined itslocation to be where the ecliptic and the center of the Milky Way intersect in the night’s sky, currently inthe constellation of Sagittarius. On December 21, 2012 our sun (and thereby Lord Pacal) will be positioned exactly at this “crossroads” in the heavens.It is at this point of intersection that the Dark Rift begins (or ends); this is a dark and winding portion of the sky where an interstellar gas cloud obscures the stars behind it. The ancient Mayans called it the“Black Road,” and whenever a planet, the sun, or the moon entered this dark cleft at the exact center of our galaxy, the Galactic Equator, the entrance to the underworld was opened.On December 31, 2012 the Mayan calendar actually resets to the year “0,” indicating the beginning of anew era as well as marking the passing of the old one. The significance of this to the Mayans was thaton the winter solstice of 2012 their sun god will return to the exact point of creation, but in doing so hewill first have to go down the Black Road and enter the underworld. The “underworld” has beenassociated with death since the beginning of recorded time, and the winter solstice with the renewal of the life cycle.In the approaching celestial event of 2012, we see the coming together of two powerful and universalconcepts, death and rebirth. From our vantage point here on Earth, the sun is returning to the Galactic
center which, in the Mayan view, is the source of creation. But before we humans can undergo the“rebirth” suggested by this astronomical conjunction, we first must enter the underworld (walk down theBlack Road) and experience a “death” of some sort, either physical or metaphorical.If 2012 marks the beginning of a new era for mankind, as the ancient Maya foretold, then it seems tocome at about the same “End Time” that millions the world over see prophesied in their religiousscriptures. And it can’t be a coincidence that we’re also transitioning astrologically into the Age of Aquarius.The enlightened Aquarian Age will leave little or no room for Nazi ideology. It may be that the agendaof Odessa, now identical with Majestic’s, is to delay or prevent the start of the new era, much as Hitler had tried to prevent the start of winter in Russia. This is impossible, of course. One cannot stop thePrecession of the Equinoxes, even by force of magick. However the Nazis may be forcing a change inthe cosmic plan for Earth, nonetheless.During the same lecture in which Dolores Cannon told her audience of what her Alien contacts had saidabout karmic lessons and fear, she presented a slide to the audience showing a drawing of the Earthsplitting in two, much like an ameba in the middle of asexual reproduction. When the image flashed onthe screen Cynthia, a fellow Experiencer who was sitting beside me, let out a little shriek of recognition.“I was shown that same thing by my ETs,” she whispered to me.Ms. Cannon went on to explain. The ETs have said that Earth will split into two worlds. An EtherealEarth, she was told, will materialize on the next higher plane of existence, while the physical Earth willremain in this material realm. She went on to say that the souls inhabiting the new Ethereal Earth willtransform into Ethereal Beings, while those who remain on the physical Earth will be left as they are.Although she didn’t mention 2012, the impression the audience was left with was that a major “interdimensional event” was going to soon usher in a new age for mankind.It may be that in this way everyone will get what they want. Higher Beings will welcome thetransformation of a large portion of the population of this planet to their ranks on the Ethereal Plane, andthe Nazis get to continue to pursue their harsh vision of reality in this physical universe, but on a greatlydepopulated planet.It seems, though, that the ETs have a backup plan in case those humans left on the physical Earth later  become extinct. In her book 
Custodians: Beyond Abduction
, Ms. Cannon published transcripts of conversations she has had with ETs, some of them recorded in the presence of other UFO researchers.She described being told of a planet being prepared to host a transplanted human civilization, for justthat eventuality.
Besides the founding of the CIA by those “Paperclip” Nazis, 1947 was a hugely significant year for other reasons. It was the year that a businessman and amateur pilot named Kenneth Arnold reportedseeing nine flying disks near Mount Rainier. His description ignited worldwide interest in what had before been only a military problem.A month later a disk crashed in the vicinity of Roswell, New Mexico, with bodies and wreckagerecovered in what would later prove to be the best documented case of a UFO crash and retrieval onrecord. According to Colonel Philip Corso, technology taken from the crash site was released into USindustry and resulted in such things as the first transistor and later, fiber optics.In 1947 the United Nations was founded in San Francisco and shortly afterward its General Assemblycreated the state of Israel, resulting in unending strife in the Middle East ever since. It was also the year the “Dead Sea” Scrolls were discovered in several caves, near an ancient Jewish settlement on the west bank of that great salt lake.

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