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2010 Resolution Results

2010 Resolution Results

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Published by Adam Uren
This is the results of my 2010 resolutions, including thank you's to those that helped me through the year.
This is the results of my 2010 resolutions, including thank you's to those that helped me through the year.

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Adam Uren on Dec 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Well 2010 is almost over and just recently I remembered that I did a list of 5 goals Iwanted to reach by the end of 2010, much like I achieved in 2009 so here is my summaryof what I set out to do(http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=716939744#!/note.php?note_id=285844304790)So to really open myself up I'll explain how each of them has been going.1) Join the Red Frogs. Well as I mentioned in the note above I really had the vision for this in January, coming out of Youth Camp I just had this burning desire to do more, toreally encourage young guys and girls to not give into the world’s perception but to livetheir own life and I think Red Frogs really grew from that. So I officially achieved this in November as I took part in the week long chaplaincy of leavers, and I know I can’t say tomuch about it, but it was life changing and I know I will push for more guys and girls tostep up for this, because through this we made a difference and through this God has blessed me with a few leavers to keep in contact with and continue to walk with.2) Read the bible more & pray more often. Well I’ll be honest. There has been timesduring the year where I faltered and then times when I was continually burning for God’sword. So through being more proactive in both the youth alliance & young adult cell Ifound myself challenged to know more of God, and really dig deeper into his word tofind more understanding, and then hope to open its truths into discussions. Another key point was the 6am Wednesday morning men’s prayer session which I started attendingregularly through the year and if I got more hyped for God it was from that. The men inthere are simply saintly and words cannot describe how some of those sessions rile youup for God.So have I read the bible more and prayed more often, yes but I know I can do so muchmore.3) To stand for God & to reach out for others. Well this really did eventuate from bothRed Frogs & becoming a leader to both a youth and young adult small group. I really feltchallenged at the start of the year to not let God’s spontaneous words to others go byunattended in my heart so I opened up and found myself speaking over people that probably have known God longer than me, but as it felt then and as I can try to describeit, God doesn’t care how long you’ve known him, he cares that you know and believe inhim and that he can call on you to pass on his words to others. And this year has been aHUGE standing point for God.4) Become closer to my family. Well it really is hard to acknowledge that at the start of the year I barely saw my family, whether at uni, church, scouts or at a mates house, Ispent more time out of home then in it, and I knew then that I had to change it.So I did and it has opened so many doors. Being able to support Mum throughhard/stressful times, being able to just do things with my Dad and talk about anything, to be able to stop my studies for a few hours to have fun with Dan or to encourage Meg tofollow God and keep coming to youth. Over the year I do think I have improved on this,
and it really was achieved with 2 weeks in the Gold Coast with my awesome family.Whether it was raining, humid, cloudy or boiling hot, we still had an awesome time and aholiday I will always cherish.5) To love everyone, to make the risk. Now this is a hard thing to self diagnose but I do believe I have become more social this year, whether its through being more involved inchurch, Red Frogs or cell groups. But I do feel at the end of this year that I made positiveinfluences on people and didn’t care at the time what they thought when I said “I think this applies to you.” So do I love everyone, yeah I do. Even those that I could have agrudge over I’ve made the commitment to forgive and move forward.So the year in general has been a mighty one. And although I could detail this from aself-absorbed point of view, I really do feel that this year was appointed for me to reachout to others and really leave my own desires til the future. Whether it was leadingdiscussions in Cell/Alliance or just being a core person of each discussion, or whether itwas finding the men’s prayer session to empower those prayers with a gathering of men,or whether it was gradually helping Meg to come to youth and offering her anything tohelp her start her Christian journey. Which is a huge standout in my year, keep at it Meg. Now before I get into my Thank you’s for 2010, I am starting to write down my list of 5for 2011, so once I’ve written them down and agreed to them I’ll post them here. Butonto the Thank you’s and there is many…To My Family- My dearest Mum, For being able to be the one who’d see me stressing out or endlesslyrunning around and just be a source of warmth and humor to me. I know at times I cantake you for granted, but I do love you dearly and I cherish the moments we have tolaugh or talk.- Dad, I know at times we’ve butted heads and sometimes never see eye to eye, but that’ssomething that always gets me moving and thinking, so I know I can be a pain but thanksfor always putting up with me. And like always thank you for sailing with me and abovethat thank you for ever introducing me to sailing.- Daniel, For always being able to slot time in for a quick game or muck around, to you itmight seem regular but to me it was the best way to forget everything that was stressingme out and just relax, so thanks for all of them.-Meg, I know the magnitude of our siblinghood isn’t fully reached yet, but let mesay I’m more than excited to see you grow in Church and being as willing as meto go to church. I know next year will be BIG for you and it’ll all start at YouthCamp, be ready for that.- Adam Heap, Well I know we started off on a bad note in 2010, we live 2minutes apart and barely saw each other which did suck. But I know that no
matter what I can always rely on you. That even if we didn’t hang out as much aswe previous had that if a problem arose I could always rely on you to help me out.And I’ve enjoyed the times we’ve spent together of late, just having that friendlyrivalry to bounce off of and to have similar interest has been a great to chat about.But I really want to save up for that Trip to the Gold Coast, so lets see if we canmake it happen.- Dave, The weilder of the pen of awesomeness. Dude you have been a rock for me thisyear. I know both of us had horrid starts to the year but through it together look whathappened. Thanks for being a brilliant source of spiritual depth and direction this year and a really big thanks for inviting me to the prayer session. It’s hard to believe its onlyreally been a year now that we’ve had a strong friendship, but I know it will be one to lasta very long time. Continue being awesome!!- Harry Boy, Well last year it was you who gave me spiritual guidance and helped methrough relationship problems, but this year it’s almost like all your good work paid off and I was able to enjoy every cell with you without those burdens and just be able to fullyget into every discussion. Thanks for always being full of energy and spontaneity,whether I was coming from work or uni you always allowed me to toss my stresses at thedoor and just be enthused about what was happening. We did great things this year andI’m honored to have been lead by you and now having a chance to ease the pressures onyou, while still having a tone of fun!!-Jorja (George), You have been such an amazing friend this year. Just being able tocatch a coffee with you and talk about anything and everything, whether it was problems or inquisitive points to ponder. You always did make those CorporateMeetings bearable and I know that I can always count on you, and I hope toreiterate that to you.- Ramzie, Now you were awesome to me outside of Red Frogs, always catchingup in the café to talk about scripture or biblical points, but my biggest thank youto you is all from Red Frogs. To say I was nervous is an understatement, and I’msorry for the hundreds of “Is everything alright”. But you really did guide methrough that week and from that I am beyond in debt to you. That week was ahuge growing point for me and you were always there to help if ever I asked, sothank you for that.- Red Froggers, What we managed to do was awesome, whether it was the late nights,macca’s runs, card games, chats or just being awesome it’s something that will stick withme for a long while, so I’m sure the friendships we made will be reaffirmed sometimesoon, so thanks for everything.-My Young Adult Cell buddies and Youth Alliance mates,. You have all been agreat joy to see every fortnight and never will I take for granted what we talk about or what depth you unleash into discussions. You are all mighty for the God

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