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14mz Brochure

14mz Brochure

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Published by renspur

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: renspur on Jan 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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14-Channel Computer Radio
 A custom Futaba processor directs allcritical flight control functions. Input forgeneral operating tasks — such as set-upand programming — is processedseparately by Windows CE.
Full-Color Touch Screen
The HVGA screen features crystal-clear 640x240pixel resolution. Transflective technology —layered transparent and reflecting surfaces —plus adjustable backlighting and contrast makeit easy to read even in direct sunlight.
R5014DPS Receiver 
Uses state-of-the-art Ball Grid Array(BGA) layered PC board technology.WFSS (Wireless Frequency SettingSystem) simplifies frequency changes— make them right from thetransmitter,without changing crystals!
 Windows Media Player 
Save WMA (Windows Media Audio) files on theCompact Flash card and listen to them throughearphones or the transmitter’s built-in speaker.
Longer Sound File Playback 
Want to fly to recorded music or verbal sequences?Establish your sequence,record it as a digital WMA file,load it onto the CF card…and with the card in yourtransmitter,assign the file to a switch for playback.
Servo Grouping
Each servo’s EPA can beadjusted separately,so thatcontrol surfaces requiringmultiple servos can beprogrammed to work simultaneously without aseparate servo synchronizer.
Compact Flash Card Data Storage and Transfer 
32MB Compact Flash card lets youincrease memory to 100models…upload digital images of youraircraft for the display menu…or createand store audio files.
Intuitive Programming
The graphic interface makes it easyto navigate through programmingoptions. From the startup screen,three secondary menus logicallyseparate and organize differentprogramming categories. Moving frommenu to menu takes only a touch.
Real-Time Response
Breakthrough PCM G3 2048 enablesservos to pick up the slightest stick movements. Frame rate is 40%faster than even Futaba’s 9Z —contributing to response soimmediate,it feels like “real time.”
The 14MZ can also transmit in 1024 PCM and FM/PPM.
Switch Customizing
Reconfigure the eight 14MZshoulder switches to your ownpreference. Just pull out aswitch to remove it,and plug inthe style you prefer — tall orshort,button or toggle,spring-loaded or positionable.
Stick Customizing
 A tension adjustment lets you tailor stick “feel”to yourown touch. Dual ball bearings on each axis and a long-life potentiometer ensure smooth,precise control.
Innovative technologies developed specifically for the 14MZ!
Dual Internal Processors  Voice Prompts 
Record up to 24 voice prompts on the CF card by speakinginto the transmitter’s built-in mic. Assign them to specificswitches to hear audio confirmation — such as “Landinggear down!”— when you move the control.
Like no radio system before it, the 14MZ is a complete,multi-media experience. In addition to groundbreakingradio technology, it employs state-of-the-art digitalsound and graphic capabilities tomake controlling youraircraft more preciseand interactive thanever before.
 Antenna32MB CompactFlash Memory CardHeavy-Duty Switch Harness Receiver NiCd Battery Charger 1500mAh Receiver NiCd Battery  Transmitter Neck StrapDSC (Direct Servo Control) Cord7.4, V 2200mAhLithium-Ion Transmitter Battery  Transmitter Li-Ion Battery Charger Stylus/Wrench BoxR5014DPS PCM G32048 Receiver 72MHzDisplay Screen Cleaner 
• Plug-in swivel antennawith antenna storage intransmitter base.
Pre-Programmed Mixes 
• Seven wing types,4 tail types,and 3 motortypes are already programmed into the 14MZ.• Built-in shortcuts save programming time — just select the set-up you need!
Finely Tuned Setting Adjustments 
• Adjustments are made in ultra-precise 0.5%increments,compared to the 1% of other radios.• “Fast forward”option makes setting changesmore quickly,in larger 5% increments.
 Variable Dual Rates 
• Six factory-set Variable Dual Rate (VDR)curves can be assigned to any function inany flight condition configuration.• Variable Dual Rates (VDR) and Expo can becombined so they are automatically activatedwhen a function is activated — no programmixing required.• Highly graphic,full color display — can use digital images of youraircraft as model names,along with 32-character model naming.• Clear,640x240 pixel resolution.• Anti-glare filter and adjustable screen contrast.• Monitor battery capacity,trim positions,and other criticalparameters with a glance.• Cuts programming time in half.• Editing can also be done byDial-N-Key to scroll and select.
Servo Grouping
• Multiple servos controlling a single function can be conveniently groupedonto one transmitter operation.• Servos can be plugged into different receiverchannels,even non-consecutively.• Each servo’s EPA can be adjustedindividually from the transmitter sothat no separate servo synchronizeris needed for mixing.
Synthesized RF ModuleSlider Arms 
(for easy fingertip rotation)
Gimbal Stick Adjustment Ports DSC/Trainer Cord Jack Rubber Grips Battery BoxEarphone Jack Battery Charging Jack 
Neckstrap EyeletMicrophoneSpeaker Slider Arms (4)
(right and left)
Handle Antenna MountRetractable Knobs (2)Full-Color Touch Screen Display 
Lithium-Ion Battery 
 Antenna Storage
• Gimbals withlong-lifepotentiometer,quad bearings,adjustabletension anddetent.• Increase model memory to 100 models.• Download digital images for the display menu.• Create and store Windows Media audio files.• Upgrade programs and functions.
Rotary Dial Auxiliary Channels (2)Rotary DialSetting Selector Digital Trim Switches (4)
 Access Door Compact Flash Card Drive
Seven-Color LED Indicator Customizable Switch Banks 
(right and left)
yellowfast blinkPowering up/powering offyellowslow blinkStart up errorpurpleonReady without RF powersky blueslow blinkSetting frequency modepurpleonFrequency setting modeblueonTrainer/student moderedslow blinkRF module errorgreenonReady with RF power
LED Flashing status
• Ball Grid Array (BGA) layered PC boardtechnology eliminates space-wasting pins.• Wireless Frequency Setting System (WFSS)lets you change frequencies without changing crystals.• Transmitter can be programmed to operate tworeceivers simultaneously — a great advantagefor pattern and large-scale modelers.
R5014DPS Receiver 
14 Ports 
37.7mm wide x 52.2mm long x 16.3 mm high
14MZ Specifics:
• 2048 G3 PCM resolution — twice that of otherhigh-end radio systems.• “Backwards compatible”with FM/PPM,and1024 PCM.• Combines airplane and glider functionsconveniently into one program.• Supports 13 different wing types,3 tail types,3 motor types and 7 heli swash types.• Offers 9 total flight conditions (8 plus the default).• Handles up to 32 selectable functions.• Features digital trims on all 4 main channels.
Frequency ChangeConfirmation LED
Programmable Direct Keys Quad-Bearing Gimbals 

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