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MU Martian U

MU Martian U

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Published by Lisa Arnopp
Off the west coast of the US floats a Martian made island that houses the elite Martian University. For the first time ever, a known half-Martian has been admitted and put in Suzette’s Troop. The guys are threatened and the girls are smitten. So why is someone shooting at full blooded Martians?
Off the west coast of the US floats a Martian made island that houses the elite Martian University. For the first time ever, a known half-Martian has been admitted and put in Suzette’s Troop. The guys are threatened and the girls are smitten. So why is someone shooting at full blooded Martians?

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Published by: Lisa Arnopp on Jan 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Martian U
Lisa Marie Arnopp
Major Russell
“Suzette?” Dad’s head pokes in my door. It was closed but you don’t think he’dknock, do you? “Suzette, are you here?” Dad is in his late forties and has dark brownhair that is graying at the temples, which does look distinguished but it’s a little premature considering our heritage. His eyes are a deep brown. The chub on him makeshim seem warmer than he truly is and he stands out in our family because of it. We allhave leaner features.I close my book and sit up on my bed. “Weren’t you going to stay on the Islanduntil school starts?”“Change of plans. I have some good news that couldn’t wait. Artie’s whippingup a special meal as we speak.” He’s excited and it is a rare day that Stanley Russell letshis emotions show. Unlike me, Dad’s full Martian. I’d tell you to think Mr. Spock butthat analogy is a very limited one. His ears aren’t pointed, his eyebrows are normal, andalthough he’s aloof he is hardly clinical twenty-four seven. However the Mr. Spock comparison is right on the money when it comes to Martian views on feelings. Emotionsare determined to be weak and hence hidden. Martians pretend not to have any. Sincethey bottle them up, when they show, they show brightly. And Dad’s big smile is brightand shiny.The term
was adopted by our people in the 1950’s when science fiction peaked in popularity. We use it tongue-in-cheek. Earthlings never discovered our home planet before it died and the first Martian settlers communicated via telepathy, so wenever had a word for home or ourselves.
Other worldly being 
sounded too dry andformal.“What’s the occasion?” Why do I bite? He’s stringing me along for a bigannouncement. Dad wants the anticipation to last.“At dinner. Artie will want to hear.” Told you he liked to play me and with thattantalizing teaser Dad leaves with a skip in his step.Artie’s full name is Artie Mann. Dad isn’t the most creative person on the planetand since Artie is an artificial man, he named him just that. If anyone, human or Martian,could tell Artie is robot, I’d be impressed. He is six foot exactly and has light brown hair and blue eyes that never get red or bleary. Other than not blinking enough and this weird
 pupil size fluctuation tick when he thinks, he’s a perfect imitation of life. Artie isn’treally a maid or a butler or a baby-sitter but he does what we need. An old friend of Dad’s had made him for us since Dad got saddled with me. Fatherhood isn’t a naturaltalent of Dad’s, so he figured an unnatural substitute would fill in the gap.Artie is an independent thinking being with synthetic emotions that are developedand balanced. His last programming was when I was five. He was given free will to usehis best judgment. Somehow Dad didn’t foresee that a robot and a wise-ass kid couldfind ways to bend the spirit of the rules without breaking the letter of the law. I wasn’tthat bad. Dad went off the deep end when he heard I had eaten Mac & Cheese for everymeal in a week. So rather than having Artie contact him constantly, he choose to let therobot make the wise choice. By giving Artie self control, Dad pretty much made Artiealive. The three of us see it that way. Artie has more emotional range than dad and moreemotional control that me.As for how Dad got saddled with me, I’m his sister’s child. She’s a
. Ithappens with Martians occasionally. Amanda Russell is her name and I haven’t seen her in years. She tends to run off and vanish for long spells. Once she was gone for threeyears and when Dad found her, she was pregnant with me. This current disappearancestarted four years ago. I’m worried. Artie tried to find her last spring while I was atschool. Artie doesn’t fail often.Dad may not be a great Dad and since he has Artie around, he doesn’t have to be.He loves me and treats me like a princess, which he called me until two years ago when I broke it to him I was too old for that. I only mention this because I don’t want youthinking he’s über arctic.So dinner with my two favorite men in the world is a grand idea with or without acause. Of course, I’m half Martian and we’re curious beyond belief. Dad’s hint is like painful torture by suspense. What would be too big to phone home? Could he be gettingmarried? He never did, probably because of me and hiding my human roots. Maybe hewants kids of his own? He’s getting kind of old but we live longer, so he’s still in thesafety zone. It’s funny how Martians are all about perpetuating our race but a lot of us godown a solitary road. If you want to hear my two cents on the matter – it’s our pro-apathy stance that takes the fun out of romance.

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