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Toyota Case Study

Toyota Case Study

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Published by srividyakaushik51

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Published by: srividyakaushik51 on Jan 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To yo t a (G B )
A u t o m o t ive In d u s t r y
   C  a  s  e    S   t  u   d  y
Toyota (GB) PLC have achieved triple certification and use the EntropySystem to manage their certification requirements. The Entropy Systemoffered a structured approach and depth of information that was beyond thecapabilities of their existing software systems.
Toyota (GB) have implemented theEntropy System at their head office inEpsom, two training centres in Salfordand Nottingham, and two vehicledistribution centres in Portbury andBurnaston. It provides a centralisedsystem for data capture and is used forHSEQ task management. It is also usedto manage a range of internal audits forHSEQ regulatory compliance, HSEQstandards compliance and internalprocess verification/validation.Toyota (GB) have built their need forcompliance systems over a number of years. In 1991 it was felt that for Toyotato compete within the UK fleet market,it would be beneficial to achievecompliance with the quality standardBS5750, which later became ISO 9001.In 1995 a quality department was set upand the various departmental and sitesystems created over the past 4 yearswere amalgamated into one centralisedmanagement system.In 1999, as part of their commitment tothe environment, Toyota MotorCorporation announced the requirementfor all manufacturing sites to achievecompliance with the environmentalstandard ISO 14001; a second directivesoon followed requesting all overseasdistributors to follow suit.In 1999, a new health & safety standard-OHSAS 18001- was also launched and,upon review, Toyota (GB) soon realisedthat their system for managing health &safety compliance was not as effective asit could have been.Both the above events provided thecatalyst for a new business objective todevelop an integrated (quality,environment, health & safety)management system in accordance withthe requirements of ISO 9001,ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.During the development of theintegrated management system, itbecame apparent that their documentmanagement system was unable torecord business risks, produce auditchecklists, manage and report incidents,provide notification of outstanding tasks,handle objectives or manage audits andnon-conformances. In 2001 a team of Toyota managers attended “the annualRoyal Society for the Prevention of Accidents conference” to review therange of software solutions available andthe Entropy System was concluded to bethe most suitable application.The complete Entropy System waspurchased in July 2001 and after anintense period of data inputting, triplecertification was achieved in September2001.
A b o u t t h eC u s t o m er
Toyota Motor Corporation is theseventh largest company in theworld. Toyota (GB) are a whollyowned subsidiary and are theimporters and distributors forToyota and Lexus vehicles in theUK employing some 400 peopleacross 5 operational sites withan annual turnover in excess of £1.4 billion.
B u s in es sC h allen g e
Certification needs forISO 9001, OHSAS 18001and ISO 14001
Functionality beyond existingsoftware systems
Meet the expectations of anexperienced in-house team
En t r o p y S o lu t io n
An integrated system thatcould handle triplecertification
Ability to respond effectivelyto customer needs
Flexibility to adapt the Systemto unique requirements
"It was clear that having the Entropy System was a significant contributory factor in our achieving triple certification toISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001."Richard Burgess, Manager, Corporate Compliance, Toyota (GB) Plc

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