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Ufologists the Hall of Shame

Ufologists the Hall of Shame



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Published by Benzemas
Ufologists the Hall of Shame http://www.forum-ovni-ufologie.com/
Ufologists the Hall of Shame http://www.forum-ovni-ufologie.com/

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Published by: Benzemas on Jan 02, 2011
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Ufologists the hall of shameA-G
 Adrian-His UFOs come with strings attached Alien Autopsy Andrew Basiago
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 Art Bell, Coast to Coast moneymaker  Brian Bessent Stephen Bessett, Paradigm Research Group Brigitte Boisselier  Richard Boylan, the hot tub psychologist Sylvia Browne Dan Burisch Michael Cohen and the Intergalactic news service Ed Dames, Remote Viewer--or not Peter Davenport
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 Carlos Diaz "The aliens lent me a tripod." Jim DilettosoDo you want him here???Richard Doty
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 Peter A. Gersten, and his multi-colored dreamcoat Robert Ghostwolf, fake Native American James Gilliand
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 Dr. Bruce Goldberg Steven Greer, vectoring in UFOs for fun and profit 
 Paola Harris Mike Hawkins Richard C. Hoagland, the Mars Face guy says the Nazis run NASA Michael Horn, Billy Meier's chief bulldog Linda Moulton Howe Dan Iaria, slurpy maker for Jonathan Reed David Icke The International UFO Congress & Conference Dr. Lynne Kitei, mistress of the Phoenix Lights Philip J. Klass, Mr. Plasma and an arch debunke Bill Knell
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 Kal K. Korff dB asked to do this. There's already one by RMIII, but feel freeBob Lazar: Lied about his education. What else? John Lear 
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  Nancy LeiderShirley MacLaine never met a UFO she didn't like Jamie Maussan, stars are actually motherships 
Rob McConnell
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 Stacey Allen McGee Billy Meier, time traveler, reincarnation of Jesus, and a whole lot more! Melissa Ann Morton, long suffering spouse of Sean Sean David Morton, best psychic in the world! Kate Mucci Daniel Munoz Joe Nickell, can't find any saucers. Duh. Look up! George Noory Ron Nussbeck 
Coming Soon!
 Urandir Oliveira 
 Jeff Peckman Rael James Randi
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 Jonathan Reed, stuck an alien in the fridge and lived Harold Chacon Rodriguez Stan Romanek  Michael Salla Ray Santilli and the Alien Autopsy Film Donald Schmitt, Medical illustrator or Postman? David Sereda- stub for dB with a nice quote
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 Lee Shargel, talks to alien dolphins Jim Sparks
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 Robert A.M. Stephens, the SEAL wannabe Wendelle Stevens Clifford Stone
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 Pamela Stonebrooke, has sex with reptilians Dr. Jill Tarter, can't tell a UFO from the Moon Dirk Vander Ploeg Fife Symington Alfred Webre
Prophet Yahweh 
 A Classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III
 One of many bogus UFO photos from "Adrian." This photo was analyzed and revealedstringssuspending the UFOs, in spite of "Adrian" promoter Sean David Mortonclaiming that the  photos were analyzed by special effects experts that could find nothing wrong.Phony Florida UFO contactee "Adrian" took lots of Billy Meier rip-off photos/videos andclaims same type of aliens that contacted Meier are contacting him. (That's not going to goover too well with Meiers as he claims an exclusive on HIS aliens.) Refuses to have evidenceindependently evaluated. Case discovered by Randolph Winters.Sean David Mortonbegan promoting this case when he told Adrian that he "could make a lot of money" from his case.Winters is, in the words of Morton, "Out of the picture." Morton changed "Adrian's" name to"Akron" and had him on a speaking tour of Europe. Word is the tour did not do so well andthe Euros aren't flying into Morton's wallet. Not everyone is as gullible as Morton thinks.Morton has been alleging for years that he has a video showing Adrian walking into a spacecraft...sure he does... SEE:Assembly Requiredwhere you can see the strings from the above photo supporting Adrian's bunk UFOs.
Alien Autopsy
 A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, IIIWith recent news buzzing of a possible consumer fraud lawsuit against Alien Autopsy film producer Ray Santilli, ufowatchdog.com has posted this page to keep readers up-to-date withthe latest happenings. While Santilli may claim to possess real bits of alleged military film

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You know most of this is disinformation right? Plus your ad homonym attacks and support for kal korff automatically make your work fall into disrepute. Kal Korff has laso been proven by more than just Michael to be an idiot that does not do his research.
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