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Dime Sh

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Published by Vignesh Ganesan

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Published by: Vignesh Ganesan on Jan 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mathematics And Astrology.
Asmathematicsimproved, mathematicians began to assume thattheearth's natation should be considered in the hair-splitting features of an.horoscope, hence artificial hours were advocated, in order to givemathematics an opportunity to display its genius in an artificialHoroscope of uneven houses.These mathematical assumptions have done more to destroy the benefits of Astrology to the world at large than any religious prejudice tothe science and they did much to drive Astrology into the hands of afew, who, though being good mathematicians, were not always goodastrologers.Losing sight of the True Astrology, by reason of themathematically imposed Artificial Astrology, the world sickened of thedetailed pretensions, and Astrology lost its hold upon the religiousminded, and religious truth began to follow the downfall of Astrology.There is an Astrology in theheavens, not dependent upon themoment of birth, not dependent upon Tables of Houses, not dependentupon the computing of arcs of direction, other than by simple addition or counting; not dependent upon anything more than the places of the planets at birth and an oridnary almanac.Events creep upon us like theslowly approaching seasons or the fallings of night, and quite often anapparently fortunate detail in life is the very means to produce our ruin,and vice versa.The wise man by noting the movements of time, by hours, days,months or years, finds a remarkable correspondence in all thesemovements, and by a combination of laws, by which common sensemore than mathematics may act the part of judge and jury, is enabled to prepare for any approaching changes, without mathematical hysterics.
nly a fool runs at all times to catch a train, or is so mathematicallyaccurate as to wait for the last minute to run, as a stub of the toe mightupset the mathematics.Mathematics belong to Astronomy and to Horary Astrology, and inthose spheres it is supreme judge, but when it undertakes to root its noseinto the realm of its creator, "Pure Astrology," it becomes the biggestkind of a fraud and is the greatest enemy to truth that can be conceivedof, because it assumes distinction in a higher sphere on. credentials onlyworthy of acceptance on the lower sphere.Words given to things are not accidental. They are laws of Nature,as much so as is anything else. The word Astrology succeeds the wordAstronomy, because Astronomy signifies the assorting or classifying of things in the heavens. It is the first law of 
rder, while Astrologysignifies the Knowledge or the conclusion arrived at after theclassifications or the orderly arrangement is finished.The word"Astrology" is derived from other words, showing that there were other words before the word Astrology was created."Aster," means a single star, while "astrom" is generallyconsidered to mean stars in the plural. From which of these two wordsthe words "Astrology" and "Astronomy" were derived is uncertain, butas Astronomers are dependent upon "Stargazers" and deal with manystars in the work of classification, while Astrologers usually arrive atconclusions or judgment relative to the effects of certain stars in certaincases, I should judge that "Aster" might be the most worthy root of Astrology, and "astrom" the most probable root of Astronomy. The last part of the word "Astrology"is derived from the word "Logus" whichmeans a discourse, or the reasoning of a matter. The last part of the word'Astronomy" came (from "nomos," which means "law"or custom."
r itcame from "nemo," which means to "deal out or distribute."

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