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Review for Fall Final

Review for Fall Final

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Published by Terise Boggs

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Published by: Terise Boggs on Jan 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1: Studying GeographySection 1: Themes and Essentials1. Define Geography:2. Explain the two main branches of Geography3. Define Cartography4. Give an example of each kind of region:5. What are the two types of Location?6. List and explain the Six Essential ElementsSection Two: Tools for GeographyDefine the following:LatitudeLongitudeEquatorHemispheresContinentsMap ProjectionsParallelsPrime MeridianCompass RoseLegendPrecipitationChapter Two: Earth in SpaceSection One: The Solar SystemDefine the following:Solar SystemPlanetOblate SpheroidMoonsSatellitesTideRotationRevolutionLeap YearGalileo
World Geography Fall Semester Review
Section Two: Earth-Sun Relationship1. What is the difference between the polar and tropic regions?2. Describe the relationship between the pointing of the poles toward the sun howsunlight strikes each hemisphere.3.What is a season/how many are there?4.How does the tilt of the Earth
s axis cause affect seasons in the hemispheres?5.What is a solstice? When does this occur?6.What is the Tropic of Capricorn/Cancer?7.What happens to daylight inside the Antarctic Circle?8.Where is the Arctic Circle?9.What is an equinox? When does this occur?10.What seasons are marked by each equinox in each hemisphere?Section Three: The Earth
s SystemDefine and Explain each of the following:AtmosphereLithosphereHydrosphereBiosphereChapter Three: Weather and ClimateSection One: Factors Affecting Climate1.What is the difference between weather and climate?2.How is heat measured?3.What is the greenhouse effect?4.Why do airplanes have to be sealed and pressurized?5.What is a cyclone?6.What is wind?7.How is the direction of air/wind determined?8.What causes a front?9.What is the difference between how water and land heat and cool?10. Explain the different currents of the ocean in the Northern and SouthernHemispheres.
World Geography Fall Semester Review
Section Two: Weather FactorsDefine and Explain each of the following and how it relates to weatherEvaporationHumidityCondensationPrecipitationOrographic EffectLeeward/WindwardExtratropical CyclonesTornadoesHurricanesTyphoonsSection Three: Climate and Vegetation PatternsFor each of the following, describe it and where it occurs
Climate Type Description
AridHighlandHumid ContinentalHumid SubtropicalIce CapMarine West CoastMediterraneanSemiaridSubarcticTropical HumidTropical Wet and DryTundra
World Geography Fall Semester Review

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