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Sabbasava Sutta

Sabbasava Sutta

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Published by Librarian Of Light
A short sutra on the mental poisons.
A short sutra on the mental poisons.

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Published by: Librarian Of Light on Jan 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sabbasava Sutta
The Poisons
translated from the Pali by:
Thanissaro Bhikkhu
© 1997–2010A discourse of the Buddha on victory over the poisons of lifeContaining instructions on overcoming all evil
Terms of use: You may copy, reformat, reprint,republish, and redistribute this work in any mediumwhatsoever, provided that: (1) you only make suchcopies, etc. available free of charge; (2) you clearlyindicate that any derivatives of this work (includingtranslations) are derived from this source document;and (3) you include the full text of this license in anycopies or derivatives of this work. Otherwise, allrights reserved.
This Book is For Free DistributionOnly
Please do not buy or sell this book for anyreason
 This edition is not a copyrighted workPlease copy and distribute this text freely(Undo the staples, make copies, andreassemble.)
This edition formatted by and modified slightly by BenjaminShaffer and The Hub - Text publication committee.Original Text available from www.accesstoinsight.org
Cover art: The Buddha with his disciples in theDeer ParkThus have I heard, It came topass that the Blessed One wasstaying at Savatthi, in Jeta'sGrove, Anathapindika'smonastery. There he addressedthe monks: "Monks!""Yes, lord," the monks replied.The Blessed One said: Monks, the ending of thepoisons is for one who knows and sees, not forone who does not know and does not see. Forone who knows what and sees what?Appropriate attention and inappropriateattention. When a monk attends inappropriately,unarisen poisons arise, and arisen poisonsincrease. When a monk attends appropriately,unarisen poisons do not arise, and arisenpoisons are abandoned. There are poisons to beabandoned by seeing, those to be abandoned byrestraining, those to be abandoned by using,those to be abandoned by tolerating, those to be
abandoned by avoiding, those to be abandonedby destroying, and those to be abandoned bydeveloping.
And what are the poisons to be abandonedby seeing? There is the case where anuninstructed, ordinary person — who has noregard for noble ones, is not well-versed ordisciplined in the Dharma; who has no regard formen of integrity, is not well-versed or disciplinedin the Dharma — does not discern what ideasare fit for attention or what ideas are unfit forattention. This being so, he does not attend toideas fit for attention and attends [instead] toideas unfit for attention.And what are the ideas unfit for attention that heattends to? Whatever ideas such that, when heattends to them, the unarisen poison of sensuality arises in him, and the arisen poison of sensuality increases; the unarisen poison of becoming arises in him, and arisen poison of becoming increases; the unarisen poison of ignorance arises in him, and the arisen poison of ignorance increases. These are the ideas unfitfor attention that he attends to.And what are the ideas fit for attention that hedoes not attend to? Whatever ideas such that,

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