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Stella: Book Three Part 1 by Erynn A. Louviaite

Stella: Book Three Part 1 by Erynn A. Louviaite

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Published by Erynn A. Louviaite
The series continues. Stay tuned for revisions!
The series continues. Stay tuned for revisions!

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Published by: Erynn A. Louviaite on Jan 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stella: Book Three Part 1
PART 1(In progress – Chapters 1 to 5 are finished, but raw)
Chapter 1
My name is Stella. I am thirteen years old. I live in the WAK MemorialComplex. I’ve lived here since I can remember. This place is all I know. I’venever gone outside these walls and I know nothing about my past. I wake upevery morning when the bell rings, make my bed quickly, and hurry to theshowers so I’m not left with a broken one. Everyday I put on my white uniform,and take extra care not to spoil it before the first check-in. I save my hair for last.I tie it up reluctantly, wishing I could leave it hanging down my back and flowingover my shoulder, but that would never be allowed. After this, I walk through themaze of beds to my own and smooth out all the wrinkles and make sureeverything is in its proper place. As the clock nears check-in time, I smooth outmy uniform as well, and stand at the foot of my bed to wait for the teachers.They enter at 8:30 on the dot everyday, seven days a week. The roomgets tense and quiet when they come in and move about. Usually this doesn’tbother me. Usually I don’t care enough to worry about what they might say or do.Usually I’m not keeping a secret from them…
Erynn A. Louviaite 1
Stella: Book Three Part 1
My heart beat faster than normal as they approached. I stared at the floor as they inspected me and my area. “Are you feeling okay Stella?” one of themasked. This was the first time any of them spoke during check-in on thisparticular day and only the second time I’ve ever been addressed during anycheck-in.“Yes ma’am,” I answered softly. She eyed me suspiciously as she walkedaway, but she’s been looking at me like that for at least four years now. When Iwas about eight I asked her what was on the other side of these walls.“The hallway,” she had replied.“And on the other side of the hallway?”“More classrooms, I believe.”“And…” but she interrupted me.“Perhaps more hallways or a stairwell or the teachers’ quarters.” At thispoint, it was clear she was beginning to get frustrated, but I pressed my lucknonetheless.“And beyond all those things… outside these walls.”“Stella, you’ve heard the stories before. There is nothing outside thesewalls.”“But I don’t understand.” My curiosity had gotten the best of me.“Close your eyes,” she had instructed me. I did. “What do you see?”“Nothing,” I answered sadly. I understood what she was trying to tell me. Iknew what “nothing” meant, but I was certain that something must be on theother side of the walls.
Erynn A. Louviaite 2
Stella: Book Three Part 1
“That’s what is beyond these walls.”“Something used to be there though,” I asked more than stated.“They destroyed it.”“Who?”“The bad people.”“Who were they?”“Stella you know the answers to these questions. Are you trying to wastemy time?”“No ma’am. I’m just trying to understand. What did they destroy?”“The bad people destroyed everything, Stella. That’s it. That’s all you needto know. Now if you can’t refrain yourself from any more idiocy, please excuseyourself and sit in the hallway.” I didn’t ask anymore questions…ever, especiallynot to Ms. M. I’ve been silent and low-key since then, though I have manyquestions that still need answering.After morning check-in, we go to breakfast around 8:45. After breakfast,we go to class. After class, we go to lunch at 12:40. After lunch, we have a studyhall and usually up to three hours of exercise. Then we have a little free timebefore dinner at 6:45. After dinner, we have to do chores which usually take atleast an hour and up to two. Its lights out at 11:00 and we do it all over the nextday. The only exception is on Sunday when we usually have morning classes,we have free time.
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