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#1 Pegasus

#1 Pegasus

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Published by Kholmann Portre
Geri and C.C.
Two soul mates on an adventure across the universe
Geri and C.C.
Two soul mates on an adventure across the universe

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Published by: Kholmann Portre on Jan 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hello again, I am at a loss for words and that is very unusual forme, I really did not think I would get this far. I must admit that I hadgreat fun writing this and my thanks go out to those who urged meonward. Also I must say thanks to the phantoms of the mind thattold me the story of C.C., Geri, Garth, Sharon, Bill, June and all ofthe rest of the characters in this adventure.For the convenience of the reader everything will be written inEnglish and all measures will be metric and American Standard. Ihave elected not to use any alien type mathematics orcommunication. I found them to be much to confusing and my mindis not wired to understand most of them.I submit now, for your approval ROOKERY ETERNAL BOOK ONE,PEGASUS. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.ALWAYS,KHOLMANN PORTREEmpty pages are where pictures were inserted into the book. Theyare not on the disc but can be viewed on the web sight.Author’s note: This is a game played throughout the Federation andothercivilizations. It should have been included in book one.Kohlmann Portre SKOOJ BALL (Pronounced -Skyball)-Skoojball is a mutated version of the word ‘SKY BALL’, it startedeons ago and was adopted into Federation flight training. It gavepilots very good training on balance and maneuverability, especiallygood for the fighter pilots. Skoojball didn’t actually become a great
sport until Earth entered the Federation. Earth had a game calledhockey and I am not going into descriptive phase of it becauseeveryone who is reading this is familiar with hockey.First, Skoojball is played in the air by players riding on a devicecalled a a ‘SWIZZLESKID.’This is a disc shaped platform approximately three feet wide andsix inches thick. (Size may vary according to the size of the personriding it.) On the top side there are two mounts where the feet areplaced, special boots are also required. Inside of the Swizzleskid isa power pack and and and anti-matter drive. When the operatorputs on the boots and fixes them to the ‘skid he is then able to fly.The anti-gravity unit only function, for the ‘skid, the operator is allon his own. He will feel all the pressures of gravity, inertia, impact,wind, bugs, etc. A good operator can get a hundred miles an hourout of a good ‘skid. However, game regulations limits speed of nomore than fifty miles per hour. Control of the ‘skid is done bymovement of the feet. Operators can fly any direction they desire,even upside down. There is a sensor in the boot that indicates ifthe operator is unconscious or unable to operate the ‘skid, it willthen do a programed shut down and the ‘skid will settle to theground. Hopefully with operator still attached.In the early times the safety devices were not there and if aoperator (player) got knocked unconscious the “skid was basicallyout of control and could go anywhere.NETTERS. The Netters are the safety people, they go afteroperators who have lost control of their machine for whateverreason. They are equipped with very powerful ‘skids and canovertake any standard machine. They get the name from throwing anet over the runaway unit and then zapping it with a specialfrequency gun that shuts the unit down. The net keeps theoperator from crashing to the ground in a free fall on a dead ‘skid.BATONS. Batons are sticks much like Marine Pugil sticks exceptthat each end has an oval cupped shaped spoon shape on both sides.The player can use it for and aft. Once again, length can depend onthe players size.BALL. The play ball is six inches across and is brilliant black withwhite sparkling spots on it. This makes the ball more visible,especially for the spectators. If the game is played at night the ballwill be fluorescent orange instead of black. The ball will explode in a

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