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Ability to Handle Stress

Ability to Handle Stress



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Published by sadepressionscreen

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Published by: sadepressionscreen on Aug 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Our Ability To Handle Stress
Understanding our individual capacity for dealing with stress, hard timesand uncertainty is useful in predicting how well we hold up and maintainour well-being under stress and uncertainty.
Read each statement and record the indicated number score foreach response that most accurately describes your thoughts or feelings.Remember that there are no wrong answers.
1. If someone is on a team and no longer enjoying it …
a. He should stick it out till the end of the season—1 pointb. Quit and find something he enjoys more—0 points
2. When something bad happens to me …
a. I am able to put it behind me and move on—1 pointb. I tend to think about it over and over—0 points
3. Most good things happen in life because of …
a. Good planning—1 pointb. Good luck—0 points
4. I have little influence on what my family decides to do.
a. Agree—0 pointsb. Disagree—1 point
5. When I don’t understand something I usually ask for an explanation.
a. Agree—1 pointb. Disagree—0 points
6. In the long run I think the bad things that happen are balanced by thegood.
a. Agree—1 pointb. Disagree—0 points
7. I think it’s better to be …
a. Smart—1 pointb. Lucky—0 points
8. Most of the time, it doesn’t pay to try hard because things never turnout right anyway.
a. Agree—0 pointsb. Disagree—1 point
9. I think that wishing hard can make good things happen.
a. Agree—0 pointsb. Disagree—1 point
10. I really get down on myself when things go wrong.
a. Agree—0 pointsb. Disagree—1 point
11. When I have something unpleasant to do, I …
a. Stick to it until it’s finished—1 pointb. Procrastinate—0 points
12. Getting ahead in life depends mostly on …
a. Hanging out with the right people—0 pointsb. Working hard—1 point
13. I handle unexpected problems better than most of my friends.
a. Agree—1 pointb. Disagree—0 points
14. What happens to me in the future is mostly dependent on …
a. Those in power—0 pointsb. Choices I make—1 point
15. When I am really upset I have someone I can talk to.
a. Agree—1 pointb. Disagree—0 points
16. Most days, I find that life is …
a. Predictable and not too exciting—0 pointsb. Interesting and exciting —1 point
17. I believe that a Higher Being has a plan or good purpose for my life.
a. Agree—1 pointb. Disagree—0 points
 18. It is hard for me to change a friend’s mind about something.
a. Agree—0 pointsb. Disagree—1 point
19. I avoid trying to learn new things when they look too complicated ordifficult.
a. Agree—0 pointsb. Disagree—1 point
20. It is easy for me to say no to my friends.
a. Agree—1 pointb. Disagree—0 points
Resilience and hardiness is about how we perceive and value ourselves, oursense of purpose and adaptability; our influence on the world and thosearound us, and our passion and excitement for life. Our capacity forresilience depends on things like home environment, age and maturity leveland support from others. Total your score. If your score is:
15- 20 points 
Your score suggests that you are highly resilient. When faced with crisis or a serious problem, you take it on and seldom flinch. You seethe possibilities in difficult situations that others often miss. You arecomfortable with who you are, believe that there is a purpose for your lifeand seldom let past mistakes weigh you down or keep you from pursuingyour goals. You have at least one special relationship in which you can trustand confide when the going gets tough. You feel that your opinions countand that you can make a difference. Under stress you adapt and somehowmanage to maintain your sense of well-being.
11-14 points 
You are moderately resilient. When faced with crisis or aserious problem, you take it on rather than retreat. You have the capacity tofind ways to improve difficult circumstances. You have at least onerelationship in which you can trust and confide when the going gets tough,but you are just as likely to keep your feelings to yourself. You believe thatyour opinions count and that your life has a purpose. Under stress youendure, buckle down and keep going.

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