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Christian Tamil Songs

Christian Tamil Songs



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Published by JP
Make use of this Christian Song - Tamil (English Translation and Tanglish version)
You may need TamilBible.ttf font (use google to get)
Make use of this Christian Song - Tamil (English Translation and Tanglish version)
You may need TamilBible.ttf font (use google to get)

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Published by: JP on Aug 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1Admai Nan Andavare
1 mbik ehd; Mz;ltNu ( Translation)
Admain Nana Andavare EnnaiAttkolum Yen DeyvameDeiyvame DeiyvameAdmai Nan Attkollum1.En Udal Umaku’c Sondam- IdhilEn Nalum Vasam Seiyum2.Ulaga Inbam Ellam- NanUdari Talli Vitten3.Perumai Selvam Ellam – EiniVerumai EndruNarnden4.Valvathu Nan Alla – ennil Yesuve Valhindreer5.En Pavam ManniTharullum – UmRakt-thatal Kaluvividum6.Mul Mudi Enakagha – IyyaKasaiAddi Enakagha7.En Pavam Sumandhu Kondeer – EnNoighal Yetru KondeerSlave, I am for you Oh God You take Control on meMy Lord! My Master!I place me as a Slave, you Take Control1.My body belongs to you – In whichI wish you Dwell for ever2.All these worldly pleasures –I Just throwed it away, as its of no use3.Pride and All of my Wealth –Is of no value from now on.4.Its not me who is living – Butfor You Jesus live within me.5.Wash my Sins away Lord – YouCleanse me with your Precious Blood6.Crown of Thorns - for me You took & You Accepted beatings on behalf of me.7.You carried away my Sins – You took away my disease
mbik ehd; Mz;ltNu - vd;idMl;nfhs;Sk; vd; nja;tNknja;tNk nja;tNkmbik ehd; Ml;nfhs;Sk; 1. vd; cly; ckf;Fr; nrhe;jk; - ,jpy;ve;ehSk; thrk; nra;Ak; 2. cyf ,d;gnky;yhk; - ehd;cjwpj; js;sp tpl;Nld; 3. ngUik nry;tnky;yhk; - ,dpntWik vd;Wzh;e;Njd; 4. tho;tJ ehdy;y - vd;dpy;,NaRNt tho;fpd;wPh; 5. vd; ghtk; kd;dpj;jUSk; - ck;,uj;jj;jhy; fOtptpLk; 6. Ks;Kb vdf;fhf - Iahfirab vdf;fhf  7. vd; ghtk; Rke;J nfhz;Bh; - vd;
Neha;fs; Vw;Wf; nfhz;Bh
2. Atthi-Maram Thulir-vidamal2. mj;jpkuk; Jsph;tplhky
AtthiMaram ThulirVidamal Ponalum Thiraichai Chedi Palan Kodamal Ponalum
Kartharu-kul Maghil-chiyai IrupenEn Devanukul Kali Kuruven
1.Oliva Maram Palan Attru PonalumVayal-ghalile Dhaniyam-indri Ponalum
Kartharu …
2.Mandhaiyle Adughal-indri Ponalum Tholuvaththile Madughal- Indri Ponalum –
Karthu …
3.Ellame Edhiraghalaga IrundhalumSulnilaighal Tholvi Pola Terindhalum –
Kartharu …
4.Uier Nanbam Ennai Vittu PirindhalumUrellam Ennai Thutri-thirindhalum –
Kartharu …
While the Fig Tree forgets to SproutVineyard dosent gives any vine
I would rejoice in the LordIn you my Savior – I would cherish
1.Even as the Olive Tree stopped bearing anyFruitAnd when even the Paddy fields producesno rice2.Even as all my Lambs and Sheep dieAnd when even the cattles gone away3.While every around me seems likeenemies.Even as all Situations predicts a failure4.Even while when my Dearest friend leavesme astrayAnd when even as my name is misusedacross towns.
mj;jpkuk; Jsph;tplhky; NghdhYk; jpuhl;ir nrb gyd; nfhlhky; NghdhYk;fh;j;jUf;Fs; kfpo;r;rpahapUg;Ngd;vd; NjtDf;Fs; fsp $UNtd; 1. xypt kuk; gyd; mw;Wg; NghdhYk;tay;fspNy jhdpakpd;wpg; NghdhYk; 2. ke;ijapNy MLfspd;wpg;NghdhYk;njhOtj;jpNy khLfspd;wpg; NghdhYk; 3. vy;yhNk vjpuhf ,Ue;jhYk;#o;epiyfs; Njhy;tp Nghy njhpe;jhYk; 4. caph; ez;gd; vd;id tpl;Lg; gphpe;jhYk;Cnuy;yhk; vd;idj; J}w;wpj;jphpe;jhYk;
3. Yesuve En Deiyvame,NaRNt vd; nja;tNk
Esuve En DeiyvameEnMel Manam-irangum1.Nan Pavam SeidhenUmmai Nogha SeidenUmmai Thedamal Valnthu VandenEnnai Manniyim Deiyvame (2)2.Ummai Marudha-lyithenPin Vanghi PonenUm Vallamai- Ilandhen-IyyaEnnai Manniyum Deivame3.Muzl-Mudi ThanghiIyya Kayap-patteerNeer Enakagha PaliyaneerUm Rathatal Kaluvividum4.Thumba VelayeleManam Thuvandu PonenUmmai Ninaithu Thurap-ponenEnnai Manniyum Deiyvame – InthaOruVisai Manniyume5.Aniyayam SeithenKadum Kobam KondenPirar Valzvai Keduthen-IyyaEnnai Manniyum Deiyvame,NaRNt vd; nja;tNkvd;Nky; kdkpuq;Fk; 1. ehd; ghtk; nra;Njd;ck;ik Nehfrr; nra;Njd;ck;ikj; Njlhky; tho;e;J te;Njd;vd;id kd;dpAk; nja;tNk (2) 2. ck;ik kWjypj;Njd;gpd; thq;fpg; NghNdd;ck; ty;yik ,oe;Njidahvd;id kd;dpAk; nja;tNk 3. Ks;Kb jhq;fpIah fhag;gl;Bh;ePh; vdf;fhf gypahdPh;ck; ,uj;jj;jhy; fOtptpLk; 

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